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Best YouTube Vloggers of 2020

By Editorial Staff

Vlogging is a word that evolved out of internet culture and is now a commonplace term to nearly every teen and young adult. The best part about these vlogs is that there are thousands of different types sharing a whole range of lifestyles and content. Some are breathtaking travel diaries to share the world with those of us unable to make the journey. Others are tight-knit families sharing the everyday struggles of parenting. Still, others share the mundane and “normal” parts of daily life as a student or worker or sister or any other combination of people and occupation you can think of. So here are some of our picks for the best YouTube vloggers of 2020, sharing both the crazy and the calm.

1. Jenelle Eliana

  • Jenelle Eliana
  • 2.35M subscribers

Jenelle uses her channel to document her life living and traveling in a blue 1995 GMC Vandura Explorer with her pet snake named Alfredo. She shares beautiful destinations in nature, routines for her compact life, and all the other bits of her life to inspire you to get out into the world.

2. The Edwards Family

  • Kyrah and Kaelin Edwards
  • 1.8M subscribers

Kyrah and Kaelin Edwards are a couple documenting the everyday balance of marriage, two kids, and the rest of life. They met in middle school and married in 2017, soon adding little Karter and Kaiser to the family. Their videos hold all the joy and frustration of raising a family, plus two adorable kids in the mix never hurt.

3. Michelle Choi

  • Michelle Choi
  • 575K subscribers

Michelle Choi is a beauty and lifestyle vlogger living in NYC. Since moving to NYC from Korea, her vlogs, titled “Living Alone Diaries”, transitioned from adventurous city walks and photoshoots to chill apartment daily life. Even though she’s stuck at home, her vlogs are no less fun, which makes her one of our best YouTube vloggers of 2020.

4. Cheyenne Barton

  • Cheyenne Barton
  • 202K subscribers

Cheyenne fulfills all your cozy cottage core aesthetic needs with her videos. As a freelance artist, Cheyenne shares her weeks of creating and packaging orders in her Seattle apartment. Interspersed in her week you’ll also find her adventures in baking, an adorable cat, and more to keep you calm and creative.

5. Cat Creature

  • Annabelle
  • 438K subscribers

The next entry in our list of best YouTube vloggers is Annabelle. Join her on her channel Cat Creature as she navigates college and life in an attempt to find herself. She has studio vlogs, gardening bits, lifestyle videos, university struggles, oh, and cats.

6. Jada Jones

  • Jada Jones
  • 14.5K subscribers

Jada’s passion for YouTube comes out in all of her videos, which is what makes her one of the best YouTube vloggers this year. Her vlogs feature all the chaotic and random activities from her life geared to inspire her audience time and time again. Go back and see her navigate NYC, or catch up on her Black Lives Matter activism from the past two weeks.

7. Vlogs By DK4L

  • De’arra and Ken
  • 2.48M subscribers

De’arra and Ken created this daily vlog channel for all their main channel fans who want to see more of them. You can follow their daily life through world travels, quarantine, and their engagement. Their dynamic makes for hugely entertaining vlogs whether they’re chilling at home or making hilarious challenge videos.

8. Flying the Nest

  • Stephen and Jess
  • 818K subscribers

Jess and Stephen are your new favorite travel vloggers, and one of our best YouTube vloggers of 2020. They started this year with a pregnancy announcement, then proceeded to take you along to Finland, Canada, Budapest, Fiji, Hawaii, and, finally, a road trip around Australia to finish at their brand new home in time for the baby.

9. Lydia Dinga

  • Lydia Dinga
  • 142K subscribers

Lydia’s shows and tells all in her vlogs, nothing is off-limits. She shares her hair journey, literal journeys around Japan, Cannes, Jamaica, and Italy, and now her life in quarantine. Lydia’s channel creates a positive space, so she can be, as she calls it, your “internet sister” to promote self-love and improvement.

10. GabeBabeTV

  • Gabe Flowers and Chad Radar
  • 340K subscribers

Gabe and Chad live together in Indianapolis with their two adorable children, the “babes” of GabeBabeTV. Their videos document life in the midwest raising two kids and having so much fun as a family. Watch for their down-to-earth manner and genuine zest for life present in every single vlog they post.

Some more of the best YouTube bloggers that didn’t make our top 10:

ChannelNameSubscriber Count
Ava JulesAva Jules1,280,000
Carrie MurrayCarrie Murray34,300

This article was written by Christiana Sinacola

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