Top 10 Fastest-Growing Instagram Accounts

By Editorial Staff

Despite the lack of mainstream media content due to the current global pandemic, social media has taken over in a new way. Not only influencers, but anyone and everyone is taking to Instagram, TikTok, and more to entertain, inform, and be heard. With an increase in content comes an increase in followers. Here are the top 10 fastest growing Instagram accounts of 2020.

1. Gigi Goode



Gigi Goode is a sensational drag queen and recent contestant of RuPaul’s Drag Race: Season 12. Since her season airing, Goode has blown up Instagram with an over 800% growth rate in just 6 months. Her quick rise to fame not only came from her television success but also her notorious fashion and stand-out makeup/beauty. Since the show, Goode has done a collaboration with Jeffree Star and has begun touring as an internationally known drag queen.

Fastest Growing Instagram Accounts of Goode’s Drag Race Castmates:

  • Jaida Essence Hall (@jaidaehall)
  • Crystal Methyd (@crystalmethyd)
  • Heidi N Closet (@heidincloset)
  • Jackie Cox (@jackiecoxnyc)
  • Jan (@janjanjan)

2. Strashme


Strashme, also known as Ashley Strong, took a leap in follower growth on Instagram after being the first winning Instant Influencer, a competition reality show created and hosted by James Charles. Aside from the cash prize and YouTube collaboration with James Charles that came from the show, Strong also grew dramatically on social media and truly embraced the label “Instant Influencer.” Not only did she double her follower growth from April to August, but she is also the single mother and rising beauty guru everyone needs to know!

Other Instant Influencer Contestants:

HandleFollower CountFollower Increase Since Instant Influencer

3. Noah Beck


Noah Beck is the latest it-boy on TikTok. Beck has gotten so much buzz recently not only for his looks, but his seemingly chill and honest energy. His success has led him to make friends with many major influencers across all platforms and is currently a member of the Sway House. He has done collaborations with James Charles and Bryant and of August 2020 holds a 143% monthly growth rate on Instagram.

Members of the Sway House:

  1. Noah Beck
  2. Bryce Hall
  3. Quinton Griggs
  4. Blake Gray
  5. Anthony Reeves
  6. Griffin Johnson
  7. Kio Cyr
  8. Nick Bean (former)
  9. Jaden Hossler (former)
  10. Josh Richards (former)

4. Charli D’amelio


Even after a year of fame, Charli D’amelio still holds her title as the “Dancing Queen of TikTok.” D’amelio’s dance content has led her to working on commercials, concerts, brand deals, ambassador programs, and more! Her success on TikTok has relayed to Instagram as she averages a 3,000,000 monthly increase in followers. Despite her unparalleled achievements, she has not let the fame get to her which keeps bringing in hundreds of fans every day.

5. Kamala Harris


Kamala Harris is the chosen Vice President nominee on Joe Biden’s democratic campaign for President of the United States. Not only is Harris a US Senator, but she also has been very active in the Black Lives Matter movement. In just two days within her role being publicized, Harris has increased in over 600,000 followers on Instagram. Although this is still recent news, as the race for President picks up, her growth rate on Instagram is bound to take speed.

6. Paul Mescal


Paul Mescal is an Irish actor who recently made a name for himself in his role in Normal People on Hulu. Normal People, a limited series based on the book by Sally Rooney, became an international sensation while also being Mescal’s first major acting role. His role as Connell Waldron has led him to not only Emmy nominations but also a 900,000+ increase in Instagram followers in just a few months.

7. Bryant


Bryant is one of the most notorious influencer photographers on Instagram today. He has worked with everyone from the Vlog Squad to the Hype House and has even worked with mainstream celebrities such as Noah Centineo. Bryant’s signature photography has led to a large fan base of his own and averages an increase of over 400,000 monthly followers on Instagram.

8. Tayshia Adams


Tayshia Adams is a household name within Bachelor Nation. Adams has been on Colton’s season of the Bachelor and on Bachelor in Paradise. Her kind and down-to-earth personality makes her a fan favorite to all, even her fellow castmates. Her role in Bachelor history has recently been extended to the 2020 Bachelorette, making it her year to find love. With this new role also comes an influx of followers. Since the announcement of her being the latest Bachelorette, Adams has gained over 100,000 followers and is rapidly growing. 

9. Michael Cimino


Michael Cimino is a rising actor who has most recently starred as the lead role in the Love, Simon spinoff show, Love, Victor. His spot as a main character in a Hulu original series led to a lot of success both on and off-screen. In just one month of his show being released, Cimino’s Instagram growth rate increased by 200%. This fast growth in followers was not only a testament to his work in Love, Victor but also to his dedicated fan base.

10. Doja Cat


TikTok has brought a lot of talent and entertainment to light, but one of the most game-changing was Doja Cat’s music. Although her songs started as backgrounds to popular TikTok dances, she has since become one of the most successful pop stars to date. Her universally enjoyed music has led to top the charts and the list of fastest growing Instagram accounts.

Other Fast Growing Instagram Accounts:

Quenlin Blackwell@quenblackwell1,200,000
Matt James@mattjames919471,000
Brittany Broski@brittany_broski534,000
Orion Carloto@orionvanessa702,000
Jerry Harris@jerryharris1,200,000

This article was written by Daniela Jolie

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