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Top 10 Tik Tok Influencers

By Editorial Staff

Tik Tok: where teens across the world share dance, song and creativity. With over 250 million users, and 15 million video clips posted daily, Tik Tok is a force to be reckoned with! Tik Tok recently purchased the app, forcing users to transition to a new platform. Despite the change, top influencers in the world of Tok still remain. Below is a list of Tik Tok’s top influencers! Learn how to reach these influencers here.

Top 10 Tik Tok Influencers

By Kyleigh Eaton

Lisa and Lena Mantler


With 32 million followers, these sisters have rightfully earned their spot at no. 1 on this list! Lisa and Lena are identical twins from Germany, who are natural born creators and performers. The two of them make cute lip syncing videos and have acquired quite a following since their start. With millions of followers, these twins are unstoppable!

Loren Gray


Loren Gray is an actress, model and dancer who is best known for her lively Tik Tok videos. With 29.7 million followers, she is the second most popular influencer in the Tik Tok community. Since gaining her fame on the platform, she has gone on to release her first single and continues to grow as a musician and influencer. Loren Gray inspires users to chase their dreams!

Baby Ariel


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i claim this song as ours

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“Baby Ariel” is an American singer and influencer who gained her fame on Tik Tok. With 29.2 million followers, Ariel is among the top Tik Tok users in the world! Her creative and comical content is evidently irresistible by users. Ariel was named one of the most influential people on the internet by Time magazine in 2017!

Kristen Hancher


Kristen Hancher has a passion for music and dance, which accounts for her fame as a Tik Tok influencer. Kristen first rose to fame for posting singing and dancing videos on YouNow but later ditched the platform for Tok. With 21.5 million followers, her voice and dance moves have won over users worldwide.  

Cameron Dallas


Cameron Dallas started his career on Vine, where he posted clips of making a fool of himself. On Vine, this influencer was the eleventh most followed account, so it’s no surprise that he was an instant success on Tik Tok given his following. With 17.9 million followers, he has rightfully earned his spot on this list!

Gil Croes


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👍🏻 or 👎🏻 ?! … it ain’t easy🤣

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Gil Croes is among the top Tik Tok influencers today with over 16 million followers. What many people may not know is that Gil used to be a model in Aruba and made comedy sketches for fun in his free time. Since getting his start on Tik Tok, Gil has pursued acting and won the Best Male Actor award at the Aruba Short Film Festival in 2015!

Savannah Soutas


Savannah Soutas, now known as Savannah LaBrant, is a young mom who rose to fame on Tik Tok by posting lip syncing videos with her daughter, Everleigh. With 13.7 million followers, Savannah now makes YouTube videos and recently launched her own clothing boutique! She and her daughter continue to win the hearts of users by posting lip syncing videos still to this day.

Liza Koshy


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YO FORGET BILL… it's a LIZABOARD baby! i am so shocked, honored and truly upset i didn't do my eyebrows better. BUT she is more than just a cute face… she represents a beautiful team of insanely talented people who brought joy to me and your screen. to our cast, crew, youtube and YOU… thank you for dedicating your precious time and energy into this labor of love! i can't wait to work with your lovely selves again… JUST MANIFESTING @youtube. and thank you cuties for watching! thank you for your love, support, and lust for another season.. MANIFESTING. so if you're bored (im a board) then click the link in my bio to watch our show now! ❤️ and tag yourself if you were a part of this baby-making! thank you 🙏🏽

A post shared by Liza Koshy (@lizakoshy) on

Liza Koshy is a Vine phenomenon whose fame translated to Tik Tok in recent years. With 13.6 million followers, Liza puts a smile on the faces of her followers around the world. Today, Liza is a YouTuber, actress, comedian and TV host. She has made a name for herself in the world of comedy and has received various awards including four Streamy Awards and four Teen Choice Awards!

Jayden Croes


Jayden Croes’ claim to fame was being the brother of Gil Croes, the sixth influencer on this list. Now with 14.4 million followers, Jayden has made quite the name for himself as an influencer. Today, the two brothers have a YouTube channel together called CroesBros and continue to grow as influencers.

Mackenzie Ziegler


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i never post covers but i was feelin risky

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With 12.3 million followers, Mackenzie Ziegler from the hit TV show Dance Moms has grown in the social media world as a popular Tik Tok influencer. Millions of users follow her videos for inspiration in song and dance! Mackenzie continues to create original and creative content, from new dance moves to vocals.

This article was written by Kyleigh Eaton

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