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What Influencer Marketing Services Does an Agency Provide?

By Editorial Staff

Influencer marketing is the future of the marketing industry and, as brands and agencies experiment with trends and engaging campaign strategies, influencer marketing continuously proves to be more influential, effective, and successful than traditional marketing. It’s a great opportunity for any brand to take its campaign strategy to the next level – as well as a worthwhile investment. But what influencer marketing services do these agencies provide?

But, there are many factors involved in an influencer marketing campaign. Keeping track of everything can be overwhelming without some help. This is why it would be extremely beneficial for brands to hire an influencer marketing agency for social media campaigns.

Hiring an Influencer Marketing Agency

When it comes to social media campaigns, these are the experts. An influencer marketing agency’s job is to make sure a campaign runs as smoothly as possible for both the brand and any influencers involved. Some influencer marketing services they provide include developing a strategy, selecting influencers, tracking progress, and bringing results. These are a few benefits of hiring an influencer marketing agency for social media campaigns:

  • They are skilled in content creation and audience engagement.
  • Most agencies already have strong relationships with influencers.
  • Offer resources like databases and software that help connect brands with influencers, assess algorithms, track campaigns, and ensure a brand is reaching all of its goals.
  • Take a great deal of stress off the shoulders of the brand through a variety of different influencer marketing services.

Influencer Marketing Services Offered by Agencies

1. Negotiating/Contracting Influencers

Through an influencer marketing campaign, brands have the opportunity to target a specific audience. By choosing an influencer with a similar audience as their target audience, the brand is able to appeal to them through that influencer. Although people of all ages are on social media, these campaigns can be especially effective if a brand’s target audience consists of the younger generation and they aim their strategy at that specific age group.

As stated above, many agencies have already established strong relationships with influencers. This comes in handy for brands, since searching for them can be both stressful and tedious. Influencer marketing agencies use their connections and software to locate the perfect influencers to help a brand reach its targeted audience. 

In our recent Oh! My Gif campaign with Moose Toys, our goal was to find creators of a wide following range who fit all of the criteria the brand was looking for in an influencer. We carefully selected 52 TikTok influencers with audiences ranging from 23k to 28M for the brand, who then took the platform by storm!


loving these #ohmygif collectibles! #ad

♬ original sound – OhMyGif! Moose Toys

2. Managing the Campaign and Budget

There are some costs associated with influencer marketing campaigns that brands may not immediately take into consideration. They must create their strategy, choose their platform(s), figure out who their intended audience is, hire influencers, and carry out the campaign in full – and the cost will vary based on each of these factors. 

Because of their extensive experience in the industry, an influencer marketing agency can accurately predict the overall cost and manage the campaign efficiently. When working with an agency, brands can establish a budget and an agency can work through all of the options available to them that will suit that budget. By hiring an influencer marketing agency, their strategic planning and expertise will prevent any surprises when it comes to cost.

Looking to run an epic influencer marketing campaign with a top agency? NeoReach has the best experience in creating viral campaigns that convert on social media. Sign up here! 

3. Developing Creative Strategy for Content

Since influencer marketing agencies are so well-versed in the marketing industry and current social media trends, they are great at developing a unique strategy for your brand and specific audience. These strategies help brands adapt their marketing approach to the shifting industry and the digital age through social media – they can also provide knowledge that will help diversify their social media strategy overall.

In our successful campaign with Fanduel, we implemented an “always-on” strategy. By doing this, the brand established long-term relationships with influencers through multiple promotional YouTube videos and affiliate links. This helped them gain strong connections with the influencer and loyal customers in their audiences.

4. Planning Posts

This ties in with developing a creative strategy, as there are multiple levels to every marketing strategy. In developing a campaign strategy, agencies will help brands plan every single detail regarding the social media posts by discussing how often the influencers will post, what platform they will use, how long or detailed the sponsorship will be, and what type of post they will formulate. Here are the six most common types of posts used for influencer marketing:

  • Sponsored Posts
  • Brand Ambassadors
  • Reviews
  • Giveaways
  • Takeovers
  • Affiliate Links


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5. Tracking and Reporting Performance

One of the most important influencer marketing services provided by agencies is their ability to track and report overall campaign performance to brands. Many agencies provide influencer marketing software, which helps carry out each step of a campaign. Here at NeoReach, our software solutions allow brands to search for influencers, manage the campaign activation, track campaign progress, and analyze the results – all with the help of our team and customizable options that help them manage the perfect campaign.

Influencer marketing campaigns don’t need to be overwhelming. The purpose of hiring an agency is to ensure that a social media campaign is carried out effectively, and there can be as much or as little involvement as the brand prefers. It’s an influencer marketing agency’s job to take away any unnecessary stress from the brand. The ultimate goal of an agency is to take away any unnecessary stress from the brand and make sure things run smoothly. They are experts in the industry and know, from experience, how to run a successful campaign.

This article was written by Rachel Phillis

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