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Top 20 Funniest Memes of 2019 (Updated)

By Editorial Staff

Memes are no stranger to the year 2019. In fact, memes date back to more than 20 years ago. Memes bring internet users together, allowing us to stay up to date on what’s new and trending. You can find them on Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and other leading social media platforms in the form of images, tweets, GIFs and video clips. In recent years, memes have taken the internet by storm. Funny clips and images circulate on social media, some even go viral. To no surprise, 2019 was full of high-quality memes. From 30-50 feral hogs to a choir to Baby Yoda sipping on soup, this blog will outline all of 2019’s funniest memes for you!

Kombucha Girl 

If 2019 memes could be summed up in one phrase, it would be “Kombucha girl.” Kombucha girl is at the heart of all of the best 2019 memes, including this one that features Brittany Tomlinson herself! In this Kombucha girl spinoff, Twitter user Caitie Delaney captions the Kombucha girl video, “me trying to decide within 30 seconds of meeting a man if we’re going to get married.” 

Where Are You Sitting?

This meme features your average high school cafeteria, but with a twist. The lunch table meme breaks down cafeteria tables into categories, and in this example, the categories highlight popular brands of water. This meme sparked comical controversy, as twitter users argued over which table, they would prefer to take a seat at. Posted in August of 2019, it is among the funniest memes of the year!

Feral Hogs

This meme stems from a meme about feral hogs. 

Jason Isbell tweeted about ending gun violence, to which a Twitter user replied asking to get rid of, “30 to 50 feral hogs that run into my yard within 3-5 mins while my small kids play?” The tweet blew up, and memes shortly followed. In this particular meme, Lucille Booth from the series Arrested Development sits with a cupcake and a confused gaze. The caption reads: “me watching 30-50 feral hogs pull up in my yard,” poking fun at the feral hog tweet. This late-night meme was posted on twitter in August at approximately 1:23 a.m.

Troy Bolton’s Comeback

If you didn’t love High School Musical in 2007, you’re lying. This Troy Bolton meme made a comeback in January of 2019. Twitter users captioned the clip from the song “Bet on It,” adding their own clever and funny twist to each meme. In this meme, the caption is: “Literally no one:, Me in 2007:” “Literally no one” memes thrived in 2019!  

Adam Levine’s Questionable Outfit

This meme went viral on February 3– Super Bowl night, just after Adam Levine performed at halftime. During his performance, he wore a retro tank featuring a distinct square print. This meme intentionally makes fun of Adam Levine’s choice in clothing by comparing his outfit to an old pillow. The meme features a person holding the exact same print up to the TV screen but in the form of a pillow! 

Nancy Pelosi’s Clap

Nancy Pelosi’s clap is petty to the max, as she used it to express a very insincere congratulations. From the image of Nancy Pelosi’s “unimpressed” clap, hundreds of quality memes emerged. Among the funniest Nancy Pelosi memes was the one linked above, making an overused yet timeless joke about dehydration. This meme was posted in February of 2019 and has received thousands of likes!  

Area 51

“Storm Area 51” memes were easily the funniest memes of 2019. The memes took over the internet after a Facebook group invited everyone to storm Area 51 to “see them aliens.” In this funny meme, a Twitter user suggests Area 51 raid is going down in history through a clever photo of a folder titled “Memes for if we find aliens” and a caption that reads “only history can decide which folder I open.”  

Andy King

This meme hit home for thousands of Twitter users, as it received over 15,000 retweets in January of 2019. The meme features Andy King from the Fyre Festival documentary on Netflix who said that he almost performed oral sex on an official in order to convince Bahamian authorities to supply water to the festival-goers. The caption reads: “Job Interviewer: Describe a situation when you went above and beyond for a customer?” This funniest meme gained popularity for being accurate and relatable. 

Gummy Bear Choir

This TikTok meme is a classic. The short film features the popular song, “Someone Like You” by Adele, however, the gummy bears steal the show. The camera shifts from one gummy bear to hundreds when the chorus portion of the tune begins. This TikTok received over 2.2 million likes, making it one of the most popular TikTok memes of 2019.  

Highway Billboards

Whether you are from Indiana or not, this tweet is relatable if you’ve ever been on a major highway in America. This viral meme features text symbols that form a virtual image of a highway, and billboards off to the right that read: “JESUS IS LORD” and “PORN STORE NEXT EXIT.” Posted just days before Valentine’s Day in 2019, this meme pokes fun at how highway billboards go from 0 to 100…real quick. 

Scantron Test

The scantron test memes were an underrated 2019 meme series that left social media users laughing for hours on end. In this particular example, “E” is bubbled in on the scantron five times with a caption reading: “dolphin taking scantron test.” This simple yet effective meme was posted in March of 2019 onto Twitter and received over 394,000 likes.

Flat Stomach Diet?

This 2019 tweet went viral for obvious reasons- we all can relate. The meme includes text symbols that form a stomach with food emojis inside. With 191,000 retweets and counting, this meme is among the funniest memes of 2019!

Meet My Dad…

“Meet my dad” memes were all the craze in 2019… 

Twitter users especially, would post images of random male models, claiming that it was their father. In this particular meme, the caption explains the dad’s newfound career as a model and goes on to encourage other Twitter users to “blow up” his work modeling online. 

I Just Took a DNA Test

This meme blew up on TikTok when users started posting their own spin-off of Lizzo’s hit song “Truth Hurts.” In this TikTok meme, @coxy.official says he’s “100% British.” The rest of the video depicts him embracing his culture in a comic manner. With over 247,000 likes, this meme was a 2019 hit!

Sorority Scaries

This meme is among the funniest memes of 2019. This short clip features a spin-off of sorority door stack chants. The doors open to what appears to be hell rather than the typical chanting girls. This meme was posted in June of 2019 and received 191,000 likes on Twitter. 

I’m Gonna Tell My Kids…

This was the meme of November 2019. The meme pokes fun at different musicians, politicians, and historical figures. The meme attached above is a perfect example of your typical “I’m gonna tell my kids…” meme. Pictured in the meme is a rose smoking a cigarette. This is the meme we needed in 2019!

Megan Rapinoe

This hilarious Twitter meme was posted on June 28 and received thousands of retweets, making it a popular meme in 2019.  Twitter users added their own creative captions to this popular picture of Megan Rapinoe, but this one is one of the most relatable. This particular meme is captioned: “when I get my inbox down to ten emails.” 

Ok Boomer

“Ok boomer” has become a popular 2019 clap back on social media. The phrase refers to the baby boomer generation and implies old age. In this meme, a girl shares the commentary of one of her professors followed by the hashtag #okboomer. This tweet was posted on December 2, making it one of the more recent memes on this list!

Sorry to This Man

This Vanity Fair meme blew up in 2019. It features Keke Palmer saying, “I don’t know who this man is.” This meme is captioned, “A Shakespeare character: *wears thinly veiled disguise* Their closest friends and family:,” poking fun at the obvious nature of Shakespeare costume and disguise. This meme went viral well into 2019, as it was posted in September. 

Baby Yoda

Baby Yoda is a recent meme that has taken the internet by storm this month. All thanks to The Mandalorian, we have been blessed with endless memes of the adorable Baby Yoda. This meme is among the funniest of 2019. It includes a photo of Baby Yoda sipping soup next to the timeless photo of Kermit the frog sipping tea. 

This article was written by Kyleigh Eaton

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