Top 10 Travel Bloggers on Instagram (Updated)

By Editorial Staff

From South Africa to Paris, travel bloggers seem to know the best places to visit and photos to capture. Beyond the fancy photos, their helpful tips, tricks, and travel guides are a very resourceful tool for planning your daily itinerary and traveling easier. Today, we’ve gathered the Top 10 Travel Bloggers to follow based on engagement, audience, and quality of content. Whether you’re planning a trip or are just interested in the beautiful photos, their content will no doubt make you appreciate the beauty of our planet.

1. Jack Morris

  • Username: @doyoutravel
  • 2.7 M
  • Joined: June 2014

Behind the username @doyoutravel is Jack Morris, a full-time travel blogger who has visited what seems like every continent on this planet. Jack shares nature shots, city shots, and incredible photos of historical landmarks all around the world. He is always chasing a new adventure like renting a motorcycle to fly down the beautiful Bali coast or hanging off the edge of a skyscraper. If his travel content doesn’t capture you enough, Jack is also a dedicated dog dad to an adorable chocolate labradoodle and the puppy photos are unmatched.

2. Jennifer Tuffen

  • Username: @izkiz
  • 2.8 M
  • Joined: May 2011

Jennifer Tuffen sees the world in full color. In each of her travels, she captures the most beautiful and colorful sights of our world from crystal clear waters to vibrant fireworks to share with her millions of followers. Her blog, izkiz, is also a great resource full of hotel recs, travel guides, and stories of her personal experiences.

3. Kiki

  • Username: @theblondeabroad
  • 567 K
  • Joined: July 2011

Kiki, who you may know as The Blonde Abroad, has a unique spin on travel blogging through her interesting photo perspectives and wildlife snapshots. Kiki is always up for an adventure and diving headfirst, quite literally, into the depths of the sea for the ‘gram. Her captions give us an insightful look into each destination and bring us into the photo with her.

4. Louis Cole

  • Username: @louiscole
  • 1.2 M
  • Joined: January 2012

Louis is an athletic guy who is deeply connected to nature. On his Instagram, he shares everything from classic travel shots to behind the scenes videos of his 200-mile Kayak challenges. Whether he’s on camelback or splashing in the ocean, he is having a great time and it shows. His YouTube channel is full of a variety of different ideas including challenges, product reviews, and ways he is giving back to the community as a travel blogger. 

5. Jamie Kidd

  • Username: @jamienkidd
  • 688 K
  • Joined: November 2011

Jamie is both a travel blogger and a model. This stunning blogger shares the best fashion tips and dream destinations. On her YouTube, she shares beauty, fashion, travel and lifestyle videos. She loves Coachella and has some of the best music festival tips too! Jamie’s detailed posts are a great tool for planning your next trip.

6. Victoria Magrath

  • Username: @inthefrow
  • 887 K
  • Joined:  May 2011

Not only is Victoria a legendary travel blogger, but also a YouTuber and Author. Victoria shares travel photos that feature her stunning fashion style, which actually inspired her book The New Fashion Rules. Her YouTube videos share on-sight footage of her travels and other important travel tips. Overall, Victoria is a well-rounded account and a great follow.

7. Lee Litumbe

  • Username: @spiritedpursuit
  • 166 K
  • Joined: August 2012

Lee is a blogger on a mission to visit the most beautiful and cultural travel destinations. She shares stunning resort interiors and breathtaking beaches. However, in addition to sharing incredible travel content, she gives back to the community she has created through her creative retreats that aim to assist others in their path to becoming bloggers and building their businesses.

8. Lauren Bullen

  • Username: @gypsea_lust
  • 2.1 M
  • Joined: August 2011

Lauren is a travel blogger who has recently started sharing fitness tips and behind the scenes of the dog mom’s life. Lauren is almost always on a beach or in the pool relaxing in the sunshine; although her occasional city photos do not disappoint either. She edits using deep blues and other cool-tones to create an overall stunning feed. Lucky for us, she sells the Lightroom presets so that we can edit our photos like a professional and build a feed just like hers!

9. Jannik Obenhoff

  • Username: @jannikobenhoff
  • 784 K
  • Joined: July 2014

Jannik is a German-born traveler. He is rarely featured in his photos as he focuses on the stunning landscapes and nature of each city he visits. Some of his recent photos display roaming wild horses, snowy winter wonderlands, and birds-eye mountain views. Jannik’s page truly leaves us in awe of this world and its beautiful sights.

10. Murad Osmann

  • Username: @muradosmann
  • 4 M
  • Joined: July 2011

Murad is a travel blogger who recently launched a project called #followmeto where he captures shots following his wife into beautiful new cultures. These photos each feature unique characteristics of their current destination that draws viewers into the photo with them. Murad was recently named Top 3 Influencer of the Year by Forbes.

Other Top Travel Influencers

NameHandleFollower Count
Jessica Stein@tuulavintage2.3 M
Janni Olsson Delér@jannid1.4 M
Daniel Kordan@danielkordan1.3 M
Callum Snape@calsnape818 K
Keira Rumble@krumble424 K
Chris Hau@thechrishau340 K
Francesca & Tommaso@takemyhearteverywhere213 K
Melissa@melissa176 K
Eric Stoen@travelbabbo170 K
Danilo & Anna@ournextflight134 K


Hopefully, one of these travel bloggers inspires you to go see the world or appreciate the beauty of your current surroundings. Either way, these travel bloggers are without a doubt a great addition to your Instagram feed. Don’t forget that beyond their stunning photos, these influencers are great resources for your next trip! Bon Voyage!

This article was written by Hannah Masten

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