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Top 10 Music Influencers (Updated)

By Editorial Staff

In the world of music, there are some people who really stand out. From sharing their own songs to hyping up other artists, they’re all over social media, from Instagram to TikTok. These top 10 music influencers have a massive online presence, connecting with fans and spreading their love for music in their own unique ways. Let’s take a closer look at who they are and why they’re so popular!

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1. Benson Boone

Instagram: @BensonBoone

TikTok: @Bensonboone

YouTube: Bensonboone


This Friday. 10am PST. Im leaking the whole thing on TT

♬ original sound – Benson

To start off our list of top music influencers, we have Benson Boone, a singer-songwriter who rose to fame by auditioning on American Idol. He stirred up the season by quitting the season over half way through with only 24 contestants left. He was predicted to win, but quit because he wanted to do music and not be a person who only blew up because of the show.

Since then he has posted covers and his own music on social media platforms and has even attracted over 6M followers on TikTok and is about to go on tour for his first album.

2. Sofia Camara

Instagram: @SofiaCamara

TikTok: @SofiaCamara

YouTube: Sofiacamara


SOMEONE PINCH ME 😭 #unreleasedmusic #unreleasedsong #fyp #foryou #singing #singer #trending #viral #trend #viralvideo #song #music #newmusic #sofiacamara #trendingvideo #foryoupage #trendingsong #whodoicallnow

♬ WHO DO I CALL NOW SPED UP – Sofia Camara

This 21-year-old singer is young, beautiful, and beyond talented! Sofia Camara started posting singing videos on social media a few years ago and has blown up ever since. Camara started with performing covers but has moved on to writing her own music. She has filmed several music videos and has gained a huge following. Camara is also a multi-instrumentalist, playing the guitar, piano, and others. She also showcases her silly personality in her TikTok videos that make her even more lovable. 

3. Henry Moodie 

Instagram: @henrymoodie

TikTok: @henrymoodie

YouTube: henrymoodie


still don’t know how to process last night…. birmingham TYSM!! @James McVey @Connor Ball this was a core memory WOW #fyp #thevamps #somebodytoyou #lonelynightstour

♬ original sound – Henry Moodie

At only 19-years-old, this UK singer has acquired much more than just fame. Henry Moodie is a singer-songwriter who acquired fame from posting videos on TikTok and YouTube. He has over 6M TikTok followers and is continuing to grow at a rapid pace. His genre of music is more pop and alternative mixed together. He has already been on tour and plans on touring more this year. 

4. Troye Sivan  

Instagram: @troyesivan 

TikTok: @troyesivan 

YouTube: troyesivan

What can’t this guy do! Troye Sivan is not only a singer-songwriter but also doubles as an actor! He rose to fame through social media, posting covers and some of his own music. Sivan is 28-years-old and from Australia. His first taste of fame was in 2013 when he released his third song with an Australian talent agency.

Since then he has continued to post lots on social media but has become more serious, going on tours and releasing albums. He also was featured in X-Men’s Wolverine movie as young Wolverine.

5. Conan Gray 

Instagram: @conangray

TikTok: @conangray

YouTube: Conangray


this song in two days. my tour presale starts TOMORROW at 10am local. sign up for the password (sign up site is on my profile)!! SEE Y’ALL THERE ✪

♬ original sound – conangray

Say hello to Conan Gray, the singer-songwriter sensation who skyrocketed to fame by sharing covers and original tunes on YouTube. Conan Gray is a huge TikToker with over 8M followers. Since 2017, he’s been dropping singles and EPs , amassing a growing fan base across social media.

In March 2020, he unleashed his debut album, “Kid Krow,” which became a hit, especially with tracks like “Maniac” and the TikTok sensation “Heather.” As of now he is touring around the world! If you’re looking for a fun new artist to listen to, definitely check him out!

6. Dean Lewis 

Instagram: @deanlewis

TikTok: @deanlewis

YouTube: DeanLewis


This is my new song 💔 I wanted to capture the feeling of losing the person you love in a single moment… thinking of releasing it soon what do you think?? 🕯️it’s called “the last bit of us” #newmusic

♬ The Last Bit of Us LIVE VERSION – jane

Dean Lewis, the Australian singer-songwriter, has quickly become a notable figure in pop music. With his heartfelt lyrics and catchy tunes, he’s captured the hearts of listeners around the world. Starting with his hit single “Waves,” Lewis’ music strikes a chord with its raw emotion and relatable themes.

Tracks like “Be Alright,” have further solidified his place in the music scene, earning him a dedicated fanbase and praise for his genuine, down-to-earth style. He also has a big social media presence with over 3M TikTok followers. This music influencer is truly one of a kind.

7. Loren Gray

Instagram: @loren

TikTok: @lorengray

YouTube: LorenGray


👀 #AgentStateFarm #ad

♬ original sound – Loren Gray

Loren Gray started as a popular TikTok creator before making it big in pop music. She’s gained a massive following as a music influencer, dropping hit singles like “My Story,” “Queen,” “Alone,” and her latest track, “Breadcrumbs.” Alongside her music career, Loren also dabbles in modeling, acting, and dancing, showcasing her talents across various platforms.

Loren is also a very big advocate of mental health and posts videos relaying positive messages to her followers. This is one of the most authentic, genuine, and talented music influencers we’ve seen.

8. Tate McRae 

Instagram: @tatemcrae

TikTok: @tatemcrae 

YouTube: TateMcRae


nothing like a good air guitar

♬ original sound – tate mcrae

Maybe one of the most iconic music influencers – Tate McRae has taken the music world by storm. At only 21-years-old this Canadian singer-songwriter and dancer has rapidly made a name for herself in the music industry. With a unique blend of pop and R&B influences, McRae’s music resonates with authenticity and emotion. Rising to prominence through her captivating performances on YouTube and TikTok, she’s garnered a devoted following eager to connect with her introspective lyrics and soulful vocals.

Tracks like “Greedy” showcase McRae’s ability to capture complex emotions with simplicity and honesty, earning her huge following. Beyond her music, McRae’s background in dance adds depth and dynamism to her stage presence, solidifying her as a multifaceted talent poised for continued success in the spotlight.

9. Dasha 

Instagram: @dashamusic

TikTok: @dasha

YouTube: dashamusicofficial


debut country album dropping feb 16 pre save in bio 🧡

♬ Austin – Dasha

This new artist has everyone listening to her new hit single “Austin,” on repeat. Dasha is a country-pop artist who got her start on TikTok. Since the release of her song, there have been over 500,000 videos made of people doing fun dances to the song. She’s very new but we can already tell she’s gonna be a pop sensation very soon.

She’s already been featured on multiple talk shows including Jimmy Kimmel! Delighting fans, she’s also announced that she may be releasing new songs in the near future and that she might tour. Dasha is definitely an artist you want to look out for!

10. Vincent Mason

Instagram: @_vincentmason

TikTok: @vincentmason_

YouTube: _vincentmason


Presave on my profile – Drops Friday #countrymusic #songwriter #trendingcountry #morganwallen

♬ original sound – Vincent Mason

Vincent Mason, from Georgia, transitioned from a sports-centric upbringing to a blossoming career in music during his high school years. Despite initially gravitating towards rap and pop, Mason’s musical taste expanded to include country music, particularly influenced by John Mayer and Parker McCollum. It wasn’t until his college days at Ole Miss that Mason delved into songwriting, ultimately finding his niche in country music. He perfected his craft, eventually making the bold decision to pursue his musical aspirations in Nashville.

Since then, Mason has released several tracks, including his latest single, “A Little Too Good,” offering a glimpse into his evolving artistry. With an upcoming EP slated for release in April, Mason is poised to leave his mark on the country music scene. Stay tuned for more updates on his musical journey. Connect with him on Instagram and TikTok for the latest releases and behind-the-scenes insights.

Check out some more top music influencers that didn’t make the list

InfluencerInstagram Handle
Piper Landon@piperoninsta
Scotty Sire@scottysire
JoJo Siwa@itsjojosiwa

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This article was written by Emma Carlson

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