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Top 10 Instagram Models

By Editorial Staff

Instagram models: we internet stalk them, admire them, and wish we could be them. Most commonly known for their gorgeous looks and seemingly perfect bodies, these women earn millions of followers and score amazing brand contracts. Representing clothing and swimsuit lines, providing stellar workout routines, and making it onto the cover of world-renown magazines may seem like the core of their accomplishments; however, beyond Instagram, many of these women hold college degrees, certifications, and more. Here is a list of 10 of the most influential Instagram models on the app today and a quick look into their lives beyond the app.


Top 10 Instagram Models You Should Be Following

By Ellie Rushing


Abigail Ratchford

Instagram model Abigail Ratchford's page. Click here to be redirected to her Instagram.With tan skin, dark long hair, and incredible curves, Abigail Ratchford has accumulated over 8.3 million Instagram followers. As an American model from the small town of Scranton, Penn., she took the internet by storm in 2013 after a casual photoshoot with one of her friends. Her pictures are all pretty risque and show her modeling tiny bikinis and skimpy lingerie. Abigail has been using her beauty in the spotlight all her life, competing in the Miss Pennsylvania beauty pageant at only 20-years-old. Moreover, her Instagram has given her more than one platform to show off her body, being featured in Sports Illustrated, Cosmopolitan, episodes of TMZ, and even guest starring in Parks and Recreation.

Alexis Ren

Instagram model Alexis Ren's page. Click here to be redirected to her Instagram.Alexis Ren’s glowing skin, beautiful smile, and seemingly perfect body has gained her over 12.4 million followers. Her internet fame skyrocketed while dating now ex-boyfriend Jay Alvarrez as they traveled the world and took beautiful pictures of each other. Alexis was homeschooled growing up and is the third oldest of five siblings, with no children and is currently single. Although she originally became famous with her beach-blonde surfer style, she has gone through a bit of a self-transformation, dying her hair brown and looking edgier overall. Alexis was Maxim’s cover girl in August 2017 and Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Rookie of 2018.

Jen Selter

Instagram model Jen Selter's page. Click here to be redirected to her Instagram.Jen Selter is one of the most well-known fitness gurus on the web and has gained over 12 million Instagram followers because of it. She started her fitness journey at a young age, and once she put her routines online, her fame took off. Women flock to her workout courses because of her incredible figure and simple routines that emphasize her abs and glutes. As a certified fitness coach, this 24-year-old New Yorker worked two part-time jobs after high school, and today she is consistently featured in magazines like FHM, Elle, Vanity Fair, Maxim, and Muscle & Fitness. She was voted #82 on The Top 99 Most Desirable Women 2014 by AskMen.  

Amanda Lee

Instagram model Amanda Lee's page. Click here to be redirected to her Instagram.Amanda Lee is a fitness model and pilates instructor who has over 11.9 million Instagram followers. Her daily workout videos and swimsuit modeling earn her thousands of dollars per post, even though she does have a degree in modern dance from Sarah Lawrence College. As a certified personal trainer, Amanda gives her followers insight on butt workouts that emphasize her curves. Of Canadian descent, her long blonde hair and seemingly flawless skin make her photos even more captivating to her followers.

Ana Cherí

Instagram model Ana Cherí's page. Click here to be redirected to her Instagram.Ana Cheri combines fitness, travel, and fashion into her Instagram to attract over 11.2 million followers. This 32-year-old Southern California native is the founder of the active wear clothing line Want My Look. Her Native American, Hispanic, and Caucasian heritage come together to give her a stunning natural beauty that she accentuates when showing off her beautiful curves in tropical locations around the world. She has worked with companies like Monster Energy, was named Maxim’s Instagram Girl of the Week, and was featured in Playboy.

Claudia Alende

Instagram model Claudia Alende's page. Click here to be redirected to her Instagram.Claudia Alende is a Brazilian model, actress, and businesswoman who has over 10.1 million Instagram followers. She originally found internet fame as a “Megan Fox look-a-like” before becoming a lingerie model in 2015. Her page is filled with colorful photos of her rocking the latest swimsuit trends, makeup routines, and style tips. Moreover, Forbes even named her one of their list of Top 15 Instagram Influencers You Should Follow. Her long, jet-black hair combined with her blue eyes, which she admits are colored by blue contact lenses, give her a uniquely beautiful look.

Desi Perkins

Instagram model Desi Perkin's page. Click here to be redirected to her Instagram.Although Desi Perkins only has around 3.2 million Instagram Followers, she is glowing in every single photo. With a Jennifer Lopez look, Desi’s stunning personality and keen eye for beauty and fashion make her a prime candidate when it comes to top Instagram models. She is proud of her Mexican heritage and consistently defends against internet trolls who claim she’s white. Desi has collaborated with Kim Kardashian West in the past and received public makeup compliments from her via Twitter.

Galinka Mirgaeva

Instagram model Galinka Mirgaeva's page. Click here to be redirected to her Instagram.Since joining Instagram in September 2012, Galinka Mirgaeva has accumulated around 2.3 million followers. Galinka’s photos are more conservative compared to most Instagram models, featuring her stylish outfits, world travels, and beautiful daily makeup routines. From Russia, this 30-year-old is known for her beach photos and fitness routines that emphasize her tan skin, light blue eyes, and always colored lips.

Laci Kay Somers

Instagram model Laci Kay Somers' page. Click here to be redirected to her Instagram.Laci Kay Somers is an Instagram model with over 9 million followers. Her extremely revealing photos and videos of her figure have given her internet fame since she created her YouTube account in 2010 and Instagram account shortly after. She was born in California and is a caucasian actress, singer, and a certified cosmetics nurse. Moreover, she has worked as a host and ring girl for MMA fights and been featured in Playboy magazine.

Nyane Lebajoa

Instagram model Nyane Lebajoa's page. Click here to be redirected to her Instagram.Nyane Lebajoa’s unique beauty and incredible style has built her an Instagram audience of nearly 1 million followers. As a black woman, Nyane’s natural freckles and beautiful skin emphasize her always-changing hair colors. Representing brands like Smashbox and Revolve, Nyane’s modeling seems effortless and elegant. She is the founder and creative director of a hair coloring company called MOOD and also has her own clothing line. This 24-year-old is the oldest of five siblings and was born in Middlesbrough in the U.K., having lived in Lesotho and Wales and now living in the U.K.

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This article was written by Editorial Staff

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