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7 Highest Performing Influencer Marketing Companies

By Editorial Staff

Running a successful social media campaign can be a difficult task for an in-house marketing team. Luckily, influencer marketing companies can help any business with a social media campaign, and these experts work with organizations in any industry to help them achieve their marketing goals. In addition, these companies have established relationships with prominent influencers and extensive databases that will help your company find who to work with. 

These are the 7 highest performing influencer marketing companies, who have the resources to take your next social media campaign to the next level.

1. NeoReach

NeoReach is an influencer marketing company that provides data, software, and agency services for prominent companies all over the world. Their extensive network of influencers in every industry makes it easy for companies to find the perfect social media star to share their message. They’ve worked with brands like FanDuel, TikTok, and FIFA and have extensive case studies that show the results. 

Best Campaign: Moose Toys 

Notable Figures:

  • 103 Influencers
  • 40m+ impressions
  • 667k engagements
  • 5x ROI

NeoReach helped Moose Toys by running four influencer marketing campaigns, which helped reach more families than ever before and provided kids with the chance to “access the pure pleasure of play”. 

Through NeoReach’s campaign management, Moose Toys was able to reach over half a million unique engagements during their four campaigns. The four product launches received strong endorsements from the influencers posting the content as well as many positive comments about the products from their followers and viewers. There were over 195 pieces of unique content posted, which received over 40 million impressions.

Looking to start an influencer campaign to build your brand? NeoReach has the best experience in creating viral campaigns that convert on social media. Sign up here!

2. Carusele 

Carusele is an influencer marketing company that prides itself in its use of real-time data to generate successful campaigns. Their measurable business results, constant optimization, and advanced targeting help to ensure campaigns are run efficiently and effectively. They’ve worked with companies like Pepsi, Hallmark, Walgreens, and Sabra. 

Best Campaign: “Say it With Pepsi”

Notable Figures:

  • 6.3 million impressions during 2 Twitter parties
  • 2.2k mentions during Twitter parties
  • Instagram Challenge generated over 1.3k entries
  • Content production value of $26,700

Pepsi wanted to increase its involvement in the social conversation last summer. Using #SayItWithPepsi, Carusele was able to help the company drive engagement, specifically with millennials, through social media.  

pepsi campaign

The campaign resulted in over 46M impressions, which would have cost 5x as much through digital display ads. In addition, there were more than 50k measurable engagements with their campaign content. 

3. Pulse Advertising 

Pulse Advertising prides itself on its ability to create and execute high-performing influencer marketing campaigns for the world’s best brands. Through trusted expertise, proven top influencers, and exceptional results, they can help take a campaign to the next level. 

Best Campaign: MINI 

Notable Figures:

  • 10 different platforms
  • 8 in-person events
  • 180 influencers 

Partnering with MINI since 2017, Pulse Advertising has been able to run a number of successful influencer marketing campaigns to create a strong brand narrative in areas that extend beyond automotive. 

4. Viral Nation

As an influencer marketing agency, Viral Nation makes an effort to create the most viral, captivating, and ROI driven social media campaigns for its clients all over the world. The influencer marketing company has expanded so quickly that they now consider themselves a full service marketing firm. 

Best Campaign: Lowe’s 

Notable Figures: 

  • 14 influencers 
  • 1.8M total interactions
  • 6.5k total clicks
  • 716k total views

The goal for their campaign with Lowe’s was to raise awareness for the upcoming Black Friday sales. Viral Nation activated influencers who were authentically aligned with the brand to showcase products that would be on sale. The influencer marketing campaign made Lowe’s appear as the go-to place for Black Friday home improvement shopping. 

5. The Influence Agency 

By leveraging online personalities with audiences that match businesses’ key demographics, The Influence Agency creates campaigns that can maximize a company’s marketing efforts. They also have one of the largest databases of influencers, with access to over 3,000 influencers across the globe.

Best Campaign: Carrie Underwood’s Cry Pretty

Notable Figures: 

  • 595k people reached
  • 622k impressions
  • 14k engagements 
  • 100k swipe-ups to album
  • 350k 10-second video views 

The Influencer Agency paired with Universal Music, one of the largest music corporations in the world, to create a campaign for Carrie Underwood’s album release in 2018. The goal was to gain traction and fan engagement before she launched her international tour. The Influencer Agency teamed up with four makeup influencers who each created a signature makeup look to represent Carrie Underwood’s new album. 

Through their influencer marketing campaign, they found an increase in engagement and awareness for Carrie Underwood’s new album. There was also an overwhelming amount of positive brand sentiment and successfully increased album plays and downloads. 

6. INF Influencer Agency 

INF Influencer Agency focuses on the talent side of social media campaigns to help brands share their messages through the best possible influencers. Their youthful staff understand the social media landscape and make the process of collaborating with other millennial influencers a much easier process. Their knowledge of digital marketing, social media, and PR allows them to create revolutionary campaigns. 

Best Campaign: BITE Beauty

Notable Figures: 

  • 3.1M views across Instagram + YouTube
  • 2.5k+ comments
  • 6.6M impressions
  • 6% engagement rate

INF paired influencer Samantha Ravndahl with BITE Beauty for several key product launches in 2019. In addition, this pairing played an instrumental part in their announcement of BITE’s clean, vegan, cruelty-free, and gluten-free positioning, making the complexion product launch one of the most highly anticipated beauty launches entering 2020. 

7. The Influencer Marketing Factory

As a global influencer marketing agency, The Influencer Marketing Factory is dedicated to creating the most authentic, scalable, and ROI-driven campaigns for brands on platforms like TIkTok, YouTube, and Instagram. They work with their clients on understanding their KPIs, identifying the right influencers, working on the campaign narrative, managing the execution and finalizing with tracking and in-depth reporting.

Best Campaign: Warner Music Group

Notable Figures:

  • 8.3M combined followers
  • 13.4k user-generated videos
  • 3.6M hashtag reach 

Sumate al #DjNoPareRemix ☝️😯quiero verlos bailar a ustedes 😍 @abailarconmaga #dance #duo #easy #justinquiles #jquiles #baile #challenge #coreo

♬ DJ No Pare (feat. Zion, Dalex, Lenny Tavárez) – Remix – Justin Quiles & Natti Natasha & Farruko


Me desafiaron para hacer el #djnopareremix LOS DESAFIO A USTEDES 😜🌸(etiquétame asi los veo y les doy like) #baile #trent

♬ DJ No Pare (feat. Zion, Dalex, Lenny Tavárez) – Remix – Justin Quiles & Natti Natasha & Farruko


Teaming up with Warner Music Group, The Influencer Marketing Factory ran a TikTok campaign that promoted Justin Quiles’s “DJ No Pare REMIX” across Argentina and Mexico. They selected 6 TikTok influencers with a combined 8.3M followers. The influencers reached a total of 1.5M likes with an average engagement rate of 17%. 

Other Notable Influencer Marketing Companies:

1. Fanbytes

Best Campaign: Deezer 

Notable Figures:

  • 5.2% click-through rate
  • 93.5% completion rate 

2. SugarFree 

Best Campaign: Gillette 

Notable Figures: 

  • 5M+ reach
  • 146k engagements 
  • 81% male audience 
  • 55% age 17 to 24 

3. Influencer Marketing Agency (IMA)

Best Campaign: Hello Fresh

Notable Figures: 

  • 274% more impressions
  • 325% extra content
  • -5£ reduction in CPM 

This article was written by Ryan Eaton

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