Campaign Teardown

Market by Macy’s Campaign Teardown

By Editorial Staff

A department store chain that’s beyond popular, Macy’s is well-known for its item selection, stylish clothing, and the brands that you can find in its stores. Macy’s has been around for quite a long time, even dating back to the 1800s. The store is for sure a classic, but that doesn’t stop Macy’s from trying new things out. In fact, the chain recently opened a new location with a different feeling in mind — Market by Macy’s, a more immersive, local experience. It’s something brand new that combines customers’ most beloved brands with a neighborhood vibe — so basically, a good mix of both trendiness and convenience.

Being a new location, Market by Macy’s needed to be promoted in order to draw in new customers and spread the word. Although Macy’s is a household name, bringing awareness to the brand is vital to keep business booming. After all, retail vs online shopping is a big day in this modern age — which is exactly why marketing and advertising via social media is key to success.

For their Market by Macy’s project, Macy’s needed an ideal influencer marketing campaign with a great strategy. This is where we step into the picture. Our team at NeoReach created an ideal campaign, including paid ad amplification. We not only focused on showcasing a unique experience, but lifting Macy’s brand name as well. 

A Fitting Strategy

Showcasing the Market by Macy’s experience in a fitting way was incredibly important to us during this campaign. In order to do just that, we used both Instagram feed posts and stories. The big part of this plan was using the Instagram Story Tours, as they really added some more dimension and depth to the content. It truly encapsulated the experience of the location itself, bringing a dash of uniqueness to the campaign.

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Instagram was a perfect fit for this campaign, mostly because of the visual aspects. Breaking down the big picture, here are some core reasons why Instagram was our chosen platform.

  • Instagram is well-known for its huge amount of posts centered around fashion and brand names. Whether it’s your close friends or favorite content creator, you’re sure to find pictures of their favorite styles.
  • The platform advertises all kinds of clothing and accessories, tailoring its ads to fit each user’s unique preferences. Just take a look at the shopping tab, for example.
  • Influencers are constantly promoting their favorite brands, especially when it comes to clothing. 

Overall, this strategy seemed to match what Macy’s wanted to a T. Keep reading to see which influencers carried it out and the end results!

Influencer Implementation

The influencer implementation was another key factor in this campaign. As the Market by Macy’s was a location-specific to Texas, we looked for influencers who were in the area. We also selected influencers who were quite fashion savvy and trendy, as the Market by Macy’s location offered various different clothing brands. The influencers all put in a part of their own individual creativity into their posts. Below are the four creators we activated and their content.

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  1. Nicole McIntosh 

Nicole is a wife and mother who posts content about fashion trends, her family, and her daily life. She had a variety of approved images, as well as the most views during the campaign. 

  1. Chyenne Nycole

A fashion forward influencer, Chyenne posts content centered around beauty, fashion, and traveling. Her posts got a big positive response, and she brought a lot of fun angles to her posts.

  1. Mackenzie Bay

Always keeping it real, Mackenzie is known for her trendy and fashionable content. She has a bright energy to her personality and feed, which showed through with her posts. 


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A post shared by Mackenzie Bay (@_mackenziebay_)

  1. Jordyn Rush

Jordyn is known for her lively, colorful social media account, often sharing creatively edited posts, fashionable outfits, and self-care tips. Her fun style shows in her feed, including her campaign posts. 

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In the end, the Market by Macy’s campaign resulted in a smashing success. Pulling in over 2K fan engagements and 226K total views, we exceeded expectations, especially in the views. The total ROI (return on investment) for this campaign was 1.57X, further cementing its success. 

What stood out to us during this campaign was definitely the brand sentiment and the experience. The numbers themselves don’t lie, but the positive response was a very big part of the successful result. Not only were the influencers satisfied with the experience, but the audience was as well! There were a lot of enthusiastic replies, many commenting on their favorite brands, such as Levi’s or Steve Madden. It’s safe to say that this pleasant campaign experience really reflected the experience of shopping at Market by Macy’s. For more information on this campaign, take a look at our case study here!

This article was written by Rianon Gladura

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