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Cake language learning app accomplished a reach of 1.2 Million with the help of NeoReach.


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Phase 1

Learning the Language of Content Creation

Cake is a fun and free mobile app dedicated to giving non-English speakers, worldwide, an English learning experience. On YouTube, Cake has expanded their English-teaching expertise by posting short videos that make learning the language simple. With the help of NeoReach, Cake chose to expand their marketing tactics on YouTube through influencer engagement. NeoReach was challenged to find influencers from South American countries that could bring awareness to Cake while also creating an environment on YouTube that can show the both educational and fun elements of the app. Through this style of influencer marketing, NeoReach helped Cake drive user downloads and engage with YouTube content.

Phase 1

Targeting the Right Audience

Being a company based in Korea, Cake had to make sure their targeted audience was being reached effectively. Our team had to drive brand awareness in regions that were predominantly Portuguese-speaking, such as Brazil. By scaling influencers in South America, we were able to reach 5 unique content creators who each gave an individual perspective when branding.

Unique Creator Content

Being that 5 content creators were all promoting the same app, it was important to Cake that both the fun and educational elements of the app were being properly showcased. Therefore, the 5 influencers used in the campaign ranged in their content style. Educational, entertaining, and interactive tactics were used by the influencers when promoting Cake on their YouTube channels.

Influencer-to-Audience Engagement

The primary goal of this campaign was to reach Cake’s key target market. Gaining traffic within Portuguese-speaking countries would allow for the app to be used most effectively. Therefore, the ideal influencer-to-audience engagement would allow for a significant increase in downloads for Cake.

Phase 2

Phase 2

Combining Education with an Experience

By using Neoreach software to find the most elite range of influencers to connect with the targeted audience, we were able to over perform on engagement through both views and downloads. The influencers were able to successfully reach and attract their audience while promoting Cake through creative video plots and helpful tips for learning English. The overall campaign brought in 1.2 million impressions on YouTube and over 14,000 downloads for the app.

Creating the Campaign

Through this influencer marketing campaign, our team gathered 5 key influencers over a 2-week time span. Influencers promoted the branded content on their YouTube channels by engaging with the app and sampling the features in a creative way for their audience. Cake also provided personalized download links for influencers to share with their subscribers to track the download count of each influencer.

Learning Led to Success

Based on the content created by each influencer, it was clear that the most successful element of this promotion was the power of education. Although both fun and informative approaches were taken by the influencers, it was the educational approach that attracted a larger audience and produced the most downloads for Cake. Audiences wanted to learn from Inglés Kike Rodríguez (who has a background in teaching) because their top priority was learning the English language.

Creator Content

Influencers for the Cake campaign incorporated the use of the app in their own unique approach. This sponsored content found on YouTube provided viewers with how the app can be used, what sets the app apart from the competition, and a download link to distribute the app easily.

Creator Content

Influencers for this campaign created sponsored content on YouTube and included download links to the Cake App.

Cake Influencer Cast

Meet the Cake App influencer cast!

Erick Mafra

Brazilian YouTuber known for creating lifestyle content and collaborating with friends.

Luana Carolina

Lifestyle YouTuber known for a variety of vlog content, but specifically, her study vlogs.

English in Brazil by Carina Fragozo

Educational YouTuber with over 1 million subscribers, known for creative methods in helping her subscribers learn English

Somos Paisanos!

Mexican YouTuber known for her reaction and comedy content.

Inglés Kike Rodríguez

Informative English teacher and YouTuber, known for helping his subscribers with tips and tricks for learning English.

Phase 3

The Results Are In...

1.2 Million

Total Reach


Ages 17-24


Located in Sao Paulo


Spoke Portuguese


Were Students

Through the Cake influencer campaign, it was clear how effective content creators are in not only entertaining but also education. With the original task of a Korean company wanting to connect with a Portuguese-speaking audience through YouTubers in mind, NeoReach was able to over-perform on projections and help gain significant traffic for Cake. The method of free-range on content creation at the hands of influencers allows for a personal connection between the influencer and audience, which is more compelling when driving downloads for the app. By NeoReach gathering targeted influencers, influencers were then able to reach our targeted audience for us. The value of YouTube content is that it is continually being recognized, therefore downloads for Cake will only increase in time.

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