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Top 10 Lifestyle Vloggers on YouTube

By Editorial Staff

Getting tired of Netflix? Find yourself googling “best Netflix shows” but checking off every series on the list? It happens to the best of us, and when it does, I always turn to YouTube.

Although YouTube is typically associated with music and viral videos, it is also home to thousands of lifestyle vloggers that share almost all aspects of their lives with viewers around the world.

Lifestyle vloggers capture everything within their lives. The term “lifestyle” is pretty generalized, leaving vloggers to cover things like cooking, fashion, travel, sexual orientation, and sometimes just random facts about themselves. There is a lot to learn from these YouTubers, so next time you find yourself bored of your TV shows, check out these lifestyle vloggers who are dominating YouTube.

Top 10 Lifestyle Vloggers on YouTube

1. Jenna Marbles

Lifestyle vlogger Jenna Marbles' statisticsJenna Marbles is the 32nd most-subscribed channel on YouTube, with 18 million subscribers and around 2.6 billion views on her videos. She released her first video in 2010 and immediately reached fame, receiving over 5.3 million views in only one week. Her highly hilarious videos and eccentric personality coincide to create videos that are both entertaining and relatable. Jenna creates an assortment of weekly vlogs that vary in topics such as “We Bought A House” and “Transforming Myself Into My Dog.”

2. Casey Neistat

Lifestyle vlogger Casey Neistat's statisticsCasey Neistat provides his 9.4 million subscribers with footage of his adventurous life, which features inspirational messages that empower his viewers to follow their dreams. His videos revolve around traveling and extravagant excursions that inspire his followers to live their best life. Actually, on the home page of his YouTube channel, Casey spotlights a video titled “Do What You Can’t.” The title itself is inspirational to his millions of followers. Other than most YouTubers, Casey once had a show on HBO, thus reaching an even wider audience.

3. MyLifeAsEva

Lifestyle vlogger Eva Gutowski's statisticsEva Gutowski, or better known as MyLifeAsEva, has over 8.5 million subscribers to her YouTube channel. She was named “YouTube’s Fastest Growing Star” by People and has been ranked on Billboard’s “Social Media Star” list. Eva primarily concentrates on topics regarding her personal life such as her fitness and beauty routines, updates on her relationship, and comedic skits. As a result, she acquires over a million views on each video. Eva’s videos allow her audience to live a day in the life as Eva Gutowski. Her unique personality and distinct video concepts holds her audience attention, thus earning her a third nomination as Teen Choice’s “Choice Female Web Star.”  

4. David Dobrik

Lifestyle vlogger David Dobrik's statisticsWith an audience of 6.6 million subscribers, David Dobrik is another lifestyle vlogger to add to your list. In fact, David was crowned “Breakout Creator” and “Vlogger of the Year” at the 2017 Streamy Awards. He publishes new content every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday of each week and accumulates millions of views per post. David lets his goofy personality shine through his videos as he records his unusual and comedic life. In addition, David also incorporates his equally hilarious and well-known girlfriend, Liza Koshy, into his videos. Although David is a comedy king, he still provides his audience meaningful insight into his life. With his quirky personality and enticing video titles, this lifestyle vlogger captivates his subsribers and keeps them yearning for more. 

5. Joey Graceffa

Joey Graceffa's statisticsJoey Graceffa manages two YouTube channels. One being his main vlogging channel, and the other being his gaming channel. His lifestyle vlogging channel has more than 8.7 million subscribers and contains a variety of video content. For example, Joey makes videos where he experiments with foods such as in “Mixing Every Oreo Flavor Together.” Furthermore, Joey even takes part in popular YouTube challenges and collaborates with other well-known lifestyle vloggers. In addition to such entertaining content, Joey gets personal and opens up to his audience about his relationship and struggles. Joey Graceffa is one lifestyle vlogger that you should subscribe to, if you are not already. 

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6. Tyler Oakley

Lifestyle vlogger Tyler Oakley's statisticsTyler Oakley released his first video in 2007. Since then, he has reached nearly 8 million subscribers and over 650 million channel views. As an openly gay male, Tyler dedicates much of his time and attention towards advocating for LGBTQ+ rights among youth, as well as other social issues. Oakley’s bubbly personality and transparency shines through in his videos, which also attracts many celebrities towards him. In fact, he has collaborated with Zoeey Deschanel, starred on various TV shows, and even made a video with former First Lady Michelle Obama. Today, Tyler continues to share his day-to-day with his ever-growing fan base.

7. Cloe Couture

Cloe Couture's statisticsCloe Feldman, also known as Cloe Couture, puts a spunky spin on her YouTube channel. With over 3.7 million subscribers, this 20-year-old lifestyle vlogger posts videos about her daily morning routines, YouTube challenges, and everything in between. Due to her age, Cloe attracts a younger audience than most. As a result, she creates childish content such as  “Making Edible Candy Slime” and “If I Lived in an Ice Castle.” With her vibrantly colored videos and thumbnails, Cloe captivates her audience and keeps them coming back for more Couture.

8. Ingrid Nilsen

Ingrid Nilsen's statisticsIngrid Nilsen, a 29-year-old living in California, has around 3.8 million subscribers to her channel. On average, her weekly videos accumulate around 100,000 views. Ingrid primarily concentrates on beauty product must-haves and updates about her life. Moreover, she reached 17 million views on her video coming out as a lesbian, giving insight into her identity as a gay Asian woman. Following this video, Ingrid continued to speak on her experience as a lesbian and still does to this day, helping other girls in similar circumstances. Overall, through styling tips, skincare routines, and constant updates, Ingrid is able to relate to her audience on a personal level.

9. Tess Christine

Lifestyle vlogger Tess Christine's statisticsTess Christine has an audience of over 2.3 million subscribers. Although she primarily focuses on fashion, Tess also gives her audience an inside look into her personal life with her “Week In My Life” video series. In addition, Tess posts the occasional travel vlog, documenting she and her boyfriend’s lavish trips. With hundreds and thousands of views on each video, Tess is a lifestyle vlogger to watch.

10. Anna Saccone

Anna Saccone's statisticsWith an audience of 1.1 million subscribers, Anna Saccone shares her busy life as a mother of two. This 30-year-old lifestyle vlogger creates content covering various topics such as her pregnancies and updates on her children. Anna is transparent in her vlogs and opens up to her audience about her personal life in videos like “Postpartum Body Image.” Overall,  Anna provides viewers a look into her motherhood.

This article was written by Ellie Rushing

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