DraftKings amassed over 8M views on TikTok with NeoReach's influencer strategy.


Views of #MakeItReign


Views of #DraftKings


TikTok Views


Organic Fan Content

Phase 1

Expanding DraftKings Kingdom by 30K

Avid sports fans have taken part in sports betting for decades and have since paved the way for daily fantasy sports content and sports betting operators like DraftKings to rise to success. In spite of regulatory barriers in various states around the U.S., DraftKings is one of the most prominent sports betting operators, with the widest selection of leagues and coverage around the United States. With marketing efforts in every industry trending towards TikTok, DraftKings knew TikTok was an important platform to tackle. With the help of our team, their TikTok goals were not only met but exceeded as well.

Phase 1

TikTok Take Off

Taking their TikTok to the next level was the main goal for DraftKings. Boosting brand awareness, increasing follower count, and reaching new audiences by leveraging the platform with creative concepts was a must for the brand.

Creator Partnerships

DraftKings also wanted to invest in the present and the future of their brand. Through this campaign, they hoped to build an influencer base to work with moving forward.

The Team

Brian Sorel


  • Strategy
  • Influencer Activation
  • Choreography
  • Music Licensing

Aaron Layden

Head of Partnerships

  • Data Collection
  • Brand Development


Campaign Operations Management

  • Strategy
  • Influencer Activation
  • Choreography
  • Music Licensing

Phase 2

Phase 2

Crafting a Stellar Campaign

Innovation is in NeoReach’s DNA. We knew with our expertise, innovation, and comprehensive database, we could craft a stellar campaign and expand the DraftKings Kingdom.

Influencer Implementation

50 unique influencers across TikTok were activated during the start of the NFL season, creating a total reach of over 66 million on the platform. Our team created an eclectic roster, activating a diverse range of young adult male and female creators from dancers, comedians, firefighters, international trick-shotters, and more. Each influencer selected had over 80% of their audience within DraftKings' target market. Selecting a wide variety of influencers that simultaneously fit DraftKings' target audience showcased their versatility and heightened the organic feel of the campaign.

Making it Reign

The influencers had an incredible time bringing the creative concept “create your own touchdown dance” to life. Each one channeled their inner football player and paired their touchdown dance with an original licensed song designed for DraftKings and the hashtags #MakeItReign and #Touchdowndance. Implementing hashtags, a dance, and an original song leveraged the platform for what it’s known for and in turn received phenomenal engagement from the audience.

Looking to the Future

The #MakeItReign campaign enabled DraftKings to build a 50+ influencer base to work and engage with in the future.

Creator Content

@dangmattsmith When you are ready for football season! @draftkings #MakeItReign #DraftKings #Ad ♬ Make It Reign by DraftKings – DraftKings

@rosssmith DUET Grandma with your best touchdown dances! 🏈 @draftkings #MakeItReign #Draftkings #Partner ♬ Make It Reign by DraftKings – DraftKings

Influencer Spotlight

Ross Smith

15.7M Followers on TikTok - Power Duo Ross Smith and his Grandma (Pauline Kana) have been a source of light and laughter for millions around the world for years.

Joshua Mayer

1.4M Followers on TikTok - Ultimate golf bro Josh Mayer takes his content and skills to the next level with challenges and tricks on the course.

Dang Matt Smith

9.6M Followers on TikTok - Life of the party comedian Matt Smith will surely leave you in stitches.

Real Dockery

2.6M Followers on TikTok - Ex football cornerback Dockery combines comedy and his knowledge of football to create football centered content.

Phase 3

What a blowout! And the winner is...


views of #MakeItReign and #DraftKings


Return on Investment


Influencer Media Value


organic fan content


and counting TikTok video views

Sweet Like Victory

At the end of this campaign, DraftKings emerged victorious. With no call to action from influencers, DraftKings grew their TikTok following by over 30,000 followers and achieved 10.9 million and 23.5 million views of #MakeItReign and #DraftKings. The campaign also led to over 400 pieces of organic fan content created. These numbers alone emphasize the importance of integrating components of a platform, such as music and engaging trends on TikTok, into a campaign.  Another huge win for DraftKings during this campaign was their ability to secure and repost content created by the influencers directly to their channel, leading to additional exposure.

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