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Top 10 Travel Bloggers on Instagram

By Editorial Staff

Have you been looking to catch a case of wanderlust?

Well, you’re in luck because these Instagram travel bloggers are going to make you want to pack your bags ASAP and get a one-way ticket to paradise. Whether they are traveling with their significant others, children, or friends, they will inspire you to explore what the earth has to offer.


Top 10 Travel Bloggers You Should Be Following on Instagram

By Lyndsey Duane


Jannik Obenhoff – @jannikobenhoff

Travel blogger Jannik Obenhoff's statisticsJannik Obenhoff is an aspiring photographer who enjoys traveling the world and capturing its endless beauty. Originally from Germany, Jannik photographs all the beautiful landscapes that Europe has to offer. Although he is 17-years-old, he is an experienced photographer with 4 years under his belt, starting at the age of 13. Moreover, he also runs a YouTube channel that shows his adventures in further detail. Overall, he’ll make you fall in love with everywhere he goes.

Jack Morris – @doyoutravel

Travel blogger Jack Morris' statisticsJack Morris, the creative mind behind doyoutravel, enjoys traveling the world with his beautiful girlfriend, while capturing their romantic getaways. He inspires his 2.8 million followers to travel the world with their significant other (or best friend, for all us independent singles out there). Jack and his girlfriend, who is also a travel blogger, take the most perfect photos together, making them our ultimate couple goals. Moreover, he shares how he edits his pictures using his custom presets, which can be purchased on their website.  

Lauren Bullen – @gypsea_lust

Travel blogger Lauren Bullen's statisticsLauren Bullen is the girl we all aspire to be. She travels to the most amazing locations with her boyfriend and fellow travel blogger, Jack Morris (see above). Together, they capture their relationship in front of breathtaking views, while creating beautiful moments and memories. Lauren captivates her 2 million followers through her beauty and love for travel, inspiring them to book their next getaway.

Sam Evans – @samevanslife

Travel blogger Sam Evan's statisticsSam Evans enjoys traveling the world and taking photos of the most scenic places. His photographs are unique because he uses drones to snap some aerial shots of the most beautiful places. Born in the Maldives, Sam tends to gravitate towards locations with serene beaches but doesn’t limit himself. In fact, he ventures anywhere, where he can bring his camera including helicopters, mountain tops, and famous landmarks. Aside from his travels, Sam is an automobile enthusiast and can be seen driving Audis all around the world. We’re not sure where his cars and his camera will take him next, so be sure to follow him and get a glimpse into his adventurous lifestyle.

Kiersten Rich – @theblondeabroad

Travel blogger The Blonde Abroad's statisticsKiersten Rich or Kiki is a travel blogger who runs an aesthetically pleasing Instagram account that features her exploring the world. Currently, she is exploring California but has also traveled everywhere from Africa, to Europe, to Asia. Her beautiful pictures encourage her 512,000 followers to visit these must-see places. In addition to her glamorous vacations, Kiki always sports trendy outfits and travels in style. Moreover, she suggests delicious spots to grab a bite and excursions for all types of travelers. Whether it’s hiking through the mountains or enjoying a drink on the beach, this travel blogger does it all.   

Murad Osmann – @muradosmann

Travel blogger Murad Osmann's statisticsMurad Osmann is one of the luckiest men in the world because he gets to travel the world with his beautiful wife and fellow travel blogger, Nataly Osmann. You may recognize them from the famous #followmeto photo series, where Murad is holding Nataly’s hand from behind in the midst of the most incredible locations. In fact, the majority of his posts features Nataly dressed in stunning ensembles that complement the remarkable scenery. What girl wouldn’t want to be followed around by their significant other with a camera?

Chelsea Yamase – @_chelseakauai

Travel blogger Chelsea Yamase's statisticsChelsea Yamase is a Hawaii native and enjoys spending her days outside capturing the most scenic places around the world. Through her posts, she updates her 568,000 followers on her current whereabouts and adventures. In addition, Chelsea goes on amazing excursions such as tightroping across canyons and scuba diving in tropical waters. When following Chelsea, expect the unexpected because she is constantly traveling to obscure locations that would never cross your mind.

Christine Tran – @tourdelust

Travel blogger Christine Tran's statisticsChristine Tran is an up-and-coming travel blogger with 227,000 followers. She is from San Francisco, but her love for traveling takes her all over the world. Most recently, Christine traveled to Turkey and Cyprus. Moreover, Christine has a blog, where she provides more pictures of her adventures, travel/packing tips, and itinerary suggestions. If you’re looking for your next great adventure, be sure to check out Christine’s page for some inspiration.

Belen Hostalet – @belenhostalet

Travel blogger Belen Hostalet's statisticsBelen Hostalet is another rising travel blogger with 732,000 followers. Originally from Barcelona, Belen can easily travel all across Europe. She has recently been to Italy, so go check out her breathtaking photos from Capri, Positano, and Praiano. In addition to her love for travel, Belen also has a passion for fashion. She travels in style and rocks the cutest outfits all over the world.  

Tara Whiteman – @taramilktea

Travel blogger Tara Milk Tea's statisticsLast, but certainly not least is Tara Whiteman of taramilktea. With 1 million followers, she is another popular travel blogger who will definitely give you a case of wanderlust. Originally, Tara is from Sydney, but her travels take her all around the world. At the moment, she is currently in Thailand, so be sure to check out her most current posts. Moreover, Tara can be seen flaunting the latest trends in fashion in her pictures. If you’re looking to catch a case of wanderlust, Tara’s Instagram should be first on your list.  

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This article was written by Editorial Staff

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