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New to TikTok? Follow these 5 Tricks to Guarantee You’ll Go Viral

By Editorial Staff

You downloaded TikTok! You want to learn new dances, make silly and original videos, and of course… you want to go viral! By now, you’ve probably heard about the “For You” Page.

The “For You” page or “FYP” is the key to gaining new followers, likes, and reaching stardom. If you’ve begun making videos but no matter how hard you try, they won’t get on the For You Page or they just aren’t getting enough views, follow these 5 simple tricks to guarantee you’ll go viral!

3 Principles:

Just like sculpting and painting, creating a TikTok is an art form; especially if you want your creation to blow up. Three things make something worthy of being considered art. The piece must be…

  1. Meaningful 
  2. Original 
  3. Aesthetically Pleasing

Guard dog on duty! Enter at your own risk. 😱 #fy #fyp #tiktokpets #gaurddog

♬ Really Really – Kevin Gates

These are the principles. The next step in reaching the For You page and going viral is following these 5 essential tricks that obey the 3 principles. 

5 Tricks

1. Lighting

Film at golden hour and buy a ring light. Everyone loves to see things that are aesthetically pleasing. If your shot is dark, or hard to see, it’s not eye-catching. The viewers will scroll right on past your post.


♬ Wrong Way on the Highway – Nick

Natural lighting via a window or outdoors is best! In a close-up shot, natural lighting makes your eyes pop and your face look amazing. A trendy time of day is “Golden Hour,” when the sun sets and light appears golden in pictures.

Typically, you should film in the day, during golden hour on occasion, and if you need to film at night, have a ring light. This is a trick that professional TikTokers use so that they can make videos any time of day. If you want professional and quality TikToks, it is a must.

2. Popular Audio

Ever made an original content video that you put so much time, energy, and effort into and it didn’t blow up? It might be because you didn’t use a popular enough audio. Because TikTok is not only algorithm-based but people driven, people enjoy and consume trends; they like things that they are familiar with.


🍒 do be bouncing

♬ Work Out Ahí Mashup – goalsounds

They also typically like things that other people like. Thus, the more they see a sound being used, the more it is reinforced that this is a great song with great content.. content that blows up. 

You’ll be able to increase your chances of going viral by picking a song that is just starting to go viral and riding the wave of that song’s popularity.

3. Transition & Angles

Leverage transitions and the ⅔ rule.

Think about it. You watch one screen, one shot, the entire TikTok.. boring. 

Instead, change the scenes up, change the angles up. And while doing so, add a simple transition in-between frames. Whether it be a jump in one frame landing into the next or giving a slight camera shake or slide, your video will be 10x more engaging just from adding a subtle transition or two. DOUBLE THE POINTS if you can do the transitions or frame changes on beat with the chosen audio. 



♬ i am obsessed with this – mallorie

Make sure to take up the right amount of the screen. You’ll want to position yourself to take up roughly ⅔ of the screen space. This is a good balance to show ase your surroundings while keeping the focus on you.

4. Facial Expressions

From the moment humans first open their eyes, they see their mom or dad’s face and learn to mimic them. Actors in movies are so believable because they portray real emotion in their faces. Body language and facial expressions can be a crucial, decisive factor in whether your TikTok will blow up or not. 

Take, for example, two trending dances. One person posts using facial expressions, the other doesn’t. Keep in mind, it is the same exact dance in our example. The dance with facial expressions will outperform the one without every time.

Humans want to connect with each other. Facial expressions are also crucial to give life and emotion to a TikTok scene. This is necessary if you are performing comedy or a skit; expression is essential in conveying your point. Utilizing facial expressions and body language also sets you above the rest of the creators who do not use facial expressions. Go get them with that smile tiger!

5. Original Content/ Your Own Twist

Yes, the majority of TikTok is copying trends. The difference in these trends though is what you do with them. Did you alter it or put your own spin on it? Completing trends will get you views but at the end of the day, people get bored with them.

The viewers are intrigued when they see fresh, original content that is aesthetically pleasing as well as meaningful. If this content utilizes the 5 tips and the 3 touchstones, it is guaranteed to blow up.


Word play w/ @mrmovi3 @hannahstocking

♬ original sound – KingBach

Just remember, making videos is an art form. It is the small subtleties that subconsciously persuade people to like or LOVE your video. Those same people are the ones who’s likes, comments, and shares are going to make your TikTok blow up. But most importantly, don’t forget to have fun with it.

Be yourself. Be you. Because, you are art: meaningful, original, and aesthetically pleasing.

This article was written by Nikki Neisler

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