Micro Influencer Marketing: The Ultimate Guide

By Editorial Staff

With the rising prominence of the internet and social media, influencer marketing has never been more meaningful. From fitness aficionados to artists and foodies, creators from all around the globe gather in online communities to present their passions to the public, hoping for a chance at explosive popularity. Many begin their journey as micro influencers, a class of potential celebrities that is only gaining more traction as a force of marketing in years to come.

What is a micro influencer?

If the influencer world was a vast, expansive ocean, micro influencers can be seen as the plankton that feeds into the rest of the food chain. Comprising nearly half of all influencers in the market, micro influencers provide campaigns with a steadily-available pool of developing creatives waiting for their big break. Furthermore, scouts and agencies can look to micro influencers to discover unique talent, adding diversity to the ever expanding culture of the internet.

However, considering the expansiveness of social media, it would be impossible for each and every one of these individuals to experience explosive success. In fact, in the grand scheme of things, most will not receive much recognition at all, despite their trying efforts and determination. So what else is left for these creators that stand at the midpoint of obscurity and stardom?

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What can a micro influencer do?


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With up to 60% more engagement than macro influencers, micro influencers tend to share their work with a niche audience that appreciates their unique talents and services instead of a general fanbase. In many cases, micro influencers also pursue personal relationships with consumers and are willing to interact with their followers, attentive engagement that would be impossible to manage as a high-profile celebrity. 

In terms of marketing, this means micro influencers have access to responsive, tight-knit communities and can effectively promote products to more consistent customers and increase conversion rate.

Having a foundation of an engaged audience, marketing directors can enjoy more creative freedom in designing the consumer experience, as followers of micro influencers are likely more accepting of change than those of mainstream celebrities. With trailblazing ideas and good synergy with campaigns on a similar wavelength, micro influencers can lead to surprising success for an affordable price.

However, micro influencer marketing is far from a surefire method to boost results. Due to a sheer difference in audience numbers, the reach of micro influencers pales in comparison to that of mega influencers, even when individual consumers are more engaged.

Without any formal brand partnership experience, micro influencers also tend to be amateurs at marketing practices, potentially leading to less fruitful campaigns, and can struggle with consistency, especially compared to celebrities with reputations and stable success.

Areas where micro influencers excelAreas where micro influencers can be unreliable
Higher rates of engagementLower reach and consumer range
Intimacy with consumer baseMainstream appeal
Low cost and riskConsistent success and growth

The direction that micro influencers take when promoting their digital profile contrasts with mainstream celebrities in that micro influencers often place a greater emphasis on relationships with customers than overall reach, and this distinction illuminates the fundamental differences between the way these groups of creators approach their work and career.

To learn more about the intricacies of micro influencer marketing, check out this guide.

Who can benefit from the help of a micro influencer?

Today, influencer marketing has become one of the most productive departments to invest in, where 91% of marketers believe that it is effective.

With that being said, smaller businesses and entrepreneurs often cannot afford the high price tag of influencers with large followings and experience. Fortunately, this problem has an answer; micro influencers not only have a lower cost but also more diversity to support creative direction.

In many ways, starting a business lies in a similar vein as pursuing an influencer career. Both involve an intense amount of dedication and discipline. However, for small businesses where initial investments already constitute an extremely high risk, it is important to start slow and steady to avoid the consequences of failure instead of rushing to take off.

For these situations, micro influencers are the perfect fit as they mitigate risks with agreeable pricing and reliable customers while also helping a business establish a distinct image.

Good Fit for Micro Influencer MarketingPoor Fit for Micro Influencer Marketing
Selling a unique product or serviceBeating market competition
High-risk situationsRapid development
Affordable campaignsLong-term sponsorships

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What can micro influencers do over time?

Another truth about micro influencers is that some eventually do achieve social media fame, making their cooperation a potentially valuable asset to any business looking for a continuing relationship.

One celebrity, and current mega influencer, that found fame as a micro influencer is California rapper and social media superstar Saweetie. When looking at her current status as an industry-leading musician, it is easy to overlook her humble beginnings on Instagram, where she found publicity after uploading clips of her songs. 


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Saweetie’s dedication to her digital profile skyrocketed her status, and her story is just one of many examples of celebrities who started their careers as a single fish in a sea of micro influencers, proving the potential of undiscovered creators.

However, more important than fame is consistency: while most micro influencers may not end up widely recognized, all are dedicated to their craft nonetheless and pursue goals best fit for their personal interests.

Influencing as a career is more prominent than ever. Read more about the celebrity to influencer pipeline here.

Growth and development of career milestones allow micro influencers to stay relevant, and companies should take care to seek partners that are motivated and receptive to pioneering new projects. Working with fresh, talented creators can be a source of inspiration, and business can increase their sales as the influencers they sponsor develop their following. 

While higher profile celebrities may seem preferable for continuing investments, don’t let follower count rule out micro influencers. Investing in micro influencers allows for lower costs and risk, which is especially important to budding businesses, and leads to a brand image that strays from mainstream trends. Undoubtedly, the influencer market is rapidly reaching its prime, and micro influencers, the talent behind the curtains, are here to stay.


This article was written by Sam Koog

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