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Top 10 Fitness Influencers on YouTube (Updated)

By Editorial Staff

When you can’t head to the gym, you can head to YouTube. The YouTube community is growing every year with creators sharing their fitness journeys, tips, and tricks with their subscribers to inspire them to live healthier and happier lifestyles. All over the globe, viewers are going on YouTube to workout alongside their favorite YouTubers. With millions of viewers, fitness influencers are reaching audiences all over social media with personalized workouts and meal plans. Check out the top 10 fitness influencers on YouTubers who could double as your personal trainer:

1. Yoga with Adriene

  • 6.11M subscribers
  • Joined August 30, 2012 

As one of the most successful yoga channels, Yoga with Adriene aims to provide subscribers with free, high-quality yoga videos. If you’re brand new to yoga or a seasoned pro, you can find content on Adriene’s channel that is right for your level and body type. In her collection of videos, you can find numerous yoga practices to fit your mood and your goals. Adriene’s channel features different series such as Yoga for Beginners, Foundations of Yoga, Yoga for Weight Loss, and Total Body Yoga.

2. FitnessBlender

  • 5.91M subscribers 
  • Joined January 19, 2010

With the fitness influencer husband and wife team, Daniel and Kelli, you can find more than 600 free full-length workout videos to help you improve your health, quality of life, and body. Their priority is to share unbiased workout, nutrition, and health information with their subscribers. FitnessBlender videos range in difficulty and experience, so there is always a workout for everyone. To track your workouts and progress, or to put together a home workout program, you can head to their website for more information.

3. Blogilates

  • 4.81M subscribers 
  • Joined June 13, 2009

Join certified fitness instructor Cassey Ho for full-length POP Pilates, PIIT28, and fun Bootcamp Sculpting workouts on her channel! Cassey has been making POP Pilates videos on YouTube for 10 years, and her audience is continuously growing with people ready to use her handy workout calendars, tips, and tricks. On her channel, you can find videos that focus on how to burn fat, how to tone your ads, clean eating tips, and so much more.


  • 3.55M subscribers 
  • Joined November 21, 2010

POPSUGAR is run by longtime fitness enthusiast Anna Renderer and offers fitness tutorials and exercises for those striving towards a fit lifestyle. With her at-home videos, you’ll be workout out alongside fitness experts and Hollywood’s most popular celebrity trainers. Featuring workouts such as P90X, the Victoria’s Secret workout, Tabata, and Bar Method, POPSUGAR is ready to help you on your road to healthy living, weight loss, and stress relief.

5. ScottHermanFitness

  • 2.34M subscribers
  • Joined May 25, 2009

Scott Herman posts new videos every Tuesday and Thursday to help his subscribers learn how to maximize their workouts and gains. On his channel, you can find videos on full-body workouts, building your arm and leg muscles, and chest growth. If you’re looking for a custom meal plan or a program geared toward fat loss, strength, or muscle gain – look no further. You can join Scott’s online community on his website or download his app to gain all the fitness guidance you need.

6. Bradley Martyn

  • 2.33M subscribers
  • Joined August 20, 2014

Bradley Martyn is here to help you create a better you. Bradley posts up to five new videos per week covering anything and everything from grocery store shopping essentials to the most effective shoulder workouts. He also features videos on his channel where he works out with popular Instagram and YouTube influencers. If you want to focus your fitness journey on strength training and muscle gains, this is the channel for you.

7. The Fitness Marshall 

  • 2.27M subscribers
  • Joined September 11, 2014

Tired of Zumba? Try these original dance workouts created by revolutionary fitness influencer Caleb Marshall! While you dance along to hit pop songs like Lizzo’s “Good as Hell”, you’re simultaneously taking part in cardio-heavy workouts that will keep you up and moving. Caleb also posts videos called “Sweat Sessions” where you can work out alongside the “Booty Army” for 20 minutes to an hour depending on your fitness goals.

8. Kali Muscle 

  • 1.99M subscribers 
  • Joined April 10, 2008

If there was a contest for the biggest arms on YouTube, Kali Muscle would win. As an ex-convict from Compton, Kali Muscle found his purpose through fitness and has found his way to success through his bodybuilding channel. Like his YouTube bio says, Kali is here to motivate and inspire his subscribers. He uploads daily videos relating to fitness, gaming, cooking, and vlogs.

9. Pamela Reif

  • 1.69M subscribers
  • Joined September 16, 2013

Pamela Reif is a German-born fitness model and YouTuber that rose to stardom at the age of 16 for her fitness videos and social media presence showcasing her lifestyle. By 2018, Pamela became a fitness sensation after posting exercise videos and “fitspo” pictures on Instagram. She published her first book, Strong & Beautiful, in 2017 and has been an ambassador for various fitness brands. On her channel, you can find videos on leg workouts, ab workouts, and calorie-burning workouts.

10. Matt Does Fitness

  • 1.39M subscribers
  • Joined March 20, 2013

Like Kali Muscle, Matt Does Fitness centers his videos around bodybuilding, eating, and lifestyle vlogs. On his channel, you can find his “Bodybuilder Tries” series where he tries out various workouts outside of his comfort zone. Whether it’s CrossFit or pole dancing, Matt has tried it all on his channel. He also has a series on his channel where he swaps diets with fitness influencers and members of his family to raise awareness about eating habits and how they correlate to fitness.

Take a look at some other fitness influencers on YouTubers that didn’t make the cut:

YouTuberSubscriber CountView CountDate Joined
HASfit1.21M169M viewsDec. 6, 2007
Roberta’s Gym1.16M133M viewsApril 9, 2015
Koboko Fitness1.01M73M viewsJune 14, 2016
Omarlsuf821K178M viewsApril 12, 2009
Barbell Brigade695K135M viewsJune 13, 2006

This article was written by Selena Ponton

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