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How NeoReach helped Blue Apron drive scaled awareness to over 1.5M by activating the perfect cast of influencers.




Pieces of Content




New Paying Customers

Phase 1

Hungry For More

Blue Apron is an ingredient-and-recipe meal kit service that delivers fresh ingredients to homes across the U.S. Blue Apron came to NeoReach to drive scaled awareness and brand lift through creative and well-placed endorsements. By engaging vloggers, foodie Instagrammers and food-centric YouTube channels, NeoReach connected influencers - and, subsequently, 1.5M+ sets of eyes - to the benefits of cooking with Blue Apron.

Phase 1

Performance Focused

Conversions were the name of the game for Blue Apron’s performance-driven acquisition campaign.

Expand Consumer Base

Seeking clicks through the use of coupon codes, Blue Apron’s goal was to secure new paying customers through the use of influencers.

Quality Creator Content

Through the campaign, Blue Apron sought to build on their already solid branding with quality influencers and content.

Phase 2

Phase 2

Cooking up a Storm

Blue Apron wanted to share how cooking at home can help anyone reach their health and weight loss goals with easy-to-follow recipes for delicious meals. With most of their customer base being middle-aged adults, NeoReach created a performance-driven acquisition campaign to engage a younger generation on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Twitch in order to expand Blue Apron’s customer-base and build brand awareness.

Finding the Right Influencers

By partnering with Tensor Social™ to power our campaign, our team was able to find and activated 92 influencers to post about the benefits of cooking with Blue Apron. By engaging young, lifestyle, and food-centric influencers, we knew we’d be hitting the right audiences for reaching the meal kit brand’s goals. But we also engaged influencers on Twitch, the popular social media platform for gamers, in order to reach an even larger audience of potential customers.

Sharing Mouth-Watering Content

Blue Apron sent the influencers a box of meals, and they used their creativity to generate videos and posts walking their followers through their experience of preparing food. The influencers were given a unique promo code that would grant a user 2 free meals. From Instagram feed posts to YouTube videos, the influencers produced engaging videos - one YouTuber even admitted in her video that she had never peeled an onion before preparing her Blue Apron meal! Relatable content like this helped us tackle the brand lift Blue Apron hired us to generate.

Creator Content

Influencers for this campaign created sponsored content on multiple social platforms including YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Twitch. All posts included a that linked to Blue Apron's sign-up page.

Blue Apron Cast of Influencers

Meet the chefs responsible for such delectable results

Jenna Ezarik

Lifestyle vlogger with 925K YouTube subscribers

David Lopez

Viner-turned-YouTuber with 1.5M YouTube subscribers

Serious Gaming

Husband and wife Twitch streamers with 279K followers


Millennial food blogger with 5.3M Facebook followers

Phase 3

The Results Are In... (drumroll please)


Total Impressions






Of comments and reception were positive


Viral piece of content

By hiring the right influencers for the job, our team was able to generate a campaign that accurately conveyed the benefits of subscribing to Blue Apron. The Blue Apron food was displayed creatively and impressively by each influencer we worked with, and each influencer was genuinely happy with the results of the campaign.

We were pleasantly surprised that the food influencers did not have the high conversion rate as expected; instead, the influencers on Twitch, Serious Gaming, had the best conversion. The handle is managed by a husband and wife who enjoy more than just gaming – they also have a love for cooking. Followers watch their streams for hours at a time, so with such an engaged audience, it makes sense that their video, “Cooking with Alan & Blue Apron,” was successful. We were able to drive scaled awareness and brand lift for Blue Apron with these engaging influencers and strategically-placed endorsements, reaching the brand’s KPIs.

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