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5 Ways NeoReach Excels at Ecommerce Marketing for Your Brand

By Editorial Staff

With the world going digital, especially over the last year, ecommerce marketing has emerged as one of the quickest and most effective ways to build a successful business. Its also become a major side hustle for young entrepreneurs everywhere, but only if done correctly. So, why not put your brand in the hands of a successful influencer marketing company like NeoReach that knows how to get you there? Here, we’ll explain NeoReach’s capabilities specifically for ecommerce marketing and how it can go hand-in-hand with influencer marketing.

How Can NeoReach Help?

To put it simply, ecommerce has become one of the largest and most saturated markets over the past decade. Without properly understanding how to stick out from the rest, it’s very hard to be successful; that’s where NeoReach can provide some help. Having had success with several ecommerce marketing, NeoReach knows exactly how to build the proper brand awareness, direct the right content and manage the campaign from start to finish. Here are a couple of ways NeoReach is able to do so:

Brand Awareness

As an established influencer marketing agency with an extensive database and tons of experience, NeoReach is the perfect destination for ecommerce brands looking to boost brand awareness. By targeting the right influencers through our extensive database, NeoReach is able to get Ecommerce products in front of the right audience with influencers you can trust. 

Let’s take a quick look at our Blue Apron campaign where NeoReach was able to activate 92 influencers in order to expand Blue Apron’s reach and build on its solid branding through more great content. Through a simple approach of showing how the brand can help anyone simplify home cooking, Blue Apron and NeoReach worked with the influencers to create over 200 pieces of content and welcome 2000+ paying customers to the brand. 

Need more proof? See how we’ve helped increase brand awareness in all our case studies here.

Creative Direction 

Whether it’s an older brand or a newer one, creating content that delivers the right message to your target audience on a consistent basis can be difficult. That’s where NeoReach’s expertise and connections to influencers can truly support ecommerce marketing. 

Take a non-ecommerce brand like Quevos Chips for example. Through developing campaign objectives, helping the brand better understand what gets the target audience’s attention and activating influencers, NeoReach was able to grow Quevos’ following and become a creative powerhouse on social media in a stacked industry. 

Working with influencers helps ecommerce brands build trust with their audience, and reach audiences they may not have been able to reach before; and building that trust alone can take years for a brand individually. Activating these influencers also drives creativity around the brand, attracting niche audiences that may not have recognized the brand otherwise. It’s important to keep your brand and products top of mind for new customers, and influencers with large reach or small yet devoted followings are a great way to do so. 

Looking to run an epic influencer marketing campaign like this Quevos? NeoReach has the best experience in creating viral campaigns that convert on social media. Sign up here

Easily-Traceable Results

One thing all companies look for out of a campaign is results. Through influencer marketing with NeoReach, ecommerce brands are easily able to track their KPIs and get results with paid amplification via ads and influencers. 

With everything available in one place from engagement to individual influencer performance, NeoReach simplifies a process that can be rather daunting for ecommerce marketing. Keep track of the campaigns’ statistics, the volume of content, which influencers are crushing it and how many new customers have been activated in one place.

Results vary depending on the campaign’s objectives and how much a brand is willing to spend. However, all campaigns, big and small, can be delivered to the liking of the brands we work with thanks to the staff behind the campaign. Above is just one example of what a brand can expect through working with NeoReach. 

Influencer Search

We can’t stress this enough, activating influencers can make or break an ecommerce marketing campaign. Our advanced database contains all the statistics needed to choose the right influencer and audience for ecommerce brands. And better yet, NeoReach will handle all that for you with the help of well-trained professionals who have tons of experience in the industry. 

Stepping up your social media game with the right influencers can have an immense impact on the volume of customers your brand brings in. Through our network filled with the best influencers in the business as well as experienced professionals who have worked on several successful campaigns, NeoReach can guarantee a great experience that leaves our customers satisfied. 

Need more influencer data? We’ve done a whole breakdown on the Creator Economy from the Creators themselves, and you can read it here.

Campaign Management

Campaign management is a key ingredient to the success of any marketing strategy. With a NeoReach influencer marketing campaign, ecommerce brands can rest easy knowing that everything will be taken care of and updates are given on a consistent basis. We handle the influencer search, the budget, the content pipeline, and the back and forth conversations between you, the brand, and the influencers to ensure results and stellar content. 

Wrapping It Up

As you can see, an influencer marketing campaign can work hand in hand with ecommerce marketing strategy. With the ability to drive site traffic and increase brand awareness through a strong social media presence, NeoReach will surely help any ecommerce brand separate itself from the competition. 

This article was written by Adam Hamden

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