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How Walmart generated social awareness for the launch of their Star Wars product line and Gold Disc Giveaway in a
 family-friendly way.






Increase in conversions



Phase 1

A Walmart/Star Wars Social Media Takeover

In 2015, Star Wars Force VII: Force Awakens was going to be released on December 18. Walmart was going to stock exclusive, collectible trading game disks for the new movie in stores. However, the retail giant had continuously seen a drop in sales of physical game copies, as customers’ sales continued to move towards digital purchases.

In anticipation of the new Star Wars release, Walmart reached out to NeoReach to promote their 14kt gold disc giveaway and a chance to win a Star Wars room makeover. Together, Walmart and NeoReach identified the core three problems focused around awareness and conversions that they could tackle in this new campaign.

Phase 1

Drop in DVD Sales at Walmart

The multinational retailer was seeing a downward trend in its DVD sales. Knowing it would be stocking the new Star Wars movie on DVD in the coming months, Walmart needed to take action to mitigate the move towards digital.

Informing Consumers about Its Exclusive Discs

This new release of the Star Wars DVD collectible trading game was exclusive to Walmart. It needed to not only inform customers that the DVD would be in Walmart stores on December 18 but also convince Star Wars lovers to purchase the exclusive, collectible disc from Walmart.

Trouble Reaching Star Wars Fans

Walmart needed a better way to advertise its fun campaign ideas to give away a 14kt gold disc copy of the new Star Wars movie and a Star Wars room makeover. It wanted to use influencers to do so but wasn’t quite sure how to go about an influencer marketing campaign.

Phase 2

Phase 2


NeoReach and Walmart had three months before the release of the exclusive Star Wars discs in Walmart stores so we had to plan the timing and key moments of our campaign carefully over the span of those three months. We had to be creative with when and how we were going to release the giveaway and contest information to Star Wars fans so that customers would not forget about the exclusive discs when December rolled around.

Ballin' on a Budget

We also had to consider Walmart’s budget for this campaign. We chose to work with three mega influencers and seven other smaller influencers who were major Star Wars fans themselves and could generate excitement to their followers of the millennial demographic, who were also Star Wars fans and potential customers of the exclusive discs. We had all of our influencers utilize their YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and personal website to announce the 14kt gold disc giveaway, along with the Star Wars room makeover, making sure to tag @Walmart, hashtag #ShowUsYourForce, and include links to shop the entire Star Wars collection at Walmart.com.


Walmart found incredible success from the influencer marketing campaign that NeoReach implemented, driving millions of conversions, hundreds of thousands of engagements, and impressive increases in the Star Wars webpage traffic and sales of the entire Walmart collection. Followers were quick to comment and tweet their favorite influencers about their love for Star Wars and their excitement for a potential room makeover.

Creator Content

Influencers for this campaign posted on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and their personal website. Posts incorporated campaign-specific tags and hashtags.

Walmart Cast of Influencers

Meet the creators behind the content

Eh Bee Family

YouTube comedy channel and family vloggers

Meghan McCarthy

Former Viner and YouTuber

Matthew Patrick AKA MatPat/The Game Theorists

YouTuber and gamer

Darth Vader AKA DepressedDarth

Star Wars Twitter influencer

Phase 3

The Results...


New Customers Reached


Engagement Rate


Increase in average time on site




Impressions on Instagram alone

Our campaign for Walmart created quite the Star Wars buzz on social media. In response to our influencers, followers even included their own Star Wars-related hashtags and joked about completely decking out their rooms with Star Wars even if they didn’t win the campaign. 

On Walmart’s end, it saw the results of this social media chatter. It was able to reach a customer base that was not its typical Walmart customer– 99% of the customers driven to the Walmart Star Wars collection page were new Walmart customers. The campaign also generated a 6% engagement rate, which was even higher than the rate that Walmart typically saw through its search engine marketing efforts. In December, our campaign helped to lift the Star Wars collectible gaming disc sales and dramatically increase the database of user-generated content that Walmart could repurpose in the future.

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