Top 10 TikTok Boys

By Editorial Staff

TikTok has taken over social media by storm and you can find most of your favorite viners resurfacing on TikTok. In case you aren’t familiar, TikTok is a newly popular social media platform where users can create and share short 15 second videos. Sound pretty similar to Music.ly? That’s because ByeDance bought Music.ly in 2018 and during this transition, TikTok was born. The TikTok app gives users a bank of songs, voice overs and effects to help create entertaining short clips. TikTok users get creative whether it be lip-synching videos, comedic skits, or viral challenges. Some familiar challenges are the #bottlecapchallenge and the #readytowear challenge. Anyone can join in on the fun but these are the top 10 most followed TikTok boys! Also, check out our blog of the top TikTok women.

  1. Jacob Sartorius

Top TikTok Boys Jacob Sartorius Profile

Born in Oklahoma but adopted by a family in Virginia, Jacob Sartorius is 16-years-old and is an actor, singer, and social media star. He started off his career on Vine and Musical.ly and now has taken over TikTok with over 20 million followers. Jacob started posting about anti-bullying on Vine when first starting which helped him connect and build a loyal fan base. He released a song called “Sweatshirt” in 2016 which launched his music career. You might know him as Stranger Things Millie Bobby Brown’s former boyfriend but are now just friends. 

  1. Zach King 

Zach King's TikTok Profile

Zach King is originally from Portland but now lives in LA pursuing his career. 29-year-old Zach is Chinese, Austrian, and Nicaraguan. He studied film at Biola University and has used his video editing skills to create a new genre of content. He is most famously known for his magic videos on Vine, TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. He uses special effects and editing techniques to mix sleight of hand tricks into his entertaining short videos. In 2011, King posted a video called “Jedi Kittens” that went viral and launched his career. Zach now lives in LA with his wife and two sons. 

  1. Gil Croes

Top TikTok Boys Gil Croes' Profile

Arubian social media star Gilmher Croes, AKA Gil, started his career on Musical.ly, so it’s only fitting that he is one of the top TikTok boys today. 26-year-old Gil grew up in Aruba and after graduating from the University of Aruba pursued a career in modeling and comedy. He then took to TikTok gaining popularity by using the app’s music feature creating fun and entertaining lip sync videos. After gaining a following he created a YouTube channel which bloomed into his channel with his younger brother Jayden (no.5 on this list). The brothers “collab” channel “CroesBros” houses funny skits, vlogs, challenges, and reaction videos. 

  1. Cameron Dallas

Cameron Dallas' TikTok Profile

Cameron Dallas is no rookie to the world of social media. Back in 2012 he started on Vine and is now known as one of the most famous “viners” to exist, so no surprise he has made a presence on TikTok. Cameron is known for his sense of humor and ability to pull pranks on his family and friends. As part of Magcon back in 2014, you could find Dallas doing collaborations with other creators on his YouTube channel and on tour. He has been nominated numerous times at the Teen Choice Awards and Netflix gave him a show highlighting his life called Chasing Cameron. Dallas is now 24 and lives in California where he was born and raised with his mother and older sister. 

  1. Jayden Croes 

Top TikTok Boys Jayden Croes' Profile

As the second half of the Croesbros, Jayden is the younger brother of Gil and just as funny! He is known for his ability to bring his hilarious personality into his videos to make his viewers laugh and swoon. Although he is younger he still has a massive following of his own on TikTok. He is 20-years-old grew up in Aruba with Gil and the rest of the Croes family.

  1. Dobre Twins

Top TikTok Boys Dobre Twins' Profile

Twins, Lucas and Marcus Dobre are 20-year-old twins from Maryland and sons of retired Gymnastic Olympian Aurelia Dobre. The twins started off making videos on Vine and eventually branched out to create their own youtube channel, Lucas and Marcus. They also created a channel with their two older brothers Darius and Cyrus called Dobre Brothers. With all of the fame and success on Vine they connected with Influencer Jake Paul and eventually joined his Team 10 out in LA. Amongst all of the fame and fortune the twins missed their family and eventually decided to leave Team 10 and move back home. All four of the brothers moved out to LA last year and now the “Dobre Army” can watch the twins hilarious skits, flips, and challenges on YouTube and TikTok! 

  1. Cash Baker

Cash Baker's TikTok Profile

Part of another brother duo, Cash Baker is 16-years-old and is a rising singer and social media star. He gained his popularity on TikTok and is still growing his fanbase with his brother Maverick. Young girls have fallen in love with Cash and call themselves the #CashArmy. You can find funny short videos of Cash lip-syncing and doing funny skits on his TikTok.

  1. Maverick Baker

TikTok Boys Maverick Baker's Profile

As the older brother of Cash, Maverick Baker is 18-years-old and also got his start on TikTok making lip-synching and reaction videos. Cash and Maverick have released a few songs together and are continuing to pursue their singing careers while still uploading cute videos on TikTok. You can check out their latest music video for “Good Thing” on their youtube channel, Cash and Maverick.

  1. Casey Simpson

Casey Simpson's TikTok Profile

Casey Simpson is not new to showbiz as he is best known for his role in Nickelodeon show Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn. He is 15-years-old and is not only an actor but a social media star with a young following. He started acting at a young age and continues to share his adorable personality and reviews on his TikTok and YouTube accounts. You can find popular viral challenges featured on his channels as well as collabs with other well-known influencers like Mackenzie Ziegler. 

  1. Jake Paul

Top TikTok Boys Jake Paul

Jake Paul is known for his strong social media presence across the board. He is the creator of Team 10 and got his start to fame on Vine. Jake and his brother Logan have been in the spotlight in the past for being controversial content creators. They have toned down on their extreme activities over the past year. Jake has over 19 million subscribers on YouTube, 12 million followers on Instagram, and 6 million on TikTok. Jake is known for pulling pranks on his friends and family and doing outrageous activities for his viewers’ entertainment. 

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This article was written by Eunna Oh

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