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Top College YouTubers

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College is often referred to as the best time of your life, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t extremely stressful. From the pressure of hard classes, new surroundings, and living on your own for the first time, it’s only natural to worry. Luckily, there is an abundance of college YouTubers who share their own stressful, hilarious, and outrageous moments with the world. From vlogs about a typical day to informative videos on how to make cheap meals, they have you covered with everything you need to know. Even if you’re not in college, these YouTubers are great to add to your list of vloggers.

This list of the top college YouTubers will help you find students under similar pressures and provide a way to learn more about the college experience overall!

1. Yoora Jong

  • 914k subscribers

Yoora Jong is a Korean college student studying in the United States at Notre Dame. She posts vlogs covering her hectic life as a student while also covering fitness, K-Pop, and beauty. Entering her senior year, she also shares her experiences studying for the MCAT in preparation for applying to med school. Her videos have documented her college experience and proving no matter how stressful things get it’s still an enjoyable experience overall.

2. Elliot Choy

  • 766k subscribers

Elliot is a Junior at Vanderbilt studying business. He uploads videos every week that cover the college experience, entrepreneurship, and productivity. He also posts random vlogs of his life. This summer, Elliot is quarantining at a creator house in Los Angeles, taking his passion for YouTube to the next level. His recent vlogs discuss how the transition to online classes has gone. He also has an interesting series where friends that attend prestigious schools around the country share what a day in their life is like, giving his subscribers access to college life at some of the best schools in the country.

3. Caroline Manning

  • 1.15m subscribers

Although Caroline isn’t a college student yet, the 16-year-old from Texas offers a lot of content covering the college application process. From standardized tests like the SAT and ACT, to college tours of schools like Texas A&M, her vlogs help show how difficult the process can be. She also regularly includes her older sister, who attends the Air Force Academy, in her videos. This gives her subscribers a unique view of what it’s like to be a younger sibling of a college student.

4. syd’s vids

  • 683k subscribers

Sydney makes videos about her life in college because, as she says, “that basically is my whole life.” From daily vlogs, to funny stories, to helpful tips about surviving college, this soon-to-be junior documents every step of her attempt to figure college out. Her sense of humor and entertaining editing makes her one of the funniest college YouTubers.

5. Danielle Marie Carolan

  • 554k subscribers

Danielle attends the University of Georgia and gives her subscribers an inside look at what her life as a student consists of. From spending late nights in the library studying to going out and exploring the social scene, this college YouTuber’s videos truly encapsulate the college experience.

6. Hannah Elise

  • 413k subscribers

Hannah is a senior at Temple, a medium-sized college in Philadelphia. She’s one of the top college YouTubers because of her incredible editing skills and honest approach to vlogging. A senior in the fall, her recent videos have been focused on giving advice to younger college students.

7. Sierra Santer

  • 406k subscribers

Sierra is a student at Harvard, so it’s no surprise her vlogs offer a lot of tips about how to be a better student. From note-taking advice to campus tours, this college YouTuber gives her subscribers an all-access look at the life of an Ivy League student.

8. LavishRuby

  • 176k subscribers

Rudy Abasor is a 22-year-old college graduate, entrepreneur, and post-college YouTuber. Her videos are aimed at young adults stuck between college and the real world who are struggling to make the transition. Her videos offer advice on topics ranging from how to invest your money to improving your credit score. Her incredible work ethic is contagious, which is why her subscribers love her so much!

The list doesn’t end here! Check out these other top college YouTubers:

Kiara Madisen278k
Paige Kaiser283k
Brittany Nicole137k

This article was written by Ryan Eaton

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