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TikTokker Pricing Guide: What Type of Budget to Expect for Influencer Marketing on TikTok (Updated for 2021)

By Editorial Staff

TikTok is a social media platform that allows users to create and post short videos. The content of these videos vary, allowing all users to both view and post content that interests them on the platform. Whether you prefer comedy, dances, lip syncing, or POVs – there is something for everyone. In the past year, TikTok has become extremely popular among the younger generations. As we watch the app grow, we can also see more older generations flocking to the app. The platform has also allowed for a new age of young influencers, like Charli D’Amelio and Addison Rae, to rise to fame. 

Before TikTok, Instagram ruled the influencer marketing industry. And after TikTok, it seems as though Clash is the rising app to join. The success of the platform has caused many brands to hire these TikTok influencers for campaigns in order to appeal to the younger generations.

The success of the platform has transformed the product marketing sphere, influencing brands and marketers alike to hire these TikTok influencers for campaigns in order to appeal to the younger generations.

Should You Use TikTok for Influencer Marketing?

If your brand is considering using TikTok for influencer marketing, there are few things to keep in mind. Although the platform may be beneficial for some brands, it could be a little less relevant for others. Here are some typical characteristics of brands that should definitely consider using TikTok for influencer marketing:

  1. Your target audience is under 30.

41% of TikTok’s users are aged 16-24 and more than half of the platform is under 30 years old. So, if your brand hopes to appeal to a younger audience, TikTok is the perfect influencer marketing tool. On the other hand, if your target audience includes individuals over 30, TikTok advertisements may not be as beneficial for your specific brand. Although, this may change as more older individuals begin using the app.


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  1. You are advertising creative content like music, art, or fashion.

TikTok is an amazing platform for creatives to advertise themselves. There are many talented artists that have gained a lot of popularity by advertising their work on their accounts. Because of TikTok’s “For You Page” and algorithm, artists get more visibility on this app than they would on any other. So, if you are hoping to advertise creative content, you should consider using this platform.

  1. You are a small brand hoping to gain a bigger following.

TikTok has seen a constant growth in popularity during the past year. It is currently the most downloaded app in the app store and 90% of those users open the app every single day. In addition to this, TikTok’s layout allows the platform’s users to consume high volumes of content at a time. Around 1 billion videos are viewed on the platform every day and the individual user spends an average of 52 minutes on the app each day. Because of this, small brands would have the opportunity to reach a growing, active audience through their campaign.

How to Utilize Influencer Marketing on TikTok

If your brand decides to utilize influencer marketing on TikTok, there are a few different ways to navigate the platform. It is also important to note that no brand is the same and that some brands may benefit more from certain types of advertisements than others. Because of this, TikTok offers sponsors a variety of advertisement options and ways to partner with popular tiktokkers. Let’s take a look at the different types of advertisements offered on TikTok:

1. In-Feed Native Videos

These advertisements are sponsored videos that are integrated into the For You Page of users. The videos are not structured like a normal ad and usually follow current TikTok trends to fit into the audience’s regular feed. They are only 9-15 seconds long and, if the viewer doesn’t want to view the advertisement, they can easily scroll past it. Here are some examples of how brands can utilize this type of advertisement:

  • Brands could give a more in-depth description of their products in these videos.
  • In addition to posting advertised content, smaller brands can gain popularity by posting sponsored content unrelated to their products that follow some of the current trends on the platform.

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Although the other types of advertisements on this list are paid for daily or weekly, brands must pay for these advertisements per the number of impressions they would like. As long as they pay for a minimum of 600 impressions, there is no limit to the number of guaranteed impressions a brand buys.

2. Hashtag Challenges


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Hashtag advertisements are an interactive form of advertisement that involves the creation of a hashtag by a brand in association with a challenge and the product they are advertising. These challenges allow any user to participate and put their own creative spin on the product. Here are some examples of how brands can utilize this type of advertisement:

  • Brands could get more people involved by partnering with a popular TikTokker and asking them to participate in their challenge.
  • Brands could connect the hashtag challenge to a contest or giveaway to give their audience more incentive to participate. They could offer prizes like gift cards, discounts, or free products.

3. Brand Takeovers

These advertisements take over the audience’s entire screen when they open up the app. This type of advertisement is the hardest to ignore, as the viewer must press the skip button in the corner of the screen in order to exit the ad. Here are some examples of how brands can utilize this type of advertisement:

  • Some brands use takeover advertisements to direct more traffic to their brand filter/lens or hashtag challenge.
  • This type of advertisement would benefit brands who want their viewers to feel compelled to click on their brand’s website or profile.

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4. Branded Filter/Lens

Branded filters/lenses are other interactive types of advertisement. A brand will pay for a filter or lens that any creator can use. Brand lenses or filters are available in the trending section for up to 10 days. This increases brand awareness and allows users to put their own creative spin on the advertisement. Here are some examples of how brands can utilize this type of advertisement:

  • Similar to brands starting hashtag challenges, these brands could also partner with a popular TikTokker to advertise their branded filter or lens. 
  • This option would likely work the best for well-known brands that don’t need to explain their products or message to their audience.

Let’s take a look at the pricing for each of the different advertisement types:

Advertisement TypePricing
In-Feed Native Videos$10 per impression
Hashtag Challenges$150,000 per week
Brand Takeovers$50,000 per day
Branded Filter/Lens$80,000 per day

In addition to the prices of the actual advertisement, there are a few other costs associated with influencer marketing on TikTok. Let’s dive into a few of the other factors influencing the overall campaign price.

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Partnering with Influencers

In addition to purchasing advertisements through TikTok, brands will also establish partnerships and brand deals with influencers. This allows influencers to get paid directly for advertising a brand or product on their own account. Although there are a lot of brand-safe, popular TikTokkers on the platform, it’s important to find influencers that suit your specific brand the best. Here are two different levels of influencers to keep an eye out for:

  1. Tiktokker who has a high following on multiple platforms.

When considering these influencers, we’re discussing members of the Hype House and other widely followed TikTokker influencers. These influencers typically participate in a lot of brand deals on multiple platforms and post daily. Partnerships with these influencers would likely cost a lot more than those with a lower following.

  1. Tiktokker who only has a high following on TikTok.

These influencers, known as “TikTok Natives,” rose to fame on TikTok without gaining a high number of followers on other platforms. Because of this, they would only be considered an influencer on TikTok. These influencers are usually less expensive to partner with than a TikTokker who is famous on multiple social media platforms.

What should brands look for in any TikTok influencer:

  • Those who only post brand-safe content (i.e. no hateful or inappropriate videos).
  • TikTokkers who post content very often.
  • Influencers who interact with their audience.

According to Influencer Marketing Hub, this is how a TikTok creator’s following range may affect pricing on average:

InfluencerFollower CountPricing Per Post
Mega-InfluencerOver 1M$2,500 +
Macro-Influencer500k - 1M$1,250 – $2,500
Mid-Tier influencer50k – 500k$125 – $1,250
Micro-Influencer10k - 50k$25 – $125
Nano-InfluencerLess than 10k$5 – $25

TikTok Compared to Other Platforms

The price of any influencer marketing campaign will vary slightly due to the platform used. This will not influence the overall cost extensively, but it is something to keep in mind. 

These are currently the most popular social media platforms in the influencer marketing industry:

  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • TikTok
  • Twitter
  • Facebook

The prices of these platforms vary mostly by the amount of time that a creator must spend on creating content. More time = More money. YouTube is the most expensive platform because of the large amount of time and energy an influencer must spend when creating a video. Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok are the second most expensive platforms. But, their prices are pretty close among each other. Finally, Twitter is the least expensive platform because tweets are not extremely difficult to curate. 

Even if it’s more expensive, the money is worth it. Check out the numerous benefits of YouTube influencer marketing here.

Hiring an Influencer Marketing Agency for TikTok Campaign

Whether or not a brand hires an influencer marketing agency will influence the price of the campaign as a whole. Influencer marketing agencies are agencies that help brands carry out influencer campaigns smoothly. The influencer marketing services that they provide include developing a campaign strategy, activating influencers, and reporting progress and results. 

One important service they offer is helping manage campaign spending. Although there are additional costs associated with hiring an agency, they can help ensure that you stay on budget and can anticipate any potential costs. They can also help a brand stick to a specific budget while also showing them all of their options.

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Case Studies for Influencer Marketing on TikTok

There have been many successful campaigns involving influencer marketing on TikTok. Here at NeoReach, we have helped brands like Netflix, DraftKings, and more complete groundbreaking influencer marketing campaigns on the platform. Check out some more great influencer marketing case studies here for some more information on influencer marketing on TikTok.

As stated above, there are many reasons to utilize the platform for campaigns. Many of the biggest brands in the world have made their mark on the platform and achieved great results. Although the app is newer than most of the other popular social media platforms, TikTok is proving, time and time again, to be one of the most influential platforms in the industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is TikTok the best platform for influencer marketing campaigns?

A: Every social media platform has its own advantages for influencer marketing campaigns. While TikTok is definitely a great option for brands, they should still take the time to evaluate all of the popular platforms and see which one would be the best fit. As stated earlier, TikTok is an especially helpful platform for smaller, creative brands with a younger demographic.

Q: Where should I find influencers for TikTok campaigns?

A: There are numerous free and paid tools available to help find influencers for campaigns. Some great free influencer search tools include, Upfluence, and Post for Rent. In addition to these, we just launched a free influencer influencer marketing platform to help search and filter through influencers for campaigns.

Q: How much does a TikTok influencer marketing campaign cost overall?

A: Because there are so many factors influencing the price of influencer marketing campaigns, the price can vary from $1,000 to $1M. Therefore, it is impossible to calculate the exact price without examining every aspect and goal of the campaign. The main factors include the type of post, amount of posts, influencer following count, amount of influencers, platform, and whether or not a brand hires an agency.

Q: Should a brand hire an influencer marketing agency for TikTok campaigns?

A: Although influencer marketing agencies are not essential to the success of a campaign, they are experts in the industry who can help a brand elevate their strategy and utilize more resources. Hiring an agency can also alleviate a great deal of the stress that comes with overall campaign management.

Q: Who are the most popular influencers on TikTok?

A: Currently, the TikTokker with the highest following by far is Charli D’Amelio. You can easily find all the top influencers on TikTok through Tikscore. Tikscore is a free platform that can be used to track both the fastest growing creators and those with the highest followings on TikTok. The platform also allows users to access the most popular songs and trends on the app.

Q: Should a brand use influencer marketing or traditional advertisements on TikTok?

A: Time and time again, influencer marketing has proven to be more effective than traditional advertisements. Although those advertisements can still heed results, consumers are more likely to listen to an influencer promoting a product than a pop-up ad on their screen. If your brand hasn’t utilized influencer marketing yet, try it out!

This article was written by Rachel Phillis

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