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Breaking Down the World of Women NFT Project

By Editorial Staff

In an age where gender equality has been an ongoing fight, it’s imperative that proponents not only continue to advocate for themselves but find new and creative ways to do so – and the World of Women NFT project is a perfect example of that. 

Initially brought to life by Yam Karkai, World of Women NFT aimed to reach a greater platform — to spread a greater message.  As a digital illustrator and NFT artist, she sought a way to blend her creative talents with women’s rights advocacy. 

Thus, the World of Women NFT Project was born. 

World of Women (WoW) uses NFTs as a means of fighting for gender equality

Via World of Women

Co-founding the initiative with Raphaël Malavieille, Toomaie, and BBA in May 2021, the World of Women NFT project comprises over 10,000 unique digital collectibles on Ethereum blockchain as ERC-721 tokens and is hosted on IPFS. 

Some Dictionary Definitions 

If what I just stated went over your head, don’t worry – it went over mine too the first time I researched this. 

For those of us who are still wary and/or completely unknowledgeable about the technicalities of NFTs, let me do everyone a favor and break it down. 

Learning the fundamentals of blockchain is becoming increasingly important as NFTs continually gain greater attraction.

Via Pew Research Center

First off, a blockchain is essentially a decentralized digital ledger that monitors various transactions across computer systems in such a way that the record can’t be altered without altering the subsequent records (or “block”) – a failsafe if you will. 

Now, ethereum blockchain is when Ether is the specific type of cryptocurrency that is accepted on the platform. It’s like Bitcoin, but the second most popular version. 

Still here? Awesome, you’re doing great. 

Last definition, I promise. Now, IPFS stands for InterPlanetary File System – and no, it doesn’t involve any aliens or spaceships (although that would be much cooler and a much more accurate name in my not-so-humble opinion). 

So, NFTs typically contain an HTTP URL that is synced to the location of its data somewhere on the internet. If you pause here to think about all the internet issues that you’ve either experienced or could think of experiencing, you can see why that can be problematic. 

Thus, IPFS provides a level of security in which users can store and retrieve data based on the content itself. It references the actual content (in this case the NFT) rather than the HTTP link so that you can prevent a link rot that often harms NFT’s off-chain data. 

Alright, back to our regularly scheduled programming. 

The World of Women NFT Project At A Glance

Available to view on the Opensea platform, the first thing you’ll notice about the NFTs that have been created is that every single woman depicted shines in her own unique light – an homage to women everywhere. From the bright pops of color to the distinct facial expressions and hairstyles, diversity is at the heart of this project.

World of Women NFT’s embrace of creative freedom has allowed for content makers to represent a vast variety of depictions of women

Via World of Women

Learn more about the platform where you can view these lovely women in this blog.

According to the World of Women NFT project page, the 10,000+ women they’ve displayed represent over 14 skin tones, 23 different facial features, 28 eye combinations, and 27 types of clothes — and I’m not even listing all of them. 

The fact is that art and technology have come together to acknowledge and celebrate female empowerment. Thus, this initiative has been gaining substantial momentum. 

As of the release of the second collection earlier this year, numerous notable figures have chosen to promote their ownership. You might just recognize some of the names: 

  • Snoop Dog
  • Reese Witherspoon
  • Eva Longoria
  • Bryce Dallas Howard
  • Kerry Washington
  • Liam Payne 

Read more about celebrity NFT exploits here.

With over 5,000 owners and 100+ million USD in sales volume, Karkai and partners aren’t doing too shabby. Nonetheless, they’re committed to staying true to fighting for gender equality. 


Citing community as the “foundation” of the World of Women NFT project, Karkai and the other founders have taken equal voices quite seriously. 

With community being “central” to the World of Women manifesto, DAWoW ensures that the initiative is open to all of its holders

Via Medium 

So much so that the World of Women decentralized autonomous organization (DAWoW) was formed – and yes, that is actually the acronym and not a typo.

With World of Women holders being cited as an “incredible source of inspiration and ideas”, the initiative sought to bring community governance that could help the executive team make decisions that shape the future of the platform. 

Karkai acknowledges that DAWoW is a two-way street – as much as World of Women NFT holders are learning about the next steps within the organization, the core team is also learning from the holders. 


Seeing as NFTs remain a fairly new platform for art, they understand the hesitancy around cryptocurrencies and blockchain. 

Thus, Karkai and team offer incentives to buy in and learn from the community they’ve established. From community events, ownership exclusives, opportunities to join DAWoW, and more, the benefits abound – not to mention the fact that you’d be part of something with the queen Reese Witherspoon. 

Via Giphy

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The World of Women giving back to… well, the world of women

Despite NFTs existing in a virtual, non-tangible realm, the World of Women NFT initiative is nonetheless committed to making a tangible impact. 

A central part of gender equality means equipping women everywhere with the tools needed to be successful. This project recognizes that in order to talk the talk, they have to walk the walk. 

With a whole page dedicated to the various causes supported by the World of Women NFT project, they outline not only specific organizations that they’ve given back to, but also the receipts to prove it. 

From She’s the First — an organization that impacts and reaches over 100,000 girls across 42 countries — to Too Young to Wed — which fights against child marriages, this project has made it a mission to impact women on and off line. 

Other recipients of World of Women’s NFT projects charity include Wonder Foundation and Kyiv Independent, Strange Cintia, the Rockflower Fund, and Code to Inspire. 

When all is said and done, what initially started as a simple endeavor of merging art and technology together has become something that represents more – that impacts more. 

See more female crypto influencers spreading knowledge about the industry in this blog.

Seeing as the fight for gender equality will continue to be a constant effort to even the playing field for the population today, projects like World of Women NFT demonstrate that advocacy for the cause isn’t going anywhere – if anything, it’s only getting stronger. 

After all, we live in a world of women. 


Via Opensea


This article was written by Serena Ngin

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