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The Rise of the VSCO Girl

By Editorial Staff

Ah, VSCO. Every trendy girl’s go-to editing app. VSCO has taken the Instagram game by storm, inundating your feeds with countless edits. Whether you’re a C1 or A6 lover, we all have at least tried VSCO in an attempt to enhance our pictures. With the rise of VSCO, we have the birth of the VSCO girl. A “VSCO girl” is basically an insanely trendy girl who takes amazing pictures. They’re the girls who we look up to for outfit and photo inspiration. They are the girls who have feeds so perfect we can’t comprehend it. We don’t know how they do it BUT we know how they edit it.

Picture this: A beautiful girl in a Brandy Melville tube top wearing a gold choker around her neck and a scrunchie in her hair holding up her perfectly messy ponytail. Her perfectly fitted mom jeans are a little faded but they still look new. Her Nike Air-Force Ones are pristine, who knows, she may have just bought them today. Regardless, you see her and her tiny sunglasses and think “hmm she’s cool.” I present to the VSCO girl.

The VSCO Girl

So what exactly is a VSCO girl? She embodies trendy. Basically a walking Urban Outfitters ad. She uses disposable and polaroid cameras to add some ~flair~ to her already showstopping pictures. She’s your girl crush. The page you go to when you need outfit inspiration for your night on the town. VSCO girls have this weird ability to take amazing pictures regardless of the circumstances they are in (obviously with the help of the INCREDIBLE editing app). We can all be VSCO girls just by emulating their style and buying a pair of Birkenstocks. But what truly sets a VSCO girl apart is her ability to follow trends while still being unique.

The VSCO App

The rise of the VSCO girl is mainly attributed to the incredible rise of VSCO the app. VSCO has turned their photo app into a social network allowing members to share their photography with the world. After editing a picture in your studio, you can add it to your page. You can even create a photo journal to showcase a collection of images. Once you post these, it appears on your followers’ feed. The feed enables you to see the images of people your following. In addition to your images and journal tabs on your profile, you can curate a collection of other VSCO user’s images. Or you can favorite them to keep but not show on your profile.

You have probably seen “” on a ton of Instagram users’ bios. This is a direct link to their VSCO page (and may I say great advertising for the app). VSCO is completely public so you can happily stalk anyone you want to. The rise of the VSCO girl is also due to the publicity they can receive through Instagram. My favorite part of VSCO is the fact that you can’t see how many followers, favorites, or reposts you or others receive. This makes it less of a social network and more of an outlet for creativity. We post our absolute favorite pictures on VSCO. Some that we don’t think are worthy for the ‘gram but are dope in their own right.  There’s also no shame for posting like 10 at a time so go wild.  

VSCO Website

VSCO and VSCO girls are taking over social media whether on VSCO or Instagram. The creativity that’s encouraged and the trends that are showcased are unmatched. PLUS you get great edits for all of your pictures. VSCO girls are the new Tumblr girls. They’re transforming social media and setting trends all around the world! So toss your Hydro Flask into your Kanken backpack, grab your camera, and go get em!

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This article was written by Sarah Dinon

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