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6 Influencers Turned Social Media Entrepreneurs

By Editorial Staff

Social media influencers have recently been praised for reimagining business, marketing, branding, and more. Influencers have taken over and are the face of many mainstream companies. Given the can-do attitude instilled in every influencer, their ability to brand like no other has allowed for many to break into the world of entrepreneurship. Social media influencers have kick-started their ideas and with their fan-base and have been able to make their own business ventures a reality. Although entrepreneurship is new territory for some, here are the top influencers turned social media entrepreneurs.

1. Jeffree Star (Killer Merch)

Jeffree Star, known best as a beauty guru on YouTube, is savvy in many ways other than his use of a makeup brush. As highlighted in Shane Dawson’s docuseries on Star, he is also one of the leading social media entrepreneurs. Aside from his widely successful cosmetic brand, Star also is the owner of his own merchandise company that produces merchandise for many leading celebrities and social media stars. Killer Merch, as mentioned on their website, is more than just a merch company. Their mission is to “transform the way brands interact with consumers by taking what inspires our partners and bringing their vision and passion to life.” Killer Merch has services ranging from global merchandising, product development, and branding. Jeffree Star’s ability to start businesses in a number of industries outside of makeup/beauty is what makes him such a notable social media entrepreneur. 

Influencer partnerships with Killer Merch:

  • Cody Ko
  • Shane Dawson
  • Noel Miller
  • Kevin Hart
  • Whitney Cummings
  • Brother Nature
  • Chris D’elia

2. Emma Chamberlain (Chamberlain Coffee)

Emma Chamberlain, a fashionable teen from the Bay Area, is constantly reinventing what it means to be an influencer and YouTuber. Her relatable personality is clear in every video she makes as she is often noted for her trendsetting characteristics. Her content of driving vlogs, thrifting, and doing everyday activities are always partnered with her drinking a coffee. Her coffee obsession (often joked about in her vlogs) quickly became an essential part of her brand. Being the social media entrepreneur that she is, Chamberlain found a way to partner her love for caffeine with a profitable project. Her launch of Chamberlain Coffee was the start of her own coffee grinds that provided an easy and eco-friendly experience for consumers. Her coffee is both 100% specialty and packaged in bags made from renewable materials. Chamberlain Coffee sells both coffee grinds and to-go cups and mugs for fans to both drink and rep her business. Emma Chamberlain has used her trendsetter mindset and applied it to a universal love of caffeine for both herself and customers to enjoy. 

Emma’s Favorite Cold Brew Recipe (as featured on

  • 3 Chamberlain Steeped Coffee Bags
  • A large mason jar
  • 600 ml of filtered water
  • Vanilla Almond Milk 
  • Dairy Free Creamer
  • Ice

3. Alexis Ren (REN Active)

Alexis Ren, a top Instagram model, has taken her passion for health and wellness and turned it into a popular clothing line. Ren took off as a fitness influencer when she launched her 10-minute ab challenge on YouTube that now has over 30 million views. Her popularity as an Instagram model and the results her fans were gaining from her ab challenge gave her the stamina to take her influencer role and expand it to social media entrepreneurship. Her activewear line, REN Active, sells all essential workout clothing from bras to bottoms to bags. Her line is sold through LA Collective and has collaborated with Revolve to create a branch of her activewear. Alexis Ren is both the entrepreneur of her brand and the key model that attracts fans of both her fitness and model side.

4. Nikita Dragun (Dragun Beauty)

Nikita Dragun, a top LGBTQ+ YouTuber, has been a pillar for the transgender beauty community on social media. Her unapologetic and authentic personality, seen on all her YouTube videos, has made Dragun such an influential beauty guru. As a transgender woman in the beauty community, Dragun decided to launch her own cosmetic line, Dragun Beauty, to contribute her own approach to her makeup journey. Her personalized line, made of vegan and cruelty-free products, balances both her unique brand and artistry for a beauty line for all her fans and followers to enjoy. Her collection’s attention to detail is what makes her such a powerful social media entrepreneur and what makes fans so connected to her brand.

Dragun Beauty Products:

Face Palette$45Powder Palette that includes (2) contour shades, (2) blush shades, and (2) highlighter shades.
Dragunheart Transformation Face Powder$35Face powder in 2 shades meant as a final step in routine to brighten skin.
Dragunegg Transformation Kit$55Features the Dragunheart Transformation Face Powder and Dragunfire Perfecting Potion in a purple egg signature packaging.
Dragunfire Skin Perfecting Potion$25Concealer/corrector to remove blemishes or dark spots.

5. Sydney and Devon Carlson (Wildflower Cases)

Sydney and Devon Carlson, Instagram’s favorite social media sisters (after the Kardashians, of course), have been some of the most influential social media entrepreneurs. This sister-duo launched everyone’s favorite phone case brand, Wildflower Cases, and have taken over mirror selfies ever since. Wildflower cases are strongly based on empowering women with a sense of independence and free spirit. Their cases have not only collaborated with major influencers, but they have also been featured on Instagram posts of major celebrities such as Bella Hadid, Lana Del Rey, and more. As models, Sydney and Devon Carlson’s ability to keep up with trends and fashion is what makes their brand so appealing to fans of all ages.

Top Influencer Collaborations with Wildflower Cases:

  1. Emma Chamberlain
  2. Claudia Sulewski
  3. Tana Mongeau
  4. Antonio Garza 
  5. Aspyn Ovard
  6. Jordyn Jones
  7. Jesse Jo Stark

6. Jen Atkin (Ouai Haircare)

Jen Atkin, a celebrity hairstylist, started her influencer career as her fame from being the hairstylist of the Kardashians. Her social media growth has helped both her success as a stylist and has adapted her talent into her own business. Atkin’s hair care brand, Ouai, offers a variety of hair care products, how-to inspiration, and blog posts for all consumers to utilize. Atkins has taken over Instagram, TikTok, and the business of beauty with not only her brand but her ability to apply it with content for her audience. Ouai has featured major celebrities such as Kendall Jenner and Hailey Bieber to grow its success on all platforms. Jen Atkin’s ability to be a celebrity hairstylist and an influencer with her own brand has made her a top social media entrepreneur in her industry.

Other Notable Influencers Turned Social Media Entrepreneurs:

Kylie JennerKylie Cosmetics/Kylie SkinMakeup/Skincare
James CharlesSisters ApparelClothing
Chiara FerragniChiara FerragniClothing
Huda KattanHuda BeautyMakeup
Keren SwansonKick Ass WorkoutsWorkout Guides/Apparel

This article was written by Daniela Jolie

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