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10 Best Examples of Influencer Marketing in 2019

By Editorial Staff

With the growth of social media platforms, influencers are growing in popularity along with them. In the age of digital media, the influencer marketing industry has seen heightened growth and is expected to reach $15 billion by 2022. Here are the best examples of influencer marketing in 2019.


This year, Target launched a yearlong influencer initiative called #TargetTalent. With this campaign, Target is pushing their brand into the influencer marketing space after announcing a complete rebrand of its in-house media agency, Roundel. At the same time, Target announced its first-ever director of talent partnerships and influencer marketing, Karyn Spencer. As director, Spencer will oversee relationships with traditional celebrities and digital content creators on Target’s behalf.

To headline the campaign, Target chose seven diverse influencers to start sharing their #TargetTalent posts on social media to show off the long-term content partnership that will roll out on a variety of platforms for a variety of Target products and services. The influencers included:

  • Elaine Welteroth Former Teen Vogue editor and author with 423K followers
  • Lauren Giraldo– Former Viner and current YouTube star with 796K followers
  • Ned Fulmer– One of Buzzfeed’s Try Guys with 1.3 million followers
  • Bobby Berk Interior design expert on Queer Eye with 2.6 million followers
  • Maya Vorderstrasse– Instagram star and mom blogger with 187K followers
  • Laura Izumikawa– Instagram mom and photographer with 601K followers
  • Parker Kit Hill– Former Viner and current comedy creator with 563K followers

“We engage with our guests in numerous ways through various digital channels as we’re always looking for creative ways to connect and inspire,” a Target spokesperson told Tubefilter in a statement. “Over the years we’ve collaborated with a range of talented creators to feature relatable content that spans product launches, cultural events and much more.”


Chipotle Mexican Grill partnered with YouTube vlogger David Dobrik to celebrate National Burrito Day by not only naming a burrito after him but participating in the #ChipotleLidFlip. Chipotle launched the campaign on the popular video app TikTok to target a young audience.

The campaign was inspired by a video that went viral of a Chipotle employee performing a burrito bowl lid-flipping trick. Dobrik, who now has 5.7 million fans on TikTok, created a video of himself flipping the lid on a Chipotle burrito bowl. He challenged viewers to create TikTok videos showing off their own skills, and the six-day campaign drew 110,000 submissions from a highly engaged audience. The hashtag alone attracted more than 230 million views in a month.

Reese: The Movie

Reese Canada took their marketing to the next level with an 82-minute video about ASMR and its iconic peanut butter cup. (In Canada, the brand name goes by Reese instead of Reese’s).

The campaign stars five “ASMRtists” who gained online notoriety by creating ASMR videos on their YouTube channels, which gain up to millions of views. The movie features each influencer exploring the ASMR possibilities of the Reese Peanut Butter Cup, from opening the package to eating the candy. The influencers involved were:

By utilizing YouTube and Hulu, Reese connected with audiences across various platforms, gaining millions of views. A 12-minute preview of the film was shown during a commercial break in the season 3 premiere of The Handmaid’s Tale, allowing it to reach a wide audience.


From Google, influencers created sponsored videos to show how they can complete tasks #WithALittleHelp from Google Search and Google Maps. The campaign has spanned from Google India to America to show off Google’s extensive and reliable applications. In the U.S., influencers and YouTubers were involved, such as:

  • Lele Pons Former Viner and current comedy content creator with 37.6 million followers
  • Rudy Mancuso Former Viner and current comedy content creator with 8.7 million followers
  • Anwar Jibawi Comedy content creator with 6.8 million followers
  • Hannah Stocking Comedy YouTuber with 17.2 million followers

Over the span of three months, the creators have released multiple videos on each of their channels to promote Google’s services to their young audiences. Overall, Lele Pons has gained 7 million views total on her three sponsored videos for Google. Hannah Stocking has also gained 7 million views on her two sponsored videos. Rudy Mancuso garnered 3.7 million on his two sponsored videos, and Anwar Jibawi gained 2.4 million views on his first video for Google.


Playing off the brand’s Spring 2019 campaign featuring celebrity influencers like Kendall Jenner and Shawn Mendes, the #MyCalvins campaign was brought to Coachella 2019 to give fans the chance to recreate shareable photo moments from the campaign in order to increase brand awareness and engagement.

In preparation for the event, Calvin Klein partnered up with various Instagram influencers to promote their extended site discount on their festival collection. Ronald W. Thomas II, Kristen Bousquet, Denzel Bryan, On Refaeli, Liz Beecroft, Mauro, and Prince were seven of a handful of fashion influencers who shared sponsored Instagram posts leading up to and during the event. Each of their posts gained 1,000-3,000 likes.


Perhaps the largest influencer presence at Coachella comes from REVOLVE. The clothing brand’s Coachella initiatives have a reputation for being mini-festivals themselves. To amplify the reach of its Coachella activation, the brand recruited the help of influencers and celebrities who showcased their presence at REVOLVE Festival wearing the brand’s clothing. 

On the influencer side, REVOLVE gathered micro-influencers to promote the campaign, such as lifestyle blogger Talia Hubble, model Elysée McMenamin, model, and DJ Apphia, and YouTuber Alena Nazarova promoted the #RevolveFestival campaign. The influencers each gained around 1,000-5,000 likes on their posts.

“Stories From Our Future”

Netflix launched “Stories From Our Future” in 2019 to promote the newest season of Black Mirror. “Stories From Our Future” is a short video series aimed at Spanish-speaking audiences and inspired by fan homages to the show. On June 10, YouTube content creators Rudy Mancuso, Lele Pons, and Juanpa Zurita released all three videos on their YouTube channels simultaneously. The shorts star Mancuso, Anwar Jibawi, Maia Mitchell, Lele Pons, Hannah Stocking, Zurita, and Jeff Wittek.

The Healthy Alternative, which Zurita posted as his video, gained 3.8 million views and 46,000 likes. Getting to Know You, Pons’ video, gained 6.5 million views and 130,000 likes. To wrap up the campaign, Mancuso’s video, Cure for Loneliness, gained 10.7 million views with 268,000 likes.

Simple Health

After working with influencer Anna Russett in 2018, Simple Health expanded their #SimpleBirthControl campaign to micro-influencers, namely college-aged female influencers.

Simple Health is a birth control service that offers online prescriptions and home delivery to give their users the most discreet and convenient way to receive a prescription. The service promotes their brand and service through influencers to spread their message and develop brand awareness amongst young female audiences. Simple Health has worked with Kelly U, The Globalite, Caley Alyssa, and Lisa Linh to promote the brand to a wider female audience. Russett’s post about Simple Health gained over 5,500 likes with 78 comments and Alyssa’s post gained over 1,000 likes with 119 comments.

After working with these larger influencers, Simple Health transitioned to targeting a young female audience through college lifestyle influencers such as Molly Ann and Aidanna. While their posts garnered less engagement, working with multiple micro-influencers allowed Simple Health to reach a larger audience with a specific message.

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Growing up catholic, I was taught that sex was reserved solely for heterosexual marriage and was fed a lot of dangerous myths about birth control. This, of course, didn’t stop me from having sex lol but it did stop me from using protection and ever considering birth control for years. I eventually learned more about the science of contraception and how birth control has been a battlefield for conservatives to win political power and maintain control over women’s bodies. Because of all of this, it’s still so difficult for women to access affordable birth control. I’m proud to partner with @simplehealth #simplebirthcontrol to help change that. More than 19 million women live in contraceptive deserts, where they lack access to clinics with a full range of birth control options. Cost is also another barrier, with 1 in 3 women saying that they’ve taken their birth control inconsistently to save money. Whether you’re insured or uninsured, Simple Health aims to serve every patient who uses the app. Click the link in my bio to complete an online consultation and get birth control delivered to your door, with or without insurance. Use my code ANNARUSSETT for a free birth control!

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LADIES, doesn’t it suck that we have to be the responsible ones when it comes to birth control? ⠀ Thank goodness under the Affordable Care Act, women are guaranteed access to free birth control. ⠀ Unfortunately our current administration (a bunch of older white men) has sought to allow employers to deny insurance coverage of contraceptives on religious or moral grounds. How ridiculous is that?! ⠀ I’ve decided to be pro-active about it: I’m proud to be working with @simplehealth who gives affordable online access to birth control prescriptions and delivery to your home. ⠀ If you’ve struggled, or know someone else who has, with access to birth control, use code CALEY for a free subscription @simplehealth. Be sure to check them out!! #simplehealthbirthcontrol

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If you’ve seen a group of people registering fans to vote at every single Ariana Grande concert on her current tour– they’re with HeadCount. HeadCount is an organization that encourages civic participation at concerts, musical festivals, and cultural events. To increase brand awareness, spread their message, and encourage both social media and voting engagement, HeadCount has used various celebrities, musicians, and influencers to show their support for the cause.

Besides Ariana Grande, HeadCount has teamed up with Jonathan Van Ness and Miz Cracker amongst other influencers. From their efforts, HeadCount has registered 622,847 people to vote, with 122,000 of those voters registered in 2019. Considering that HeadCount registered 500,000 voters from 2004-2019, registering more than 100,000 people in a single year was a huge jump for the organization, all thanks to their influencer marketing presence.

Bang Energy

Bang Energy is a brand of energy drink that surrounds its marketing around “Athletes,” which are influencers that promote the drink throughout their Instagram accounts. Bang Energy works with influencers to feature sponsored posts on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube.

Bang works with plenty of influencers to promote their brand through dance videos and comedy skits. These influencers include:

From including influencers in their marketing, Bang Energy has increased sales to $687 million, which was a triple-digit growth percentage (699%) from 2018. The key to their success? Targeting Generation Z.

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This article was written by Selena Ponton

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