Campaign Teardown

Campaign Teardown: How TikTok Boosted Their Downloads and Visibility

By Editorial Staff

Reach the right audiences. That’s a strategy for acquiring customers efficiently and effectively.

Last year, TikTok wanted to enter the U.S. and European markets to grow and diversify its fan base. The lip-syncing app (formerly is popular among teens in Asia, but it sought Millennial users on the other side of the world.

Moreover, the client wanted new users to run core and seasonal in-app features.

Leverage Social Influencers

NeoReach designed TikTok’s campaign with these objectives in mind. 

  • Have the right influencers create content that generates a ton of views.
  • Increase brand visibility in target markets.
  • Get downloads from Millennials.
  • Educate audiences about app features.

NeoReach cultivated new TikTok communities from scratch that targeted U.S. and European millennials. In Europe, we focused on big markets such as the U.K., France, and Germany.

Second, we collaborated with influencers across YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat. We crafted 10 influencer marketing campaigns whose messages were designed to drive new downloads and tailored for each region.

The Strategy

“We chose influencers who are very active on Instagram and YouTube, and who have an extremely loyal following,” says Brian Sorel, chief operating officer at NeoReach. “We thought that fans’ loyalty would lead to a migration of followers to the TikTok app.”

He added that it was also important to work with a combination of influencers who created great content.

After working with influencers who each had 4-5 million followers, this translated to two million new TikTok users within a week. People who downloaded the app and became new users. The four-month campaign led to more than 10 million downloads.

The campaign took place in Q3 2018.

Convert Fans into Downloaders

In their fun and charismatic broadcasts, influencers showed newly-created TikTok profiles, as well as app features. Fans and new viewers were encouraged to engage with them on the platform. Moreover, the use of hashtags increased the brand’s visibility.

These messages reached out to existing users and led to new users downloading the app.

Social media personalities were chosen based on content themes, audience demographics, and anticipated performance. They include Lia SSSniperWolf (YouTuber with 23 million subscribers), Carter Sharer (vlogger with 5 million subscribers), David Dobrik (YouTuber with 30 million subscribers), Gabbie Hanna (YouTuber with 6.6 million subscribers), and other online personalities.

Influencer Profile Pics


Some of the existing social followers were converted into new TikTok users. 

Several of SSSniperWolf’s videos that mention TikTok have received millions of views. Moreover, they continue to generate impressions over time.

The campaign enlisted over 100 influencers with a reach of 179 million. It also received 3.2 million user engagements such as comments and likes. And 43% of viewers belong to the 20-29 age group. It received an ROI of 6:1.

This article was written by Editorial Staff

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