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Top 10 TikTok Trends to Look out for in 2020

By Editorial Staff

TikTok is one of the most evolving creator apps of all time. TikTok is a platform to create anything about anything while keeping viewers engaged for 60 seconds or less. Because this is such a fast-paced, constantly changing social media platform, trends are particularly quick to come and go. If you are not constantly refreshing your For You Page, you can easily miss an entire trend. Here is a list of the top TikTok trends to look out for in 2020:

1. Supalonely Dance

The Supalonely Dance is easily the Renegade of 2020. This dance routine opens our list of TikTok trends started by @zoifishh on TikTok on February 7th and since has become a viral sensation. TikTokers, specifically dance TikTokers such as Charli D’amelio, have made it their mission to make this a top trend. The song from the dance is called Supalonely by BENEE and has been used in over 4 million TikToks. Creators on the platform have also remixed the song with other trending songs while still keeping with the same choreography. 

Top TikTokers Doing The Supalonely Dance:

  1. Charli D’amelio (@charlidamelio)
  2. Addison Rae Easterling (@addisonre)
  3. Madison Beer (@madisonbeer)
  4. Cameron Field (@cameronfieldd)
  5. Emma Chamberlain (@emmachamberlain)

2. Flip The Switch

The Flip The Switch videos have become particularly popular with celebrities on TikTok. The basic concept of this particular one of the TikTok trends is that two (or more) people are in a bathroom dancing and then someone turns off the light at the line in the song “I just flipped the switch” and when the light turns back on, the people in the video have switched spots and outfits. Aside from many notable celebrities doing this trend, it is also a very popular trend for everyday content creators to do with their boyfriend/girlfriend. The Flip The Switch trend has over 1 billion views to date. 

Celebrities who have done a Flip The Switch TikTok:

  • Kate Mckinnon and Elizabeth Warren
  • Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez
  • Ashley Benson and Vanessa Hudgens
  • Usher and his kids
  • Diplo
  • Hamilton Cast
  • Cameron Dallas
  • Hannah Stocking
  • Dominic Toliver

3. Check Challenge

The Check Challenge trend on TikTok is very popular for creators because there is so much creative freedom. It started out as a “relationship check” trend where couples would post compilations of captured moments of their relationships. It quickly evolved into weight loss checks, outfit checks, vibe checks, and famous relative checks. Aside from those parodies, creators also have used the check challenge to make “checks” about whatever pertains to their life. For example, James Charles did a “worst dancer on TikTok” check. This is such a notorious one of the TikTok trends that even YouTube creators, such as Cody Ko, have made reaction videos to this content. 

Popular Check Challenges:

  • Relationship
  • Weight loss
  • Outfit
  • Vibe
  • Famous Relative
  • Best Friend
  • Athlete
  • Nose Job
  • Private School

4. Put a Finger Down

The Put a Finger Down TikTok trend started out as a parody for the game “never have I ever.” This trend is most popular for storytime and personality content. Like the check challenge, it can have many different editions based on the creator’s personality. Content ranges from common moments in school, childhood, personality traits, relationships and more. TikTok trends like this have also evolved into parodies where creators will tell a very embarrassing and in-depth story from their past and will only put one finger down for comedic relief.

5. Duets

Duets TikToks allow for any content that is alongside someone else’s video. Most common duet videos are either reactions or duet dances. Popular reaction videos are usually visual responses to POV (point of view) videos about certain scenarios. Most of the dueted content is for comedic purposes. Dance duets are popular to start dance trends. Charli D’amelio, in fact, made a dance duet video early on in her career and it became the TikTok that made her famous.

6. Cannibal Dance

The Cannibal Dance is a very popular dance on TikTok, specifically among TikTok dancers. This is a dance routine based on the song Cannibal by Ke$ha. This dance, like the Supalonely dance, has a lot of remixes with the same choreography. This use of remixing the song helps the trend last longer on TikTok because creators are able to keep doing the same dance while also giving it a fresh, new spin. Just one of the remixes has over 12 million videos of creators doing the dance.

Top Dancers on TikTok:

TikTokerAccountFollower CountLike Count
Charli D’amelio@charlidamelio38.2 million2.2 billion
Addison Easterling@addisonre25.3 million1.0 billion
Sofia Wylie@sofiawylie5.7 million139.5 million
Nicole Laeno@nicolelaeno1.1 million43.5 million
Kaycee Rice@kayceerice912.6k29.4 million

7. Spin the Bottle

The Spin the Bottle TikTok trend is leading content for fandom creators. This trend is based on the song “This Could Be Us” by Rae Sremmurd. These videos typically begin with the line “spin the bottle” and go into a compilation of famous celebrities that the creator admires. Many of these compilations are based around celebrities such as Harry Styles, Tom Holland, Jennifer Lopez, and Zendaya. Fandom accounts have also evolved into accounts for famous TikTokers so there are also compilations of Charli D’amelio and Lil Huddy.

8. Cheap Finds

The Cheap Finds trend on TikTok mostly applies to finds from Amazon or Walmart. These videos are mostly helpful for viewers who are looking to find trending clothes, accessories, or decor for an affordable price. Most items in these videos are not typically things you would expect to find at Amazon or Walmart but are great additions to your stuff. This content is most similar to lifestyle content for YouTubers. Most items included may give off an expensive look but will save you a lot of money. 

9. Write the Lyrics

The Write the Lyrics trend on TikTok was started by famous singer, Charlie Puth. This trend starts on Puth’s account where he creates a beat using his keyboard. He then posts it to his page and tells his followers to create lyrics to the beat. Creators then submit lyrics through posting on their account with the hashtag “Write The Lyrics” and Puth will pick his favorites to recreate and post on his account. This trend has over 2 billion videos posted and Charlie Puth has over 4 million followers.

10. Quarantine

The Quarantine TikToks are the newest trend to the platform and are predicted to have great success in the weeks to come. These TikToks are basically a way for creators to post about whatever they are doing (or not doing) amid the COVID-19 crisis. This trend is a great way to be creative and pass time while being self-quarantined. This trend is on such a rise for 2020 that famous Bachelor Nation starts Tyler Cameron and Hannah Brown (and their friends) have created their own TikTok account for this specific content called The Quarantine Crew

Check out These Other Notable TikTok Trends:

Say So Dance
President of the CPresident of the Companyompany
Did a FDid a Full 180ull 180
Artists oArtists of TikTokf TikTok
Butter GloButter Gloss Popss Pop

For more social media trends, check out our blogs on the Look out for These Social Media Trends in 2020 and Influencer Marketing Trends: Merch.

This article was written by Daniela Jolie

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