NeoReach launched Market by Macy’s, a new location and store chain with influencer marketing.






Engagement Value



Phase 1

A New Location

A department store chain that we all know and love, Macy’s is known for its wide selection of items and stylish clothing selection. Market by Macy’s, a newly launched location and store chain by Macy’s, offers a small store experience as well as brand name clothing, accessories, and home furnishing. In order to promote and bring awareness to their new store location, Macy’s turned to social media to advertise.

Phase 1

Lifting the Brand

As Market by Macy’s was a brand new location, Macy’s wanted to increase the awareness of not only the location, but also the brand itself. As Instagram is the perfect place for style and advertising, Macy’s decided to bring their influencer marketing efforts onto the platform, as it was a perfect match.

Showcasing an Experience

Another important goal was to not only get the name of Market by Macy’s out there, but also to give the audience an idea of what it was like to shop there. Capturing the experience of shopping there was a key factor in this campaign.

Phase 2

Phase 2

A Perfect Strategy

As this campaign called for an effective strategy, we knew we could achieve Macy’s’ expectations. NeoReach’s expertise comes not only in creativity, but also in choosing the best fitting influencers for the job.

Influencer Implementation

A total of 4 unique influencers on Instagram were activated for this campaign. We looked for influencers that were in the area, specifically Texas locals, who also posted a lot about fashion trends. Each influencer had their own creative style, which brought a lot of eyes onto their Market by Macy’s posts.

Utilizing Stories

The influencers, all with big followings on Instagram, brought Market by Macy’s to the platform. The plan was to create Instagram feed posts as well as Instagram stories, and the influencers brought a total of 8 posts between the two. One big part of this strategy was to utilize Instagram Story Tours to add more dimension to the static content created. We wanted to make sure we captured the immersive experience that Macy’s crafted.

Paid Amplification

In order to boost the influencers’ posts, we used paid media to do just that. Spending $250K on paid ads and $50K on a campaign, this definitely helped getting the influencers’ posts out there.

Creator Content

Influencer Roster

The Macy's cast of creators not only fit the bill, but exceeded expectations in content quality.

Nicole Mcintosh

Nicole is a wife and mother with a passion for everyday life and style, which her Instagram feed reflects. She often posts about her family, the latest fashion trends, and more. She brought in 115,397 views and she had a total engagement of 2,125.

Chyenne Nycole

Chyenne is a fashion forward influencer from Dallas, Texas. She posts content about beauty, fashion, travelling, and home renovation. For this campaign, she had 35,423 views and a total engagement of 2,244.

Mackenzie Bay

Mackenzie is a wife, mother, and Dallas local. She’s known for sharing her favorite fashion trends while keeping it real. She has a bright energy that shows in both her personality and feed. She had 43,775 views and a total engagement of 832.

Jordyn Rush

Another Dallas local, Jordyn has a lively, colorful social media account. She often posts a mix of creatively edited posts, fun outfits, and self-care tips. She made a lot of stylish posts for the campaign, using her own style to make content at the store. She had 32,045 views for her campaign posts and 1,327 total engagement.

Phase 3

Today’s Haul Is…




Fan Engagements


Engagement Value


Views Achieved

Going above and beyond, the Market by Macy’s campaign was a smashing success. With over 2K fan engagements as well as more than 226K views achieved, the campaign in total exceeded the projected views. Our strategy brought not only the numbers, but a lot of positive responses from the audience as well. The creators were very satisfied with their experience, commenting on the various styles available. For the audience, there were many enthusiastic comments and responses, with some of their favorite brand names sold being Levi’s, Steve Madden, Coach, and Marc Jacobs. Overall, the campaign was a pleasant experience for all involved.

In the greater scope of things, this campaign shows how advertising through Influencer Marketing can bring a lot of awareness to a brand, lifting its name out there. It’s no secret that social media is a big part of our lives, and advertising is definitely making its way there as well. However, it’s not just the fact that the brand’s name is on social media platforms, but also the influencers behind it who really bring in the positive results. With a mix of innovative strategies and lively content creators, success is always possible.

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