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By Editorial Staff

Running an influencer marketing campaign is no easy task. From creating the initial concepts to implementing the campaign online, each step requires careful planning and oversight. Perhaps the most important part of carrying out a successful influencer marketing campaign is finding the right influencer. Unfortunately, it’s also usually the hardest part. That’s why NeoReach has developed Freemium, a free influencer marketing platform to find and filter the best influencers out there.

What is NeoReach Freemium

NeoReach Freemium is a free influencer marketing platform that takes the scouting process and breaks it down into straightforward categories. Finding the right influencer who understands your brand perspective can make or break your campaign. The freemium NeoReach platform model allows you to search and filter influencers from multiple platforms all in one place. 

free influencer marketing platform

The type of influencer you want to search for depends on your brand style and ultimate goal for the campaign. You want to consider following size, content type, and quality, and style when choosing creators. And that’s exactly what NeoReach did when creating this free influencer marketing platform. 

Using an Influencer Marketing Platform

Unlike other marketing forms, working with influencers is an opportunity for endless creativity. Influencers cultivate a niche interest audience naturally, so their connection with their followers is irreplaceable. The basis of influencer marketing works off that established trust and engagement between a creator and their followers. There’s no need to build a potential clientele from scratch. The right influencer can inform their following and increase your customer base at the same time.

So it’s easy to see how crucial it is to find the right influencer for your campaign. Micro influencers often have smaller followings, but these followings tend to have a tighter bond. Brands focused on community values and building a loyal customer base might want to focus their attention on these types of influencers, since the brand goal aligns with the audience.

On the other hand, well-established brands might look toward big-name influencers to get the most exposure and stay on top of trends. Being creative and relevant is second nature to influencers, two traits that are invaluable to any company looking to stay ahead in today’s market. 

Influencers are often at the mercy of social media algorithms, so original content from all voices is not equally curated or promoted. This puts both influencers and brands at a disadvantage when it comes to campaigns.

If you want to read more about how social media algorithms work, check out this blog explaining the YouTube algorithm.

When starting your campaign partner search, using a free influencer marketing platform like this ensures that you don’t neglect potential influencers through an imprecise searching technique. Before now, the only way to search for creators was to scroll endlessly through Instagram or TikTok, hoping to run across a metaphorical glass slipper and find the perfect fit for your campaign. 

search free influencer marketing platform

NeoReach freemium puts all of these influencers in one place, regardless of platform, and makes it easy to filter out the ones that don’t work. No more crossing your fingers and praying for a unique, engaging creator to show up on your for you page. Now you can take your pick of thousands of talented influencers through a list you can curate yourself and build long-lasting partnerships with creators that truly click with your brand.

Great Features, No Fees

What do you get with NeoReach freemium? 

1. Influencer Database

At your disposal is a database of internet creators numbering almost 50,000. Each has an overview containing a personal description as well as content keywords for accurate searches. You can search for influencers by content keywords or username in the search bar, and narrow down even further using the filters on the side. 

audience filters

The filters allow you to narrow results by 

  • Total followers
  • Social media platform
  • Location
  • Type of creator, including celebrities and brands
  • Audience metrics

This is probably the most useful feature for expediting the campaign process. Instead of trying to find relevant hashtags or associated creators, you can filter creators using the criteria and keywords they define themselves. This makes for a more accurate search and a better relationship for brands and influencers.

Looking to run an epic influencer marketing campaign with a perfect fit influencer? NeoReach has the best experience in creating viral campaigns that convert on social media. Sign up here! 

2. Influencer Metrics

Social media metrics can reveal important information about an influencer and whether their channels will be an effective platform for your campaign. You can see which channels get the most engagement as well as the total follower distribution across all their channels.

social media metrics

3. Demographics

In addition to information about the creator, you also have access to a breakdown of their audience demographics. Charts under each influencer will show you the average age range, location, and gender distribution of their audience. 

demographics: audience age

One of the unique analytics available under freemium includes the advanced audience demographics chart. By compiling information from past campaigns and social media intel, you can see the audience’s brand affinity. This can tell you what types of campaigns have worked well with this influencer and following before.

Demographics: brand affinity

4. Lists

Having access to all of this information is great, but where are you supposed to put all of it? The list function available to freemium members allows you to save and organize your influencer searches. You can organize the lists by name or creation date. This way, each campaign corresponds to a different list, making it easy to go back and find those that caught your eye when the time comes to reach out. 

Freemium create lists

Premium Account

The main benefit of the freemium account is access to a huge database of influencers willing and eager to work with brands. Some features, however, are restricted to premium account holders. 

With freemium, you can’t access advanced audience analytics such as income, occupation, and language. While you can create lists, there are a few other tabs for tracking campaign performance and API which are only available for premium members. For advanced audience analytics, campaign performance tracking, and more, sign up for a premium account.

However, these features only add to the usefulness of this influencer marketing platform. Even without them, you have access to an unprecedented database of influencer and audience information. To find the perfect influencer for your next campaign, take your search to the NeoReach freemium influencer marketing platform.

This article was written by Christiana Sinacola

Want to utilise a Neoreach freemium account for your next campaign? Get started with us today!

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