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Blogging Tips for Beginners

By Editorial Staff

If you don’t currently have your own blog, you probably read some every day. Trending articles, personal stories, and DIY blogs have flooded the internet in the last decade. Is now time for you to hop on board and launch your own blog? Great! Today we will be sharing all the best blogging tips for beginners to get you set up for success.

Before we get into the tips and tricks though, our first advice would be to just do it. If you want to start a blog, there are easy and affordable ways to make it happen. With the assistance of social media, there are thousands of opportunities for your blog to grow, and who knows, it could even become your full-time job!

We’ve completed a list of the major steps for launching a blog and provided key tips to get started below.

1. Getting over your hesitations

First and foremost on the list of blogging tips for beginners. As we said before, the thing that holds so many people back from launching their own blog is truly their own attitude. If you want to start a blog, just do it! Fear of failure, judgment, or time constraints are serious concerns. However, you will never know just how much you will enjoy it until you try!

2. Picking a name for your blog

This may be the most important step to creating your blog. Once you do gain readership, this name will become who your blog is and what is it known for.  A great tip for creating this name is to focus on your niche. This means if you are going to share beauty tips, it is a great idea to pick a name that has to do with makeup, beauty, hair, skin-care, etc. For example, Amber Fillerup’s blog is called “Barefoot Blonde” where she mostly shares beachy hairstyles and tutorials. 

3. Picking a domain and blog service.

While we can give you lots of blogging tips for beginners related to content and marketing, you won’t need any of those without the proper setup. If you or your company already has a domain, you are all set! Add a tab to your website and you’re good to go. Make sure this new addition to your site is easy to access and highlighted on your page to drive traffic. For those who don’t, don’t stress.

There are a variety of services out there so you’ll certainly find out that fits your tastes. We recommend starting free trials with a few of the top services to test which will work best for your needs and vision. Some of the most user-friendly blog services are listed below.

When considering a domain and blog service, it’s crucial to find hosts and services that have exceptional loading times and beginner-friendly features.  Some of the most user-friendly website services:

4. Designing your website

This is a fun part of blogging. Your site should be an entire website that displays who you are! In recent studies, it is proven that people respond best to visuals. Consider adding photos and videos to your site to grab your reader’s attention. It is also important to test your designs on multiple browsers and devices to ensure your content displays appropriately for all readers.

The blog service you use will most likely provide you with a variety of templates and other neat features. Have fun with it and try them out! The more personalized your page is, the more your readers will understand the person behind the screen. Throughout this design process, have fun, but also be cautious of overwhelming your readers with too many features on one page.

NeoReach blog design

5. Creating content

Your blog can’t exist without your content. No matter what you want to share on your page, you need to get posting! Our blogging tips for beginners in regards to content creation is to know your desired audience. It is recommended when you launch your blog to the public, you already have 3-5 posts uploaded. Use an authentic voice in your writing to capture your readers! Another great tip is to link as many outside sources as you can.

Whether your writing is professional or light and personal, linking to other sites with other/more information will make your pieces that much more valuable.

6. Getting readers

Social media is an amazing way to grow your blog. After you publish a blog, make a post on each of your social channels, add links, and watch as you generate direct traffic to your page. In your captions, you can give your readers a summary or stellar quote from your latest piece to draw them in.

7. Networking

Networking in this industry is very important if you want to turn your blog into a money-making business. Networking conferences and trips are a great way to create genuine relationships in the industry and also to open new doors for partnerships. Here are some of our best tips for networking:

  • Interact with the content your favorite companies are sharing
  • Engage with other bloggers in your niche
  • Collaborate with a variety of accounts to extend reach and provide value
  • Be yourself. Authenticity online is important for creating those long-term relationships offline

8. Getting paid

Want to turn your blog into a business? Can you envision yourself working from home and doing what you love…as your full-time job? The opportunities for blogging are growing each year and the sky’s the limit. Have fun, and work hard! Apply to work with Influencer Agencies and reach out to your favorite companies. You got this!

This article was written by Hannah Masten

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