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videos using OhMyGif original song


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Phase 1

Surpassing 100M Views on TikTok - Setting the Stage

Despite a massive decline in the toy industry, Moose Toys has had unmatched success as they continue to take innovative leaps pushing the boundaries of marketing in their industry. Toy companies' traditional marketing methods via commercials are no longer sufficient and unique social media marketing efforts are lacking. After previous success with our team, Moose Toys reached back out to us to help them spearhead the launch of their new toy, OhMyGif. Moose Toys recognized they needed to expand their social media presence beyond Instagram and YouTube. Thus, NeoReach turned their TikTok vision into reality.

Phase 1

The Team

Brendon McNerney: Creative Director & Influencer Partnerships
Jess Waxer: VP of Sales
Hannah Masten: Influencer Liaison & Operations

Our Roles
Influencer Activation
Music Licensing
Website Development
Data Collection
Brand Development
Product Shipment

Coherent Content

No company accomplished a viral launch via TikTok prior to #ohmygif. Moose Toys knew they needed to execute their launch flawlessly by creating a unified campaign that enabled individuals to recognize the trend and connect it to the hashtag “#ohmygif”, the brand, and the toy.

Audience Engagement & Data Collection

Moose Toys wanted to invest not only in the present, but the future of their brand as well. They wanted the ability to gauge interest in their audience and collect raw information about outside creators who would be interested in involvement in future campaigns moving forward.

Phase 2

Phase 2

Crafting Excellence

NeoReach’s expertise in launching large-scale influencer campaigns, growth with influencer marketing over eight years, and a comprehensive database have made our team more than well equipped. We knew we needed an intricate campaign with multiple components to attain goals and maximize success.

Bringing OhMyGif to Life

Unified content was crucial to this campaign so our team took advantage of TikTok's best quality: dancing. NeoReach developed an original song with usage rights and choreographed a dance specifically formulated for the brand. 52 influencers used the original song, the dance or revision of it, and the #ohmygif hashtag. The song was also linked to the OhMyGif TikTok page that we created for the brand.

Influencer Implementation

Our team curated a list of 52 unique TikTok influencers with audiences between 23K and 28M followers. Different size creators ensured a wide audience and an organic feel to the campaign. It also enabled our team to take advantage of TikTok’s algorithm by having different size creators post content in a waterfall pattern, ensuring the campaign ran at a constant high speed.

Tracking Curious Creators

To gauge interest, we developed a landing page that collected information and tracked it. Through this landing page outside creators signed up, were filtered through, and sent toys to spark organic content generation. Pamphlets created by our team were sent with the toy and NeoReach operationally handled the shipment of toys sent to the creators.

Creator Content

As the first company to achieve a viral launch on TikTok, NeoReach focused on creating a unified campaign with content that developed a trend that individuals could identify and connect to the #OhMyGif hashtag, Moose Toy brand, and the new toy.

Top Performing Influencer Cast

In this #OhMyGif campaign for Moose Toys, NeoReach activated a top-performing creator cast from a curated list of influencers while continuing to gauge and react to organic interest with creators of all sizes for widespread effect.

Giulia Pompeino

3.1M - top performing all star influencer / 1.8M views : Creator of comedic, relatable content for her audience. At the time of the campaign she had 3.1M followers and has since grown her following to 3.7M.

Lev Cameron

1.7M - top performing trendsetter influencer / 684K views : He utilizes his platform to create a wide range of content for his 2.0M followers.

SM6 Band

1.4M - top performing macro influencer / 1.9M views : These siblings share a love for pop rock and creating musical, comedic videos for their 1.4M followers on TikTok.

Tori Gray

124K - top performing micro influencer / 24K views : TikTok creator creating original voice over and dancing videos for her 124K followers. Tori was one of our top performing micro-influencers.

Montana Walsh

169K - top performing macro influencer / 894K views : Creator creating original content and dances for her 169K followers.

Andi Aston

2.9M - top performing trendsetter influencer / 603K views : Popular comedy TikTok star. He has amassed 2.9M followers through his original content.

Brent Rivera

28.7M - top performing all-star influencer / 4.7M views : Insanely popular TikTok star. He was the largest TikTok account on the platform when contracted for OhMyGif.

Konnor Fisher

383K - top performing macro influencer / 5.2M views : Up and coming creator. At the time we contracted him he has 383K followers and now has 450K. Our team was able to predict his growth! He achieved a whopping 5.2M views making him one of the top 5 performing influencers for this campaign.

Lexi Rivera

11.9M - top performing all star influencer / 3.8M views : At the time of contract Lexi had 11.9M and has since grown her following to 12.8M followers. She creates entertaining dance and voice over videos for her followers.

Caleb Natale

1M - top performing trendsetter influencer / 549K views : Popular TikTok star who uses the platform to showcase his sense of humor through his original content.

Phase 3

Oh! My Gif-ness ... Can You Believe These Numbers?


views of the #ohmygif hashtag


Earned Media Value


Return on Investment


Bonus views through cross-channel promotion


Videos using OhMyGif original song

The launch of OhMyGif turned out to be sensational. #OhMyGif serves as a testament to using social media platforms and trends to the campaign’s advantage. Rather than following suit with traditional unboxing, Moose Toys embedded TikTok’s dancing into their campaign and received phenomenal engagement from their audience. One of the greatest successes of this campaign was the overwhelming amount of organic content made and driven by the landing page created by our team. Cross-channel promotion through Instagram served as an added bonus as well. The influencers activated in this campaign also serve as a testament to their ability to set trends their followers will engage in.

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