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Crash Course: Influencer Marketing Platforms

By Editorial Staff

At this point, everyone knows what an influencer is, but what is an influencer marketing platform? Much like social media, influencer marketing platforms are online tools that connect brands and agencies with influencers to promote specific products or campaigns. In case you didn’t know, you’re actually on the site of an influencer marketing platform right now. Surprise! NeoReach, and other sites like it, connect influencers with companies that want to work with them and vice versa. To get more specifics, you can read about NeoReach’s campaign with TikTok and World of Tanks. To learn more about influencer marketing platforms in general, keep reading!

What Do Influencer Marketing Platforms Do?

Essentially, influencer marketing platforms make influencer marketing really easy. When running a campaign, finding influencers that match your specific brand can be hard. This process could include manually searching through databases, spending hours scrolling through obscure hashtags on Instagram, and lots and lots of Googling. While you could do all that, you could also just get an influencer marketing platform to do all of that for you! That’s right, these platforms already have extensive databases with new users signing up every day, making all that work as simple as clicking a few buttons. These platforms also offer extensive technology to track and calculate the stats surrounding your campaigns.

Influencer Marketing Platform Graphic

How Does It Work?

  1. First, the brand signs up for an account on the platform.
  2. Next, the brand searches the platform’s database for influencers with the right audience to promote a specific product. 
  3. The brand picks from those influencers and creates a proposal. 
  4. The influencers receive the proposal and decide whether or not they want to accept. 
  5. The influencer who accepts creates content for the brand. 
  6. Once the content is live, the platform provides the brand with statistics to measure how the content created by the influencer performed. 

(Tip: If you are a smaller company that wants to get as many free promotions as possible, we recommend sticking to a direct approach at first. If not, you run the risk of influencers seeing your offer on influencer marketing platforms first, letting them know that a money offer is out there. For this reason, a direct approach may work better at first, and then you can move to a platform if traction around your campaign slows down.) 

The Capabilities of Influencer Marketing Platforms

Best Influencer Marketing Platforms


Influencer Marketing Platform Upfluence Dashboard
Credit: Upfluence

Upfluence is one of the top self-service influencer marketing platforms. Upfluence lets you search for influencers on multiple platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and even blogs. Upon signing up, you gain access to influencers’ contact and account information. Plus, you even get the ability to sort your favorite influencers into different categories. Other tools help you calculate the influencer’s followers per platform, most recent social media posts, and relevance and influence scores.

On top of having tons of functional features, Upfluence’s algorithm indexes over 500 million content items and analyzes each one for engagement and reach. This gives you the ability to search by keyword, reach, engagement, and anything else you could want. Signing up is easy and begins with a free demo so you can see if Upfluence is right for you. If you decide to sign up, you can chat with an account manager to start the purchase process.


Traackr Dashboard
Credit: Traackr

Traackr is another influencer marketing platform that will help connect you with influencers of all sizes from around the world. Traackr’s features help you create strong campaigns and lasting relationships. One of Traackr’s most unique tools is its discover feature. With this tool, you can search for influencers based on age, platform, location, keyword, and more, If there is an influencer you want to look for that isn’t already registered with Traackr, you can manually enter their username and Traackr will find all of their social profiles. 

Another unique option on Traackr is searching for influencers based on close you are with them. This is called the “relationship stage.” If an influencer has posted positively about your brand, you can label them an “Advocate.” Once you create campaigns, you can easily add your advocates. 

Typically, Traackr is useful for small-to-medium businesses (SMBs) and large organizations. Traackr runs on multiyear and annual subscriptions so to find out if Traackr is right for you, schedule a call with their sales team.


Buzzoole Dashboard
Credit: Buzzoole

Buzzoole uses technology based on deep learning algorithms, statistical models and social listening to manage, measure, and automate investments with influencers. This platform is all about the data and uses artificial intelligence called GAIIA to collect its information. Buzzoole is one of the few influencer marketing platforms that allows brands to analyze an influencer’s data directly through their login info. Using this data, Buzzoole gives you an automated planning tool that lets you pick creators and optimize budgets against key performance indicators (KPIs).

Buzzoole also lets you approve content, manage legal licensing of visuals, decide payments, and more. Buzzoole provides you with real-time insights and measurements, letting you sit back and relax while your campaign takes off. 

Following a cost-per-post (CPP) business model, Buzzoole charges based on the content created by the influencers, but the brand can determine the maximum amount of dollars spent. The brand can also decide whether they want their money to go toward gaining social traction, connecting with popular bloggers to increase the brand’s exposure or a mixture of both. 


NeoReach Influencer Demographic Info

Of course, NeoReach is another option, and although we are the ones writing this blog post, we promise we will try to give you an unbiased account of what we do. At the end of the day this blog is here to help you decide what platform is best for you

NeoReach has a database of over 3 million experts and offers an impressive amount of detail on every single one. When using the search features, you can apply more than 40 filters ensuring you find exactly the kind of influencer you are looking for. Some of the filters include profile performance, keywords, platforms, and audience demographics like language, gender, location, and more. 

NeoReach Manage Campaign Capabilities

On top of providing search features, NeoReach also allows you to keep track of campaigns and influencer relations right on the platform. With NeoReach’s tools you can manage influencer relations, contracts, notes, and historical campaign data. Right on the dashboard is a messaging feature that allows your whole team to view the influencer relationship, ensuring everyone is on the same page. Additionally, NeoReach works with AI to provide you with communication of its own allowing you to leverage your performance data along with brand affinity searches.

There are also platform-specific influencer marketing platforms. Some of these include:

  • iFluenz (Instagram)
    • Allows you to build campaigns with pre-selected influencers with no upfront or monthly fees. Pay for what you want when you want it.
  • Fanbytes (Snapchat)
    • Partners your brand with influencers that create ‘sandwich ads’ (40-second videos sandwiched between other content) on your behalf. 
  • Famebit (YouTube)
    • YouTube’s branded influencer app that connects you to YouTube influencers and only asks for 10% of the influencer fee. 
  • Klear (Twitter)
    • Connects brands with Twitter influencers and calculates their statistics, including “true reach,” a number Klear’s algorithm calculates based on historical data associated with each profile. 

These platform-specific apps can help if you are already doing well in certain areas and only want to focus your growth on a new platform. 

This article was written by PJ Leimgruber & Lauren Martin

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