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Jake Paul Net Worth: From Scandals to Dollars

By Editorial Staff

Jake Paul is a household name in the world of social media. At only 22 years old, he is one of the highest-paid YouTubers in the world! Hailing from Cleveland Ohio, Jake and his brother Logan Paul have risen to be some of the most famous influencers. Over the past six years, Paul has gone from posting vines to operating his own social media incubator and management company. Being in the spotlight has brought Jake fame and money but also criticism and hatred. We will breakdown what Jake Paul net worth is to date and how he climbed his way to the top over the years. 

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Who Is Jake Paul

Growing up in Cleveland Ohio, Jake was an average kid who loved to prank his brother and parents. In 2013, the popular application Vine was released and Jake started posting short funny video clips to his account. Vine is where many other influencers got their start such as Cameron Dallas, Logan Paul, and Shawn Mendez just to name a few. When the application shut down in 2018, Jake had over 5.3 million followers and had become a teen heartthrob. Jake had told his parents that he was going to drop out of high school his senior year to “pursue fame” by moving out to Los Angeles with his brother Logan. With the success he had through Vine, Jake was able to land an acting role on Disney Channel’s series Bizaardvark, which grew his fame to another level. After starring on the show for 18 months, Jake was fired from the show, which was played off as a mutual separation. Jake then started to work on building his YouTube presence and influencer career. 

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As a famous influencer, Jake always had girlfriends who were rising influencers or already popular social media stars. His relationships were very public and often the breakups were triggered by drama and scandal. His first serious public relationship was with a fellow YouTuber Alissa Violet. The couple was together for a year before having a very dramatic public breakup over social media. Alissa, who was a part of Jake’s Team 10,  claimed that she and Jake were never officially dating but that they were only together for fame. Jake had announced via social media that Alissa had cheated on him, causing fans to attack her. Later Alissa revealed that Jake had dumped all of her belongings outside of the Team 10 House house, forcing her to move out, and had also emotionally abused her. After a few years of hard feelings and fans taking sides, Jake and Alissa both entered into new relationships and the heat settled down. Recently, Jake filmed a YouTube video with Alissa’s now ex-boyfriend FaZe Banks making fun of the rivalry between the two. 

Shortly after breaking up with Alissa is was rumored that Jake and one of his Team 10 members, Tessa Brooks began to date. Tessa had met Jake while working on a movie and Jake brought her on to Team 10. In January of 2018, Tessa posted a video on her YouTube channel titled “Explaining Why I Left Team 10” where she explained how she grew distant from the rest of the group and that she knew it was not the right career path for her. It is unsure if the two were ever officially dating, but once she left Team 10 it was assumed that the two had split up. 

The next serious relationship that Jake was in was with his assistant at the time, Erika Costell. Ther couple went by the name “Jerika” and fans were in love with the duo and the videos they would post together. After a year and a half of “dating” Jake and Erika got fake married in Las Vegas and the pair boosted their view rates and following from this stunt. Jake, later on, claimed that he and Erika were never dating and it was all a stunt for social media (sound familiar?). Later it was made clear that Jerika was a real couple and the two grew apart and had become toxic for one another. In Shane Dawson’s series on Jake, Erika was by his side supporting him through the criticism and hard conversations that shed light on why Jake is the way he is.

“Jana” has taken over social media this past summer and continues to confuse fans and the public. Jake started dating YouTube star Tana Mongeau in April of 2019, shortly after Tana revealed her ex Brad Sousa had cheated on her. At first, Jake and Tana joked about being in love and being in a relationship on their respective YouTube channels, but month after month the couple continued to post content promoting their relationship and they even got married in Las Vegas. It was very unclear if the couple’s relationship was real or for “clout” as the couple always jokes about. On Tana’s channel, it seemed that even her closest friends were unsure if the two were seriously dating even after the wedding. The couple streamed their wedding online where fans were able to pay to watch the ceremony which coupled with the increase in views on both of their videos with ads surely has lifted their income from YouTube. 

The Mind of Jake Paul

As many young Influencers grow into their stardom, Jake has had many moments of regret after being harshly criticized by the media. He is known for his house being loud and disruptive and going to extreme lengths to create content. Jake has many fans but also many haters as people believe he is not a good influence and even got the title of a sociopath at one point. In order to clear his name and let the truth out Jake collaborated with YouTuber Shane Dawson. The series was called “The Mind of Jake Paul” and was an eight-part series. After stories from his ex’s and distasteful videos on his channel, Shane wanted to address the fact that people labeled Jake as a sociopath. With the help of therapist Kati Morton, Shane was able to uncover problems from Jake’s past with his family that has caused him to act the way he does. The purpose of this was to get the world to have a better understanding of Jake and to have less uninformed assumptions. After this series, all of Shane’s fans now knew about Jake Paul and Team 10, if they didn’t know already. The press covered the series and Jake gained even more popularity.

Top Sources of Income:

  • YouTube
  • Team 10
  • Merch
  • Brand Deals


Jake has been posting on YouTube since 2013 and continues to post frequently on his main channel. Jake also started posting on the Team 10 channel but has not been posting for the past four months. Jake’s main channel has just about 20 million subscribers and over 70 billion views thus far and continues to grow daily. Based on his average number of views a day, Jake should be making around $18,000 daily adding up to $6.6 million a year off of YouTube ads. 

Jake Paul YouTube

Team 10

In 2017, Jake founded a creative agency for influencer marketing called Team 10. He had received $1 million in funding from investors which grew into a money-making talent label, which is still up and running today. Although members of Team 10 often come and go and the turnover rate is very high, many influencers gain their popularity and grow their following by being on Team 10. Jake is an advisor to the aspiring influencers, making sure they are creating fresh content regularly and getting his team brand deals. The group lives in a modern house covered in graffiti that costs $17,000 a month in Beverly Grove in Los Angeles. He makes 30% of each Team 10 members’ income which surely adds a significant amount to Jake Paul net worth.

Team 10 Instagram Feed


Another big moneymaker for Jake and Team 10 is his merchandise line that he sells on Fanjoy’s website. Jake has had been making merchandise for a few years and changes his selection up often. “J. Paulers” AKA his super fans can buy sweatshirts, T-shirts, jerseys, underwear and more depending on the season. You can find some of Jake’s signature slogans such as “It’s Everyday Bro” and “Team 10” on the merch. In many of his videos, Jake will start by talking about his new merch and telling fans where they can buy it. In April 2018 Jake got a merchandise truck made wrapped in red camo. Inside the Team 10 house, there is also a whole store for friends and family to pick up some goodies when they go over. There isn’t much information on how much Jake actually makes from his merch but his brother Logan is estimated to make $10 million annually from his merch so we can only expect similar numbers from the younger Paul brother. 

Jake Paul Merch

Overall Net Worth Recap

So, what is Jake Paul net worth? When taking a look at Jake’s previous rankings when it comes to his net worth he ranked No. 7 on Forbes World’s highest-paid YouTube stars 2017 list with a net worth of $11.5 million. In two years, he almost doubled his worth ranking in at No. 2 for the highest-paid YouTuber by Business Insider with an estimated net worth of $21.5 million. It can be expected that his net worth will continue to grow in 2019. He might even be kicking Ryans Toys Reviews out of No. 1 for the highest-paid YouTuber!

This article was written by Eunna Oh

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