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Top 10 Fitness Influencers on YouTube

By Editorial Staff

We searched for YouTube’s top 10 most subscribed fitness influencers to bring to you the best of the best of the fitness world. From personal trainers to bodybuilders to cardio experts and everything in between, this list is the perfect starting place for people looking to start a healthy lifestyle. Here are our top 10 YouTube fitness influencers and the information behind their success. Enjoy our fit list!


Top 10 Fitness Influencers on YouTube You Should Subscribe to

By Harrison Loew



5.3m subscribers

FitnessBlender is the number one most subscribed YouTube fitness channel and it is clear to see why. With over 5.3 million subscribers, Daniel and Kelli, a husband and wife duo, provide over 500 free workout videos ranging in difficulty and experience. FitnessBlender brings upbeat content to motivate people from all skill levels and get active on the internet!


2.8m subscribers

BeFiT comes in at number 2 with their high intensity and specific workouts. From abs to general fitness, BeFiT guides 2.8 million subscribers to a healthier lifestyle right from their home. BeFiT is a multi-member channel which allows them to have professional workouts in almost all exercises. BeFiT asks, “Are you ready to be FiT?” Well, are you?


2.4m subscribers

POPSUGAR is run by longtime fitness veteran Anna Renderer. With 2.4 million subscribers, POPSUGAR offers fitness tutorials and exercises on the quest to a fit lifestyle. Anna’s upbeat attitude motivates you to sweat it out with some of the most popular celebrity workouts. Featuring workouts from P90X, Victoria’s secret, and more, POPSUGAR is the first step on the road to stardom!


2m subscribers

Scott Herman’s fitness channel is focused on intense strength training and muscle gains. With 2 million subscribers, ScottHermanFitness is the number four most subscribed fitness YouTube channel. Scott focuses on fixing form for weightlifting and other weight lifting tips to maximize your workout. With his intense attitude and chiseled physique, Scott is a force to be reckoned with in the fitness world.

Kali Muscle

1.8m subscribers

Kali Muscle is a vigorous fitness channel for bodybuilding. An ex-convict from Compton, Kali Muscle fought his way back to success through fitness. He shares his experience, how he trained his mind and body, and the steps you should take to pursue massive muscle gains. His motivation and passion for weightlifting bring him in 1.8 million subscribers and its clear to see why!

The Fitness Marshall

1.4m subscribers

Caleb Marshall started his career in 2014 with live cardio concert videos. His very unique style of motivation and cardio have peaked the interest of nearly 1.4 million subscribers on YouTube. The cardio dance master uses catchy beats and good vibes to motivate YouTubers from all walks of life.


893k subscribers

The dynamic duo and professional fitness experts Claudia and Coach Kozak come in our number 7 spot with 893,000 subscribers. With over 1000 free fitness videos HASfit encourages everyone to be active and live healthily. The positive professional attitudes of the duo bring life to exercise and ensure that people are getting out and getting healthy!


743k subscribers

Omar is an intense bodybuilding professional. With goals of helping watchers build dynamic strength and speed, Omar prides himself on getting people to their body goals. A former track star in high school, Omar takes his discipline from his track career and puts it on the YouTube platform. With 743,000 subscribers, Omar is bringing his expertise to the masses in a positive way.

Heidi Somers

676k subscribers

Heidi Somers is a fitness star who found her fame through her Instagram account Buffbunny. She branched out to YouTube and started her career as a fitness influencer and YouTube personality. With videos about health food, diet tricks, workouts, and personal life experiences, Heidi lets viewers see her entire fit lifestyle. With 676,000 subscribers, Heidi is reaching a huge audience to guide them to their dream body.

Zuzka Light

653k subscribers

Zuzka Light, a Czechoslovakian model and fitness instructor, takes our last spot with 653,000 subscribers on youtube. Her holistic health approach and passion for healthy lifestyles attracts an international audience that is searching to be fit. With over a decade of professional fitness training, Zuzka is the perfect trainer for any watcher that is looking to improve their health.

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This article was written by Editorial Staff

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