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The New Team 10: The Hype House

By Editorial Staff

What Is the Hype House?

You may have heard of Team 10, but now you need to get ready for the Hype House, a hub for all of the biggest TikTok influencers. Team 10 is what we know as Jake Paul’s elite group of influencers that all live together in their house. While Team 10 has evolved around many creators and into a creative management agency, the Hype House is only just getting started and has been around for about the last month or so. It actually started with an ex-Team 10 member, Thomas Petrou.

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TikTok Influencers at the Hype House
Credit: NY Times

How the Hype House Got Started

Petrou, a self-labeled “21-year-old kid with a dream,” made the Hype House a reality, of which he explained in a video posted by the Lopez Brothers on December 9. In the video, he gave viewers the inside scoop of making the house possible in only 13 days, “from the idea to calling places, touring places, and making it happen.”

Hype House Members

Now, there are twenty TikTok influencers in the Hype House community.

The boys in the House are: 

  • Thomas Petrou
  • Chase Hudson
  • The Lopez brothers, Tony & Ondreaz
  • Alex Warren
  • Nick Austin
  • Connor Yates
  • The Wright brothers, James & Jack
  • Wyatt Xavier
  • Ryland Storms
  • Patrick Huston
  • Hootie Hurley
  • Calvin Goldby

The ladies of the House include:

  • Sisters Charli and Dixie D’amelio
  • Addison Easterling
  • Daisy Keech
  • Avani
  • Kouvr Annon
NameTikTok HandleFollower Count
Charli D’amelio@charlidamelio16.2M
Addison Easterling@addisonre9.5M
Chase Hudson@lilhuddy8.7M
Dixie D’amelio@dixiedamelio5.9M
Ondreaz Lopez@ondreazlopez_4.2M
Tony Lopez@tonylopez__3.3M
Alex Warren@alexwaarren2.7M
Nick Austin@nickaustinn1.4M
Daisy Keech@daisykeech1.1M
Kouvr Annon@k0uvr1.1M
Thomas Petrou@petroutv899.2K
Ryland Storms@rylandstormss661.7K
Jack Wright@jack.wright632K
Hootie Hurley@hootiehurley573.6K
James Wright@jameswrightt387.6K
Patrick Huston@patrickhu5ton207K
Calvin Goldby@calvingoldby138.6K
Connor Yates@paperyates111.6K
Wyatt Xavier@wyatt35K

What the Hype House Posts

The Hype House’s TikTok account grew a following of over three million in only a week and a half of the account being created. The group’s posts include all of their members in tons of different collabs which bring together anywhere from a duo to an entire group. The community posts tons of vlogs, dancing videos, lip-syncing, and anything else relevant to the members in the house. The Hype House also re-posts videos from individuals’ accounts, as well as vice versa, gaining more and more views, likes, and follows with every single post.

Life in the Hype House

With 20 members and tons of space to live in the enormous LA mansion, it’s hard to tell who is a permanent resident and who’s coming and going. There are currently 6 confirmed residents: Thomas Petrou, Daisy Keech, Alex Warren, Kouvr Annon, Ryland Storms, Calvin Goldby, and Chase Hudson.

Charli and Lil Huddy?

Charli D’amelio and Chase Hudson, the most followed girl and guy of the Hype House, have been shipped by TikTok users since way before the House even started, and the stardom has only grown stronger since this community was established. There have been rumors about Charli and Chase dating for months and the duo sure isn’t shutting them down anytime soon, since all of their posts together are definitely not shy of friendly. The two young creators haven’t addressed dating rumors, but until they do, TikTokers can be expected to stan the adorable duo.

What’s the Purpose?

The purpose of the Hype House is to establish a space for all of these young TikTok influencers to create videos, collaborate and, at the end of the day, gain that many more views and followers. It’s a content hub and just encourages more posts to be made and more collaborations to happen. These young influencers are changing the game of this insanely popular app by adding a group dynamic that hasn’t been very prevalent before the Hype House.

Do They Make Money?

These teens are making tons of money with every post they create on TikTok. Here are the top 5 Hype House members’ earnings:

InfluencerEstimated Earnings Per Post
Charli D’amelio$9,736 - $16,227
Addison Easterling$5,694 - $9,490
Chase Hudson$5,241 - $8,736
Avani$4,715 - $7,859
Dixie D’amelio$3,555 - $5,925

Social Media Groups

Communities, also known as collab or content houses, like Team 10 and Our Second Life have done similar group efforts via their respective platforms like YouTube. The reason why these communal living situations are so sensational is because of the ability to build a following, community, and, most importantly, business opportunities.

Group NamePlatformFollower Count
Hype HouseTikTok4.3M
Our Second LifeYouTube2.89M
Team 10YouTube2.55M

This article was written by Anneliese Muller

Now that you understand this new dynamic, it’s time to capitalize on the growing popularity of the Hype House. Get started with us today!

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