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How Casper created targeted consumer exposure on YouTube as “the Internet’s favorite mattress.”


Targeted Website Visits


New Customers





Phase 1

Innovating with One of the Most Innovative Companies of 2017

Casper is a “sleep company”–– a then first-of-its-kind direct-to-consumer mattress company that values innovation and customer satisfaction. The company made $1.8 million in only the first two months it opened its website to the public. It went on to make $100 million in sales in 2015 and $200 million in 2016 and is now valued at $1.1 billion (March 2019).

When Casper reached out to NeoReach in 2017, it had just entered a partnership with Target, which would stock Casper’s bedsheets and pillows on its shelves, but mattresses would continue to be sold exclusively on the Casper website. However, as competitors entered the mattress market and the release of its two new mattress models were on the horizon, Casper needed NeoReach’s help to drive conversions and increase brand awareness among a younger target customer.

Phase 1

Low Levels of Brand Awareness among Younger Consumer Groups

In 2014, Casper was only slightly on the radar of younger customers after celebrities, including Kylie Jenner, posted pictures of their Casper mattresses on Instagram, but not enough of the younger generation was interested in online mattress shopping at the time. Casper hit major success with older millennials and Gen-X shoppers, but brand awareness among younger millennials and older Gen-Z shoppers was fading away by 2017.

A Need to Stimulate Greater Purchase Volume through

The company soon realized that, while their online-only model was innovative and very successful, most consumers preferred to purchase mattresses in-store. It needed help convincing consumers that they could easily test Casper mattresses without any risk with the 100-day free trial and return pick-up.

New Direct-to-Consumer Mattress Companies Entered the Market

Attempting to achieve the same levels of success as Casper, new direct-to-consumer mattress companies entered the market. Casper hoped to not only maintain but also strengthen its position as the #1 online mattress company.

Phase 2

Phase 2

Thinking Outside of the [Casper] Box

No other mattress company had really looked to influencer marketing so NeoReach was excited to spearhead this campaign and deliver great results for Casper. We partnered with seven amazing YouTubers to help the company make its mark with younger audiences on social media.

Finding the Right Audience

To kick off the Casper campaign, NeoReach conducted research to identify exactly which types of customers would be most receptive to Casper mattresses and best convert. We identified that the audiences that were tech and engineering-oriented would be most interested in Casper and would be drawn to its innovative and disrupted approach within the mattress industry. So we decided to sponsor 7 videos from male and female YouTube vloggers and engineers with younger audiences and gave them Casper mattresses to test for themselves and special discount codes and links to share with their subscribers.

Creative Content for the Win

Then we let the YouTubers run with it--and they got super creative. Some video titles include “How to Sleep Only 2 Hours a Day,” “Extreme Bedroom Makeover! Tech Edition,” and “Top Ten Things to do from Bed.” Because of the authenticity of our influencers coupled with their high-performing video content, we saw a spike in sales for Casper not long after the sponsored videos were posted.

Creator Content

Influencers for this campaign created YouTube videos highlighting Casper's mattresses.

Casper Cast of Influencers

Meet the creators behind the content

James Hobson AKA The Hacksmith

Vlogger, Gamer, and YouTuber with 7 million followers

Evan Puschak AKA Nerdwriter

YouTuber with over 2.6 million followers

JerryRigEverything AKA Zack Nelson

Tech YouTuber with 5 million followers

Krystal Lora AKA Krystal Key

Tech YouTuber with 508.5K followers

Erica Griffin

Tech YouTuber with 966K followers

Jerome Aceti aka Jerome

YouTube Gamer and Vlogger with over 7.8 million followers

Phase 3

The Results


Campaign Reach



2:1 ROI

On Direct Sales

3 Videos

With Over 1M Views


Mega Creators Activated

Our campaign for Casper was able to target the audience we set out to reach: 65% of the audience of these videos were between the ages of 17-24. 54% of viewers were male, and 46% of viewers were female, meaning we were able to reach each gender equally. Although our focus was on the domestic US audience, we were also able to reach international viewers, mainly in the UK, who were able to have Casper mattresses shipped directly to them.

Furthermore, our research on the direct-to-consumer customer that would most relate to Casper’s business model and pride in innovation turned out to be great for our campaign! In just one month, we drove over 5M views and 1k new customers for Casper. As time went on, the final metrics grew to 10M views and nearly 2.5k new customers. 

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