Top 10 Fastest-Growing Instagram Accounts

By Editorial Staff

In the world of likes and follower requests, just about anyone can reach a vast variety of people in their audience of followers. Gone are the days of 150 likes being a “good amount.” Now, if you’re not reaching 800+ likes and just as many new followers, you’re not trying.  Some people can hit at least 500 likes on a photo without even trying. It may seem daunting, but fear not loyal readers! We will show you the fastest-growing Instagram accounts, and we might even give you a few tips on how to get your own account to hang with the big dogs. 

  1. Elle Valera


Fastest Growing Instagram Accounts Elle Valera's Instagram Profile

Let’s start our list slow but steady with fashion model Elle Valera, aka @curvyelle.  Elle boasts a respectable 33,000 followers and a steep 99.1% increase, meaning she essentially doubled her follower count. Perhaps it’s her body-positive message or her eclectic and funky fashion choices, but there is no doubt that Elle has gained traction and a solid following. There is much to learn in the way of fashion and self-confidence from the self-proclaimed “mermaid.”

  1. Corey Struve-Talbott


Corey Struve-Talbott's Instagram ProfileUp next, we have another fashion influencer and mother, Corey Struve-Talbott, aka @corey_talbott. Corey has increased her following by 126.16%, sending her on her way to a solid audience. She not only utilizes several Instagram accounts, but she also has a YouTube channel with her husband as well as a vlog channel. Her audience enjoys photos of bikinis and abs galore, and also beauty/fashion recommendations and the antics of Corey and her husband, Travis. Her up-close and personal posts about her everyday life invite followers, as many can relate to life with a spouse and kids. 

  1. Hunter Schafer


Fastest Growing Instagram Accounts Hunter Schafer's Profile

Hunter Schafer (@hunterschafer) brings up our next spot with a 154.14% increase in followers, which is doubling her previous follower count and then some! Hunter identifies as she/they pronouns, inviting just about everyone to follow and relate to her. She represents a member of the LGBTQ+ community thriving and following their dreams, which can be the food of dreams for younger followers looking for proof they can follow their dreams, too. It doesn’t hurt that Hunter is Instagram verified and stars in the new HBO show, Euphoria. Followers can enjoy little behind the scenes nuggets of content. 

  1. Naomi Scott


Naomi Scott's Instagram Profile

Naomi Scott, aka @naomigscott, is another quickly growing Instagram account, perhaps thanks to her casting in the new reboot of Charlie’s Angels. With an increase of 156.9%, Naomi’s Instagram account is a prime example of how behind the scenes content and content that really comes from the owner of the account goes so far with followers. Followers get a real-life peek into Naomi’s life, and can live vicariously through her glamorous events.

  1. Gary Woodland


Fastest Growing Instagram Accounts Gary Woodland's Profile

Golf professional and athlete-extraordinaire, Gary Woodland (@gary.woodland) brings us to our sixth spot on our fastest-growing Instagram accounts list. Gary has increased his following by a comparable 157.73%, bringing his final count to 94,600 followers. It’s no surprise with funny videos of his kids and impressive action shots from his golf game that more and more people are discovering Gary as an athlete and entertainer? Believe it! More and more, worlds are crossing. Athletes can be funny, and actors can be athletic! Gary is a golden example of this. Take a page out of his book, readers, and don’t pigeon-hole yourself into one category in life or on Instagram!

  1. Amber Smith


Fastest Growing Instagram Accounts Amber Smith's Profile

Up next, we have Amber Smith (@amberemilysmith) with a follower increase of 190.61%. That’s right! Almost DOUBLING her original follower count. Amber considers herself a member of the arts and entertainment world of Instagram. Self-proclaimed Texas girl, actor, and love of kitchen dance parties, Amber’s account has a little something for everyone. She subscribes and posts about many different services, giving potential patrons a real-life look into whether the service is worth it to them. She posts about DIY projects. She posts about her Faith. She posts about her everyday life!

  1. Lexie Alford


Lexie Alford's Instagram Account

Closing in the top half of our fastest-growing Instagram accounts list is digital creator Lexie Alford, aka @lexielimitless, who boasts a whopping 505.35% increase in her following. Yes, you read that right. She now has five times the followers as she had. It’s not hard to believe, considering she has a Ted Talk, and she has traveled to every country in the world— 196 countries by 21 years of age. Lexie is a regular girl who does big things, something followers can embody in their own lives. 

  1. Molly Mae Hague


Fastest Growing Instagram Accounts Molly Mae Hague

The number three spot brings us Love Island contestant, Molly Mae Hague (@mollymaehague), with a 594.24% increase in followers. Love Island, for those Yankees that don’t know, is a love gameshow in the island of Mallorca, Spain. Contestants are European, so expect to find great accents and hilarious antics in Molly’s Instagram account.

  1. Kinsey Wolanski


Kinsey Wolanski's Instagram Account

Fitness model, Kinsey Wolanski (@kinsey_sue), brings up our second spot on our list of the fastest-growing Instagram accounts, with a respectable 907.68% increase in followers. With mostly bikini pictures mixed in with beautiful scenic views, it’s no surprise that Kinsey’s Instagram account is taking off like a rocket. Kinsey also shows her more human side with her hilarious workout blooper videos. Let’s not forget her post about streaking through a professional soccer game! Trust me, you have to see it to believe it.

  1. Maura Higgins


One of the Fastest Growing Instagram Accounts Maura Higgins

Our number one fastest-growing Instagram account brings us across the pond to another Love Island contestant, Maura Higgins, aka @maurahiggins! A contestant of the 2019 season of Love Island could explain her explosion of a 942.24% increase in followers. Maura has it all— her own commentary of the show, behind the scenes footage, and even the classic food shots that every Instagram must-have. Maura has easily increased her following by almost 10 times and is continuing to grow!

As you can see, all it takes is some subtle changes to the content to grow your Instagram following… or starring as a contestant on a hit reality TV show. However, you get there, take a page out of our list— whether you post about your everyday life, fitness, or your travels. The one thing all our list members share, and that is a really great message. You get back what you put out, people, so put out love and kindness. Sure there may be haters along your road to success, but it’s nothing every fast-growing Instagrammer has to endure. If you want to hang with the big dogs, do as the big dogs do.

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This article was written by Jessica Paolucci

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