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Top 10 Instagram Influencers with the Highest Engagement

By Editorial Staff

Engagement on Instagram takes into consideration the number of likes, comments, and shares on a given post. Influencers and brands alike aim for their rates to be high. Influencers with high engagement rates can interact with more followers and share their content with more people. Brands with high engagement rates can reach a target audience more effectively and use their marketing spend more wisely. Brands also consider the engagement rates of particular influencers when deciding to promote sponsored content. High engagement rates translate into a higher return on investment.

Engagement rates depend on the level of fame. For example, A-list celebrities like Selena Gomez and Kendall Jenner have over 100 million followers, but their engagement is around 4 percent. In comparison, there are influencers with closer to 1 million followers who are able to be more interactive with their audience and therefore have a higher engagement rate in relation to how many followers they have.

Here are the top ten Instagram influencers with the highest engagement, all over 1 million followers.

  1. Emma Chamberlain

Engagement rate: 24%


Instagram Influencers Emma Chamberlain's Pictures

Emma Chamberlain leads in top engagement as a relatable 18-year-old girl living in LA. Emma is known for her loud personality, addiction to coffee, and the ability to share her authentic self with her audience. She runs around with her girl squad and has many collaboration videos on YouTube with the Dolan Twins and James Charles. You might attribute her high engagement to the fact that she posts often with no makeup on, points out her own flaws, and makes fun of herself, which many young fans can relate to.

  1. David Dobrick 

Engagement rate: 22.43%


Instagram Influencer David Dobrik's Pictures

David Dobrick is the leader of the Vlog Squad and fans have grown to love his goofy and innocent personality. Dobrik is 23 and started off his career on Vine, but is now a YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat sensation– he even has his own Snapchat show! All of his YouTube videos are 4 minutes and 21 seconds, including quick clips of what wild things he and his friends get up to. Although he makes enough money to buy all his friends cars, it is his sincere love for his friends and not taking life too seriously that makes his fans swoon.

  1. Zane Hijazi  

Engagement rate: 20.23%


Instagram Influencers Zane Hijazi's Pictures

Zane is another key member of the Vlog Squad who started his social media rise on Vine. Zane is 26-years-old and is originally from Miami. He now lives in LA with the rest of the Vlog Squad and is an influencer for a living. He loves to play pranks on his friends, whether it is putting a snake in their car or stealing money from David in his sleep. His positivity and fun take on life allow his viewers to feel like he is one of their friends. It is speculated that Zane is currently dating Kylie Jenner’s best friend Anastasia Karanikolaou as well.

  1. Billie Eilish 

Engagement rate: 20.19%


Instagram Influencer Billie Eilish's Pictures

Billie Eilish has taken the music industry by storm and has been on the leaderboard over the past year. Billie is 17-years-old, homeschooled, and born and raised in California. She has a unique take on music and the lyrics she writes are unapologetically raw and authentic. This authenticity and edge are why she has gained such a massive following from young kids to adults. Her songs are so relatable, people feel like they are friends with her and love her for all her quirks. She is also a style icon, taking fashion risks and her fans can’t get enough of.

  1. Corinna Kopf

Engagement rate: 19.6%


Instagram Influencer Corrina Kopf's Pictures

Corrina Kopf is one of David Dobrik’s childhood friends from Illinois. She is 23-years-old and moved out to California to pursue her career as an influencer, now a part of the Vlog Squad alongside David and Zane. She is most active on her Instagram, posting pictures of her trendy and fun LA lifestyle. She also has a YouTube channel and is often featured in the other Vlog Squad members videos. Corinna is able to make fun of herself, which is why fans love her so much. She was most recently dating professional gamer Tfue, but it is unclear if they are still together.

  1. Dolan Twins 

Engagement rate: 18.5%


Instagram Influencers the Dolan Twins' PicturesThe Dolan Twins have been on social media for many years and are not new to the spotlight. Ethan and Grayson Dolan are 19-year-old identical twins who started off on Vine back in 2013. The twins grew up in New Jersey and now live in LA as full-time influencers. They post new YouTube videos every Tuesday, so feel free to check them out on their channel. Ethan and Grayson are always pranking each other, yelling at each other, and doing wild crazy challenges. The twins have a very loyal fan base who love getting shoutouts in videos and buying new merch.

  1. Jeff Wittek 

Engagement rate: 17.96%


Jeff Witek's Instagram Page

Jeff, like many other influencers, got his start on Vine and is now a popular Youtuber and Instagram personality. Jeff is 29-years-old and originally from Staten Island, New York. He now lives in LA and is a celebrity hairstylist and barber. He posts videos of himself cutting his friends’ hair, like Zane Hijazi, and uses his dry sense of humor to pull pranks and make jokes on his channel.

  1. Everleigh Rose 

Engagement rate: 16.62%


Everleigh Rose's Instagram Page

Everleigh is the youngest YouTuber on our list at a mere 6-years-old! The internet loves her energetic and spunky personality, as she loves dancing in videos and doing adorable challenges. She is the daughter of Savannah and Cole LaBrant, who recently had their first child together named Posie. The family of four is all social media lovers and you can watch videos of them on their family channel called The LaBrant Family.

  1. Olivia Jade

Engagement rate: 16.19%


Olivia Jade's Instagram Page

Olivia Jade is no stranger to stardom, as she is the daughter of Full House’s Lori Loughlin and fashion designer Mossimo Giannuli. She is currently 19-years-old and started off her YouTube career in high school. She was born and raised in LA and started as a freshman at USC last year. She has recently been on a hiatus as she was caught in a massive college admissions scandal and has been scrutinized by the media. As a young YouTube and Instagram influencer, she has a massive following of younger girls who are inspired by her fashion sense and enjoy videos with friends such as David Dobrik and insights into her college experience.

  1. Tana Mongeau

Engagement rate: 14.79%


Tana Mongeau's Instagram Page

Tana Mongeau, aka Tana Paul, recently turned 21 and is originally from Las Vegas. She just tied the knot with social media star Jake Paul in Vegas. Tana has gotten in trouble many times before for posting controversial content online and for being vulgar. She has gone through many ups and downs over the past few years, but she is much more consistent now and posts frequently on social media. Her fans love her for her being unapologetically herself, even though it has gotten her in trouble. She is known to be extremely engaged with her fans on Twitter and Instagram because she attributes her success to her supporters. She also just got her own TV show called “Tana Turns 21,” which you can find on MTV.

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