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Influencer Spotlight: Loren Gray 

By Editorial Staff

Loren Gray is more than meets the eye…or meets the screen. She may just be 17-years-old with a $300,000 net worth and rising, but she’s not just another influencer. So, who really is Loren Gray? Keep reading to find out!

Loren Gray Beech was Born in small town America: Pottstown, PA. Upon rising to fame, she made the change to just Loren Gray. She explains in a video:  “I used to hate that my middle name was Gray, and now I actually go by it because I prefer it more than Beech.” 

She began her social media career on in 2015. She posted lip synching videos on her account as a way to socialize with her friends. She earned 30,000 followers at the age of 13. Something that she was just doing for fun as a hobby actually made her famous! She claims that she started out as a “pretty girl” who would post videos, but the more people got to know her, the more connected she became with her fans and the more popular she became. Before social media, she loved cheerleading and running track at school. She also had high career goals of becoming a forensic anthropologist. That was long before her claim to fame on social media came around the corner!Loren Gray Instagram

Moving to Los Angeles was the next step in her career. Loren’s mother began to homeschool her in LA while she pursued her online influencer career. Loren was very eager to leave her in-person school to escape bullying and all the conflicts it brought. Similar to most of us, Loren dealt with her fair share of bullies and she did not want to place herself in that situation for much longer. Instead, she chose to focus on her career, which clearly paid off!

Now, Loren has 17 million Instagram followers, 3.5 million YouTube subscribers, and has been spotted on pages of Teen Vogue and Seventeen Magazine.  She was nominated for Choice Muser at the 2016 Teen Choice Awards and Muser of the Year at the 9th Annual Shorty Awards in 2017. She was among some of the youngest in attendance, taking home the big time awards. Her fame grew by the minute. In 2017, she appeared in pop singer, HRVY’s, music video for “Personal.” Loren played a cheerleader who was apart of a high school break up, with her main line being “don’t take it personal.” In March 2018, she signed a record deal with Virgin Records. Following, she released her single “My Story,” where she gives the play by play of the life of 16-year-old (at the time) self-made phenomenon. Loren Gray was also invited to the 2018 AMA’s, where she got to run with the big dogs and set her eyes on high goals of hers. In November of 2018, she released her second single, “Kick You Out,” which she describes as showing the highs and lows that come from being in love. Such a young girl, and so much knowledge about love! But let’s be honest, we all fall for a good song about love.

Her third single was released in December 2018, “Queen,” which received more than 2 million views within the early months of releasing. Her role as back up performer did not stop after “Personal” and she was featured in Lost Kings’ single “Anti-Everything,” released in January 2019. Her time spent behind the camera with great artists only fuels her fire to become something great on her own.

So, what makes Loren Gray, Loren Gray? Well, the refreshing fact that she is like one of us. She remains a simple teenager, with a not so simple work schedule. She is down to earth, loves her family, and has a teenage crush on Panic! Loren is extremely inventive and is always on the search to add her to her talents. She appreciates other artists, and doesn’t feel threatened with new talent. So, next time you think influencers are planets away from us, think again! Loren Gray is a simple girl, with great talent. After reading about her “girl next door” persona, give her a chance and listen to her music!

This article was written by Jessica Paolucci

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