Top 10 TikTok Memes of the Month  

By Editorial Staff

TikTok is the go-to social media platform for entertaining short clips! Capturing creativity and trending content, TikTok has become a hot spot for the internet’s funniest challenges and memes. From lip syncs of the current hit song “Truth Hurts,” to a blast from the past featuring the #notmygeneration challenge, TikTok has endless memes and laughs to offer this month! Here’s a compilation of the most relatable, cringe-worthy, heartwarming, and straight-up hilarious TikTok memes trending this month. 

  1. DNA Test



The lyrics sing: “I just took a DNA test, turns out I’m 100%!” Lizzo’s hit song “Truth Hurts” is both sassy and catchy, and has taken the internet by storm this month. TikTok users around the world are putting their own twists on their #DNATest challenge, as they create creative and humorous lip-syncing videos to July’s hit song! This challenge has become exceptionally fun this month because users started putting a twist on the lyrics; for instance, a recent post by @daniellecohn changed the lyrics to: “Just took a DNA test turns out I’m 100%… A TIKTOKER!” How fitting (and funny)!  

  1. Bitch, I’m Bella Thorne 



This trending meme is a complex chain of Bella Thorne jokes. Users mock her PSA about dyslexia from Disney Channel through filming themselves struggling to do simple daily tasks. In one video, @screwdapooch films herself putting her shoes on backward, walking into doors and misusing a toothbrush. Too far? Probably. However, it appears to be entertaining TikTok users, as this meme has been trending this month. 

  1. Are You Emo?



Bringing awareness to the bullying and trauma many adolescents endure throughout school, the “Are you emo?” challenge has become increasingly popular this month. TikTok user Olivia Giordano (@liiias._) created a unique meme in which she portrays the bully, asking her audience questions like, “You’re emo right? Like, that’s why you wear all black?” Poking fun at childhood trauma is always a sure way to give yourself a good laugh! 

  1. Divorce



If only divorce were as comical and light-hearted as it is portrayed as on TikTok… 

The divorce challenge has become increasingly more popular on TikTok, as users began announcing and mourning over their divorces in creative video clips. Some pictured the shredding of marriage license, while others included clips of heartbreaking tears. However, this #divorce trend on TikTok has evolved into a meme, as it has become so popular that we can no longer tell the real divorce announcements from the fake ones. One user, @garetwysongsr, created a TikTok that pictures his marriage license burning up in flames in a trash can. Whether or not it is real is up for you to decide.

  1. Not My Generation- New Flesh 



From old fashion phones to retro hair and makeup, TikTok users are going all out for the #notmygeneration challenge! Teens in this challenge are recreating looks and scenes from their favorite ‘80’s and ‘90’s movies this month. TikTok user Michael Jaroh (@michaeljaroh) created a #notmygeneration meme with hair grease and a tight black tee. He captioned his blast to the past clip with the following comical words: “It’s 1960 and I’m going to meet by greaser buddies at the bar.” Some (very dedicated) users even went as far to recreate looks from the ‘20’s! 

  1. Dear Kitten



Calling all cat lovers! The #dearkitten memes on TikTok are among the funniest clips to date. Each video has repurposed an audio narrative clip from a 2014 BuzzFeed video and applies it to video footage of cats staring at their reflections, mistaking bugs for nails in the wall, or enduring their fellow roommates. Check out the #dearkitten challenge, as it’s nearly impossible not to laugh at these crazy cats!  

  1. Four Generations



Most TikToks are funny, strange, inappropriate, etc. However, the #fourgenerations challenges are an entirely different take on TikTok videos. This emotional trend features generations of TikTok users! The challenge originally started in China on an app named Douyin, but recently went viral on TikTok. The challenge is pretty straight forward: four generations of a family are pictured one by one stepping into the shot. This tear-jerking TikTok challenge is sure to make you call your grandma!   

  1. Chin on Palm



This twist on the “chin on palm” challenge is a meme that includes furry dogs and the song “Count on Me.” Supposedly, the challenge started in South Korea and has evolved into videos of adorable and well-trained puppies! The challenge has even spread to Twitter in recent months.  

  1. Microwave Challenge



Jojo Siwa’s “Slow Dancing in the Dark” video went viral when she sat on the floor and spun like a frozen dinner in the microwave… inspiring the #microwavechallenge. This challenge has become a popular TikTok meme this month, as users are putting their own artistic twists to this popular dance move. We have @djtaylortot to thank for the #microwavechallenge because this user was the first to create a microwave challenge video and set the standards very high with his amusing take on Jojo Siwa’s move. 

  1. Here’s the Tea! 



Simple, yet amusing. The “here’s the tea!” video posted by Sammie Lewis sipping on Starbucks tea while outing her friend for wearing fake glasses went viral and has evolved into a series of hilarious memes on TikTok. People have joined in on the drama, creating equally as amusing and dramatic videos sharing everything from their pet peeves to their deepest darkest secrets… or as we now would say, “tea.”

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This article was written by Kyleigh Eaton

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