By creating and distributing targeted and timed content on social media for a three-night special event, Investigation Discovery was able to create a trending conversation on Twitter.



6 Hours

Twitter Trending Hashtag




Influencer Posts

Phase 1

How the Jodi Arias: American Murder Mystery Became the Top Viewing Mini-Series on Investigation Discovery in 2018

Discovery Inc’s Investigation Discovery (ID) is the number one mystery and suspense television network. Since 2016, Investigation Discovery has been running a series called the American Murder Mystery. In January of 2018, they were planning to feature a three-part mini-series about Jodi Arias, the ex-girlfriend who murdered motivational speaker Travis Alexander. After seeing how successful their Casey Anthony campaign with NeoReach was, ID once again reached out to us to stir up interest for the Jodi Arias series and better engage audiences of the three-part series.

Phase 1

A Need to Increase American Murder Mystery Viewership

Investigation Discovery features many different shows, including its chilling American Murder Mystery. Despite its initial popularity, the series’s viewership was not as high as network executives had hoped. Thus, ID wanted NeoReach to help increase viewership for the Jodi Arias mini-series.

Low Viewership among Younger TV Viewers

Investigation Discovery found that it’s viewers were mainly of the older generation of TV viewers. Many younger TV viewers were unaware that the Investigation Discovery channel had the American Murder Mystery series. Knowing this, ID knew that they were missing out on viewerships by not tapping into this audience.

Few People Were Talking about the Series

Naturally, with older TV viewers, Investigation Discovery’s American Murder Mystery was not getting the online––specifically social media–– attention it deserved. The lack of social chatter was inhibiting further growth and popularity of the series, despite being the most popular network in the mystery and suspense genre.

Phase 2

Phase 2

Our Live-Tweeting Party

Making sure to target the appropriate younger TV viewer, NeoReach set out to spread the word about the upcoming Jodi Arias three-part mini-series. Since this series covered real-life events, we thought it was most appropriate to activate seven social media influencers and reality stars across Instagram, Facebook, and mainly Twitter to invite their followers to join them in watching the Jodi Arias three-part mini-series on the ID channel. We set out to perfect platform and timing curation and real-time conversation in order to hit the problems we identified and make the premier a success.

Encouraging Engagement

Because of the suspenseful and mature content of the murder series, NeoReach aimed to target 20 to 24-year-olds residing in the US. We had our reality stars, whose audiences were predominantly female and enjoyed following real-life events, tweet and post on either Instagram or Facebook that they were planning to watch the Jodi Arias series on Investigation Discovery and would be live-tweeting during the series. Tagging Discovery ID and hashtagging #JodiArias, our influencers encouraged followers to keep up with their live tweets and engage in conversation with them about the murder case and trial.

Extending Our Reach

Through our seven influencers, we were able to reach our target 20-24-year-old audience and generate a lot of enthusiasm and excitement for the mini-series on social media. Young TV viewers were tuning in and enthusiastically tweeting their favorite influencers, expressing their shock with the events unfolding during the series. The combination of the hashtags, as well as the Twitter threads between influencers and their followers, garnered attention from even social media users outside of those seven influencers’ reach and resulted in even higher viewership count for the Jodi Arias series.

Creator Content

Influencers for this campaign posted on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Posts incorporated campaign-specific tags and hashtags.

Investigation Discovery Cast of Influencers

Meet the creators behind the content

Kaitlyn Lowry

Former MTV reality star, entrepreneur, and podcast personality

Deena Nicole Cortese

Former MTV reality star

Dorinda Medley

Current Real Housewife of New York, Manhattan socialite, and entrepreneur

Taranasha Wallace

Reality star and Broadway performer

Cody Walker

Former stuntman and Fast and Furious actor

Ali Spagnola

Twitter influencer and former Viner

Vanessa Jean Simmons

Reality star and entrepreneur

Phase 3

The Results Are in... (drumroll please)


Followers Reached

4:1 ROI

As measured against IMV




Were of the 20-24 age range


Mini-series on ID in 2018

Through our partnership with our seven influencers, we were able to produce real results for Investigation Discovery. We achieved our goal of reaching millennials and GenZennials, with 92% of followers reached falling into this age range. 

We generated over 6 million total engagements across Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Our influencer line-up was perfect for setting off the spark for mystery and suspense within their audience. The organic interest and excitement coupled with NeoReach’s social media strategy proved to be incredibly effective in increasing viewership and interest in not only the Jodi Arias, but in the American Murder Mystery show on the ID channel as a whole. 

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