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FIFA World Cup 2022 located in Qatar scored major goals at a reach of over 10M with the help of NeoReach.






Countries Represented



Phase 1

The Road to 2022

FIFA is the international governing body of football, better known as soccer to some. With the 2022 World Cup approaching quickly and skepticism spreading amongst soccer lovers across the globe, FIFA knew they needed to spark enthusiasm and draw attention to all the wonderful things the host city Doha, Qatar has to offer. FIFA needed our help to launch an international campaign that proved Doha was more than worthy of hosting in 2022.

Phase 1

Generate International Enthusiasm

In previous years, the World Cup was hosted in internationally known soccer hubs such as Brazil and England. Avid soccer fans across the world were doubtful that Doha could be an appropriate World Cup host city. FIFA wanted to put the skepticism to rest and create excitement by previewing the incredible experiences Doha and the World Cup has in store.

Showcasing Doha’s Readiness

Fans are aware that Doha is not a rich soccer hub and has no prior experience hosting the World Cup. FIFA needed to showcase the world renowned stadiums and facilities being built, such as the fan zone, that fans can enjoy while in attendance.

Create Kickin’ Creator Content

FIFA knew they needed to take action but did not know how to reach their fans or create content that showcased the culture and steps taken to make Doha, Qatar the perfect host city. Capturing experiences on film and posting to platforms such as Instagram and YouTube enabled viewers to see first-hand what visiting Doha looks like.

Phase 2

Phase 2

Capturing a Week in the Life of Qatar

We knew the only way to reach FIFA’s goals and reach millions of soccer fans across the world was to immerse influencers in Doha’s culture. So, our team and 17 influencers packed their bags and flew across the globe to experience FIFA’s Club World Cup first-hand.

Crafting a Successful Campaign

Since FIFA is an international event, it was crucial we launched an international campaign. In order to do this, we compiled a team of influencers representing 5 countries that are major soccer hubs. Pulling influencers from these countries gave large exposure to the campaign and ensured it reached fans globally.

Cultural Immersion

Our influencers spent the entire week staying in 5-star hotels, attending excursions like doom bugging in the dessert, exploring the city, attending matches, going to concerts, and touring stadiums. During the course of these events, they were capturing their experiences and love for Doha on film to share with their followers on YouTube and Instagram.

Creator Content

Influencers for FIFA's campaign created sponsored content on YouTube and Instagram to showcase their time abroad.

FIFA 2022 Influencer Cast

Meet the international influencers that were activated to achieve incredible success!

The Redmen TV

YouTube and Instagram content creators with a 414k following that focus on soccer analysis, stats, and interviews

Spencer FC aka Spencer Owen

Very popular Instagram and YouTube creator with over 1.9 million followers and posts soccer content

Poet & Vuj

Two friends that built their YouTube and Instagram following to 111K by posting soccer entertainment and analysis

Miguel Gutierrez aka The Nomad Barber

YouTube and Instagram traveler, photographer, and filmmaker with a 264K following

Emmanuel Balogen aka SV2

Extremely popular soccer content creator on YouTube with 1.39 million subscribers

Andrew Savva

Soccer sports video creator on YouTube with 116K subscribers

Mariel de Viaje

World wide traveling vlogger 376K subscribers on YouTube and 100K followers on Instagram

Eric Stoen

Named world’s 4th most influential traveler by Forbes, Eric travels across the world sharing his experiences with his 190K following on Instagram

Caio Travels

World traveler capturing his experiences on photo to share with his 263K followers on Instagram

Phillipe Loures

Major YouTube and Instagram influencer creating content about travel for his 1.41 million fan base

Dash FC

Instagram influencer posting soccer content, including tips and tricks, for his 117K followers

Garcia Posti

Former international Mexican soccer player creates soccer content and commentary that he shares with his 1 million followers on Instagram

Cracks TV

Informative international soccer YouTube channel with 4.89 million subscribers

Marie Cracks

Content Creator for Cracks TV on YouTube, she also posts to her personal Instagram which has 549K followers

Amine Limem

Actor and influencer posting lifestyle content on Instagram for his 617K followers

Phase 3

And the Winner Is... FIFA!


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