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How Jake Paul Is Creating Social Media Stars Through Team 10

By Editorial Staff

Team 10 is a creative management agency created for influencers and media creators to be transformed into big headlines. Jake Paul, who you might originally know from the 7-second video platform, Vine, created this company to bring talented individuals together for fast media growth. Jake desired for this community to, yes, help increase his growth but more so to allow him to mentor other influencers on their path to the top. Since its creation in 2017, the crew has transformed completely. One thing has remained the same, however, and that is the insane amounts of views and fandom each member has generated.   

Jake Paul began his video stardom filming short videos on Vine. He was very successful at growing a following and in a short period was able to reach over 5 million followers. By the time Vine shut down in early 2017, Paul was ready to begin the creation of his own company and launched Team 10. That same year, Paul got his fellow content creators behind his mission and Team 10 exploded as their high energy videos on YouTube flooded the internet. Paul wanted to mentor these creatives and teach them how to create content that would gain a lot of views. To do so, he also matched each member with agents and gave them the tools they need to grow their pages. And after taking a look at his massive following, it is clear that Jake Paul knows how to maintain a fanbase.

Social Media PlatformHandleFollowing
YouTubeJake Paul19.8M

What Does Team 10 Post?

The team’s videos cover a large variety of crazy ideas ranging from dangerous stunts to hilarious reaction videos. Their videos are entertaining and created in a way that forces viewers to watch the whole video from start to finish to see the results of their crazy ideas. Among their other posts are squad pictures or moments captured behind the scenes of their vlogs.

Team 10 YouTube Channel

So, Who’s on Team 10? 

The original Team 10 had six members in one house and loads of drama. 

Original Team:

  • Jake Paul
  • Alissa Violet
  • Neels Visser
  • The Dobre twins
  • AJ Mitchell

The Original Team 10

Since this current team, however, many members have left the house. In fact, the team now only has one member remaining from the original crew and that is Jake Paul himself. The first to leave was notably Neels Visser, although the reasons were not disclosed. Following his departure was goodbye for the Dobre twins, who were soon replaced by the Martinez twins. And since, Alissa Violet and AJ Mitchell have also left.  

In the past 2 years, many creatives have joined and quit the team including Chance Sutton who as of 2019, has a net worth of over $2 million, Anthony Trujillo ($1.5 million), Tristan Tales who was recently nominated for Snapchatter of the Year, Cole Carrigan ($1.3 million) and many others who in 2018 estimated earnings of around $200,000 each. Looking at these numbers, it’s no doubt that Jake Paul’s idea of Team 10 brought in significant profits to all of its members.

Other Members Included:

  • Chad Tepper
  • Kade Speiser
  • Tessa Brooks
  • Alex Lange
  • Erika Costell
  • Stan Gerards
  • Max Beaumont
  • Ben Hampton
  • Justin Roberts
  • Lauren Dascaloo
  • Nick Crompton

The New Team 10

In Jan. 2017, Paul raised $1 million to create the official company TeamDom that manages the crew. Paul refers to his company as a “social media incubator.” This $1 million investment came from a Chinese Investment firm Danhua who was very impressed by Team 10’s fast growth. 

Current Team:

NameNet Worth (2018)YouTube SubscribersInstagram Followers
Jake Paul$19M+19.8M12.6M
Brandon Amato$1M+96.3K356K
Travis Talbott$1M+3.83M251K
Casey Talbott$1M+3.83M258K
Caci Twins$1M+ (each)550K340K

The team previously lived in a massive house in California where they would shoot content and plan ideas as a team every day. Up until their experiment to start a massive fire in their pool, the team would create shocking and noisy explosions that blew the minds of their viewers right in their home. Unfortunately for them, their neighbors were no longer willing to put up with the constant bangs and booms and threatened to file a civil suit against the crew after that stunt. Team 10 had to pack up and relocate to a new place and not surprisingly, aren’t sharing their address this time. 

New Team 10 House

Life in the Team 10 House

Between the insane tricks and parties, the YouTubers work hard. Their ability to entertain a crowd is reflected in their growing following and large view count. But realistically any time these many young adults are under one roof 24/7, there is bound to be drama too. For the YouTube world, this drama can sometimes look kind of different than you’d imagine. After Ivan and Emilio, the Martinez Twins left the team and released a video explaining the horrors of living in the mansion. They claimed they were “in constant threat of Jake’s pranks” and had little to no privacy. The team often teased each other and used each other as jokes, which, as seen with Tessa’s exit, can often get hurtful.  

They Do Music too

In May 2017, Paul and the crew released a new rap song called “It’s Everyday Bro” on YouTube with a full music video. Currently, this video sits at the second-most disliked video on YouTube, with over 4.5 million dislikes. The video begins at the mansion as the camera pans over Team 10 dancing around their expensive cars. In the lyrics, Paul flaunts his success and draws attention to the fame he’s created. From that video alone, it is estimated Jake and the team made between $84K and $672.3K.

Let’s Talk Money

 As of 2019, Jake Paul’s net worth stands at over $19 million, putting him in the top 10 most profitable YouTubers. 

Sources of income:

  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • Endorsement Deals
  • Team 10
  • Merch

Paul receives a fairly large percent (20 percent) of all earnings of the team which in 2018, was multi-millions. 

Team 10 has worked on endorsement deals with some extremely popular companies including Coca Cola, H&M, and Burger King. Their profits are definitely significant as past residencies have cost the team over $17,000 a month. It is estimated that Paul alone earns around $30,000 per paid post on Instagram.

Team 10 merch is advertised frequently throughout their videos and posts. And although there isn’t much information about the profits of those sales, we can assume that with a following of 2.56 million subscribers, many Team 10 fans are purchasing merch and these additional profits are certainly reflected in the star’s high net worth. 

What’s in Their Future?

 Currently, the team is in a bit of a period of transition since its members left and recent controversies with the Paul brothers surfaced. Their website banners state there is a “new era coming soon.”

New Era Coming Soon 

It seems as though Jake Paul’s focus is no longer on Team 10 and video filming as he has recently been training for boxing, which he had been interested in long before YouTube took over his life. In his latest video, however, the YouTube star states that “[he doesn’t think he’ll] ever stop YouTube.” As for the team, the current members still remain at the house and new content appears to be on the way. 

This article was written by Hannah Masten

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