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How to Get on Tik Tok’s “For You” Page

By Editorial Staff

When you open up the Tik Tok app, you are presented with a seamless display of short-form videos. Carefully curated based on your past watch and like history, this “For You” page recommends videos that you might like. Being featured on the “For You” page as a creator allows you to get more likes and followers to interact with your content. Here are some tips on how to reach that level.

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Quality Footage

Upon first glance, your video footage should be of high quality. People will be more likely to view and engage with your content if it’s crisp and clear rather than blurry. High-quality content, especially if edited well, is more aesthetically pleasing to users and more likely to be featured on the “For You” page.

Engaging Content

Second, the content of your videos matter. You should be funny, unique, and show personality. You want viewers to feel happy after watching your content, enough to like more and post comments, which will help your ranking.

Incorporate Trends & Challenges

Research popular trends and challenges, which change weekly. Tik Tok favors videos that are relevant. Posting a challenge video also has a higher chance of gaining viral momentum and reaching more eyes.

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Use Trending Music

When editing your video, you have the option to add effects and background music. These components are key to an engaging video, particularly including trending music on Tik Tok. Upbeat music tends to perform best.

Use Trending Hashtags

When captioning your video, make sure to include popular hashtags. You want to include hashtags that are relevant to your video topic as well as ones that are trending. Some people claim that including #foryou or #foryoupage have helped them land on the “For You” page.

Interact With Other Users

Lastly, interact with other users. You should like and comment on other peoples’ videos as well as make friends on Tik Tok. Liking and replying to peoples’ comments on your videos can also help you gain traction.

This article was written by Carissa Brones.

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This article was written by Editorial Staff

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