How the Brand BoxBollen Leveraged A-list Celebrities to Go Viral

By Editorial Staff

In a world dominated by screens and sedentary habits, Boxbollen emerges as a refreshing remedy to inactive lifestyles. This game was created by two brothers, Jacob and Victor Eriksson, who were thinking outside the box about how they could get people off the couch. BoxBollen has since gone viral on TikTok, encouraging users worldwide to try out this new workout. Let’s unravel how BoxBollen became popular and how the brand leverages celebrity influencers for their marketing campaign!

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What is BoxBollen?

This dynamic hand-eye coordination game is not just a physical activity but a tech-savvy experience that connects to a mobile app, making it a game-changer in the realm of fitness and fun.

At its core, Boxbollen involves a simple headband with a ball attached to it. The goal? Simple yet addicting – punch the ball as many times as you can within a set time frame or just until you miss. The fun lies in its simplicity and effectiveness, catching the attention of health-conscious individuals seeking a break from traditional workouts. Boxbollen has received endorsements from doctors in Sweden who recognize its health benefits, making it more than just a game – it’s a wellness tool.

However, the app integration takes Boxbollen to the next level. As you throw punches, the app records your stats and tracks the number of hits you achieve in a row. With over half a million users and a staggering 200 million views on TikTok, Boxbollen has transcended its status as a mere game, becoming a global sensation. The viral success can be attributed to the brilliant social media strategy employed by marketing masterminds.

By featuring celebrities using BoxBollen and showcasing their moves on both the celebs’ and Boxbollen’s TikTok accounts, they’ve harnessed the power of influencer marketing to propel their product. Now, let’s dive into the intricacies of Boxbollen’s social media strategy and explore how its engaging content and celebrity endorsements have fueled its rise. Boxbollen is not just a game changer in fitness but a testament to how innovative marketing can turn a simple idea into a global phenomenon!

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Behind the Scenes with Boxbollen

Scrolling all the way back to some of Boxbollen’s first TikTok posts, you can see that they were mostly just videos of random people testing out the product. These videos were still fun and accurately showcased what the brand and product were all about– fitness and fun. It wasn’t until around 2022 that they started to work with A-list celebrities to promote their product without really even “promoting” at all.


NFL GOAT Tom Brady playing Boxbollen! 🤘🏼🐐🔥🏈 #boxbollen #app #tombrady #nfl #goat #handeyecoordination #game One of the NFL’s most decorated and accomplished players, Brady is widely cited as the greatest quarterback of all time. He is likewise considered one of NFL’s greatest players of all time and one of the greatest athletes in sports history.

♬ original sound – Boxbollen

Likewise, the secret behind Boxbollen’s meteoric rise isn’t just in the game; it’s in the star-studded spotlight they’ve strategically positioned it. Leveraging the influence of celebrities such as Khloe Kardashian, Tom Brady, Bill Gates, Scott Disick, and Chantel Jeffries, Boxbollen has created a sensation on TikTok. Their dedicated “Celeb Playlist” on TikTok is what makes it so easy for their followers to access and enjoy content featuring these celebrities engaging in the energetic and entertaining punching game.

By featuring well-known figures, Boxbollen taps into the massive followings of these celebrities, instantly capturing the attention of fans worldwide. The “Celeb Playlist” acts as a digital red carpet, offering viewers a VIP pass to witness their favorite stars unleashing their playful side with Boxbollen. This not only boosts brand visibility but also positions Boxbollen as the go-to fitness choice.


Khloé Kardashian 12 hits in 5 seconds with Boxbollen 🔥 #boxbollen #theboxball #app #handeyecoordination #game #focus #boxball #khloekardashian #kardashians

♬ original sound – Boxbollen

The Brand’s Diverse Appeal

So, how did these creators go about getting these celebrities to agree to use their product and film? Well, the Eriksson brothers believe that the simplicity of the game makes it appeal to everyone–men, women, kids, and even celebrities. They claim that celebrities recognize the appeal and want to be a part of spreading awareness for the game. 

To initiate their celebrity-driven marketing strategy, the game creators embark on a well-thought-out journey. Their first move involves curating a list of celebrities and other big names to approach. Next, they take a direct approach, reaching out to these stars with the goal of establishing a connection with the key decision-makers in their network. Once the initial contact is made, the game makers seamlessly transition into the negotiation phase, figuring out the terms of the contract and outlining their roadmap.

However, the minds behind Boxbollen recognize the importance of authenticity in celebrity collaborations. The founders stated, “After we sign on the dotted line, we fly out to film the content – whether that be LA, New York, Dubai, or Morecambe.” They expressed their care for their product and that they “want celebrities to know that we are passionate about the collaboration. We also make sure that the talent has a great experience filming.”

Overall, Boxbollen’s commitment to genuine interactions adds a layer of trust to the brand, emphasizing that celebrity endorsements aren’t just for show. Boxbollen extends its reach through a dedicated section on their website, featuring an engaging blog that covers various aspects of the game. Through short videos and articles, users can access beginner-friendly resources for better wellness. And with holiday deals available, Boxbollen will soon pass one million users.


The goal was $25 million dollars for 2023 in revenue. Did we get it? Listen to the Co-Founders of Boxbollen talking about the company and how it all started * PART 1 * #boxbollen #founders #startup #growth

♬ 오리지널 사운드 – minlee 민리

Final Thoughts

Boxbollen is proving to reshape fitness all over the world with a simple yet effective formula: a headband, a ball, and a punch toward a healthier lifestyle. With over half a million users and 200 million TikTok views, Boxbollen has become a global sensation. The game’s viral success is strategically fueled by collaborations with A-list celebrities, in which other brands need to take note. Boxbollen’s rise is more than a game—it’s a movement aimed at prioritizing physical and mental well-being. 

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This article was written by Emma Carlson

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