Top 20 TikTok Dances of 2019

By Editorial Staff

TikTok is obviously on the rise and doesn’t look like it’s growth will be stopping anytime soon. The app allows users to create videos at any length up to a minute, with clips typically stopping after about 15 seconds. With influencers creating a name for themselves on the engaging app, the main reason a lot of people are drawn to endless scrolling is because of the TikTok dances to popular songs that creators have allowed to go practically viral. Check out the top 20 TikTok dances to keep an eye on and that you can start learning, too!

Til the Morning

  • Featured in 8.8M videos

The first TikTok dance we’re looking at is one to the song “Til the Morning” by DJ Carisma. TikTok users dance to this song with a series of moves popular all over the app. There have been over 8.8 million videos made to this song, with some notable creators being Averie Gilley (@averiegilley) and Lilli Lord (@lillilord).

The Renegade

  • Featured in 5.7M videos

Definitely one of the most notable TikTok dances right now is Renegade, which goes to the song “Lottery” by K CAMP. Some of the most notable TikTok creators like Charli D’Amelio (@charlidamelio) and Sarah Magusara (@sarahmagusara) have recreated the popular dance which involves continuous movements starting with a “woah,” and then going to simple, but fast-paced, clapping and “wave”-like motions. 

The Weekend

  • Featured in 5.1M videos

Made by SZA and Calvin Harris, “The Weekend” has blown up through TikTok dances made to the up-beat song. With over 5.1 million videos made to it, some notable TikTok creators that have created this are Danielle Cohn (@daniellecohn), Addison Rae (@addisonre), and Tawhao Webster (@ahidden.ace). This dance is one of the simplest and shortest dances on our list, with only about 15 seconds of subtle moves.

Obsessed with Me

  • Featured in 4.3M videos

If you’ve ever been on the app or have seen any TikTok dances, this is probably the one that you’ve seen. Mariah Carey’s “Obsessed” blew up this summer and has now generated over 4.3 million videos with creators dancing along to the popular song. Probably the most well-known video to this song was created by a visibly upset Reese Hardy (@reesehardy_) and reached 2.7 million likes, helping the trend blow up, starting the #Obsessed challenge and also starting a wave of memes to her original video. Other popular TikTok creators that participated were Howie Mandel (@officialhowiemandel), Carly from the Vlog Squad (@carlyincontro), and Mariah Carey (@mariahcarey) herself!

Be Gone Thot!

  • Featured in 4.0M videos

Lil Mayo created the song “Be Gone Thot!” which has brought over 4 million videos to show creators favorite TikTok dances as well as a small variety of short skits made up to the song. Some TikTok creators you might recognize that have participated are Tony Lopez (@tonylopez__), Reagan & Madis (@reagan.and.madison), and Analisse (@analisseworld).

Spooky Scary Skeletons

  • Featured in 3.9M videos

This year’s Halloween season was highlighted by the funny meme that came from a 1996 children’s song called “Spooky Scary Skeletons.” The song seems to have blown up by a creator who goes by @minecrafter2011 on TikTok, and in turn, started an entire trend to kick off the spooky season with 6 million likes on his intricate and super fast-paced TikTok dance. TikTok dancer Maddi Winter (@maddiwinter) got especially creative with her dance to this song, having created an entire production that she says took over 12 hours to edit and draw.

Turn the Speakers up 

  • Featured in 3.3M videos

Our seventh-ranked TikTok dance comes from a compilation sound created by Dylan Miller (@thedylanmiller), who mashed up five songs that were TikTok dance trends during the month of July this year. Along with mashing up these trending songs, he created a bunch of dances, that a bunch of creators soon followed up with through their own videos. This TikTok dance was recreated by influencers such as Hannah (@hannahryleee), Jacy and Kacy (@jacyandkacy), and Sarah Magusara (sarahmagusara).

The Git Up

  • Featured in 3.1M videos

This country-themed TikTok dance comes from the song “The Git Up” by Blanco Brown. This dance took off after Harvey Bass (@harveybass) created a dance that soon went completely viral and brought him to collaborate with other TikTok creators like Davonte (@davonte.house) and Ajani Huff (@ajani.huff). The dance consists of some funny dance moves, which was originally created through the perception of the video moving toward the viewer!

Stupid Boy

  • Featured in 2.9M videos

At almost 3 million videos, Ashnikko’s song “STUPID” produced one of the funniest and most simple TikTok dances that blew up this year. The videos are short and typically have two people participating in the dance, which goes to the chorus “stupid boy thinks that I need him.” Julia Katherine (@itsjuliaeh), The Mescia Twins (@mesciatwins), and even singer Miley Cyrus (@mileycyrus) and her boyfriend Cody Simpson (@codysimpson) have recreated this funny video.


  • Featured in 2.6M videos

Back in the beginning of summer, the #unodancechallenge took storm as a new TikTok dance that over 2 million people have taken part in since. The artist who produced the song “Uno,” Ambjaay, started this challenge with the hope of creating opportunities for more artists by teaming up with DanceOn to give someone a chance to win a spot in his next video. Jordan Beckham (@jordanbeckham_), The Sharp Twins (@thesharptwins), and Jesse Hernandez (@jesseunderhill) all took part in the challenge, bringing their own individual twist to the popular dance challenge.

I Don’t Mind

  • Featured in 2M videos

TikTok creator Danielle Cohn (@daniellecohn) just about broke the internet when she dropped her TikTok dance to the song “I Don’t Mind” by Usher. People started recreating this dance immediately, replicating everything from the moves to her Harvard hoodie and black sweatpants. It became a fast meme, but people have loved reproducing her simple dance moves that have racked up about 2 million videos across TikTok, with creators like James Charles (@jamescharles) and Matt King on Zane Hijazi’s account (@zanehijazi) taking part in the trend. 

Eyes, lips, face

  • Featured in 1.6M videos

Elf Cosmetics’ took to TikTok to run an ad campaign using the 15-second song produced by artist Holla FyeSixWun that started with well-known TikTok creator Brittany Tomlinson (@brittany_broski), aka the “kombucha girl.” The campaign soon took off and now has over 1.6 million videos recreated with the same sound. With appearances by people like James Charles (@jamescharles) and Addison Rae (@addisonre), the dance is a subtle one, that literally highlights the three aspects in the song’s title: eyes, lips, and face.

Get Silly

  • Featured in 1.3M videos

The old-school song “Get Silly” by V.I.C. blew up on TikTok this year when TikTok creator Brandon Singletary (@brandonarnaz) posted a hilarious video using only a trampoline. Since then, the hashtag #getsillychallenge has brought a combination of people on trampolines, jumping around in a similar way, as well as a more elaborate dance routine that has been recreated by creators like the Mescia Twins (@mesciatwins) and Ryland Storms with Charli D’Amelio (@rylandstormss).


  • Featured in 1.3M videos

Artist Arizona Zervas (@arizonazervas) announced his new song “ROXANNE” in October with a TikTok that has over 484,000 likes. The TikTok sound has curated over a million videos, with appearances from creators like Ryan Orona (@ryanorona) and Michael Le (@justmaiko) participating in the popular TikTok dance.

DIP & Lean

  • Featured in 893K videos

Next up, is a series of TikTok dances that goes by #dipandleanchallenge, originally starting with the creator Brandom “Bam” Morales (@bamthedancer) who posted the first video to the song “DIP & Lean” by BlacKlout. The challenge essentially combines every TikTok dance that had gone viral by the time the challenge was made up. Now, the challenge has just under one million videos, with creators like The Bentist (@thebentist) and Charli D’Amelio (@charlidamelio) taking part in the dance.

Shake It

  • Featured in 694K videos

You probably never expected the 2007 song “Shake It” by Metro Station to make a comeback, but it blew up this year thanks to a popular TikTok dance. The dance is unique to each creator but ranges from anything to partnering up with someone and following the lyrics of the song. With almost 700,000 videos created, creators like Antonie Lokhorst(@antonielokhorst) and Twin Melody (@twinmelody) have created viral videos to this popular TikTok dance song.

Oh Na Na Na

  • Featured in 515K videos

Creators across the whole platform took part in the Oh Na Na Na challenge that also goes by a few names like “heel-toe-heel-toe” or the “happy feet dance.” The Song “Oh Nanana” by Bonde R300 brought creators like Allison Holker Boss (@allisonholkerboss), Noor Afshan (@afshanrooh), and Scott Hoying (@scotthoying) to get up and dance to the #ohnananachallenge.

Rock, slide, twist

  • Featured in 439K videos

Our sixteenth ranked TikTok dance is one of the funniest dances you’ll find on the app. The song “Team Lilman Anthem” by artist DJ Lilman has recently taken over TikTok with dances that replicate the lyrics of the song verbatim. Creators like dancer Chaz Bruce (@chazbruce0) and Joey Klaasen (@joeyklaasen), along with over 439,000 of other TikTok users, took part in this crazy challenge.


  • Featured in 285K videos

This TikTok dance has been blowing up within the past few weeks and the number of videos created to the song “F*** It Up” by Kamaiyah has been growing day by day. Along with tutorials on how to do the TikTok dance, popular creators like Sarah Magusara (@sarahmagusara) and Payton Moormeier (@payton) have taken part in this TikTok dance which has been labeled the “c-walk.”

Kill This Love

  • Featured in 176K videos

Blackpink, the K-Pop girl group, started a TikTok dance trend earlier this year with their song “Kill This Love,” which has a large amount of elaborate dance moves. SandyMandy (@sandymandy731) and Tippiez (@tippiez) jump-started this viral TikTok dance trend with intense videos that they did alongside some dance partners of theirs.

This article was written by Anneliese Muller

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