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Top 10 Tik Tok Women Who You Should Follow

By Editorial Staff

Are you looking for creative, entertaining, and empowered women to follow on Tik Tok? Tik Tok currently has over 500 million users, many of which are strong female influencers. Similar to Vine, Tik Tok’s unique platform has grown in popularity since merging with A handful of Tik Tok creators have skyrocketed to fame through their innovative and entertaining content. In this blog, we will highlight ten Tik Tok women who are among the most popular users! 

1. Loren Gray

Loren Gray Tik Tok Profile Picture- Top Tik Tok Women

Loren Gray is a singer, songwriter, and YouTuber who also has a large following on Tik Tok. With 31.7 million followers, she is among the most popular influencer in the Tik Tok community. Her beauty, creativity, and beautiful voice are what make her so attractive to followers and marketers! Since getting her start, she has released many songs, including her first single, “My Story,” and her most recent song, “Can’t Do It.” Loren is an inspiration, as she has not allowed her young age to stop her from becoming successful.  

2. Baby Ariel 

Baby Ariel Tik Tok Profile Picture- Top Tik Tok Women

Ariel Martin, better known as “Baby Ariel,” is a singer and social media influencer who gained her fame on Tik Tok years ago. With 29.7 million followers, the teen is one of the top influencers on Tik Tok! Her videos are both creative and comical, making her a hit sensation and irresistible to users. In 2017, Ariel was named one of the most influential people on the internet by Time! In her bio, she promotes her new song in saying, “new song ‘I heart you’ out now.” Baby Ariel is a must follow, as she is a strong successful female and deserves all the follows!  

3. Kristen Hancher 

Kristen Hancher Tik Tok Profile Picture- Top Tik Tok Women

Kristen Hancher is a teenage beauty and fashion influencer with a large following on Instagram, YouTube, and none other than, Tik Tok. Kristen gained her fame on YouNow where she posted singing and dancing videos. She eventually transitioned to making the same entertaining videos on Tik Tok. Her Tik Tok bio includes links to her social media platforms. With 22.9 million followers, her voice and dance moves have won over Tik Tok users worldwide. If you are looking for style and song inspiration, Kristen Hancher is your girl! 

4. Jojo Siwa

Jojo Siwa Tik Tok Profile Picture- Top Tik Tok Women

Dancer, singer, and actress Jojo Siwa is best known from her appearance on the infamous reality show “Dance Moms.” She is now best known for her vlogs on YouTube, and music. Her Tik Tok following is impressive, as she has 17.4 million followers and counting. Her videos are best described as silly. She has videos of funny dances, silly faces, and creative content! She has a very sweet bio that reads: “love you guys,” along with her business email. Her hit singles “Boomerang” and “Kid in a Candy Store” have taken the internet by storm, as she has become increasingly more popular in recent years! 

5. Lauren Godwin 

Lauren Godwin Tik Tok Profile Picture- Top Tik Tok Women

Lauren Godwin is an American influencer best known for her dorky Tik Tok videos. With 14.2 million followers, Lauren is a hit! She posts a variety of videos ranging from funny to sassy to sweet. She is currently rocking blue hair, and serves as #beautygoals for us all! Her bio currently serves as a promotion for her latest YouTube video titles, “I Got Matching Tattoos with My Boyfriend.” Fun fact: In 2016, she was nominated for Muser of the Year at the Shorty Awards!

6. Liza Koshy 

Liza Koshy Tik Tok Profile Picture- Top Tik Tok Women

Former Vine phenomenon Liza Koshy took her talents to Tik Tok years ago and has been continuously growing her account ever since. With over 14.1 million followers, Liza continues to put smiles on the faces of her many followers with her comedic videos! Her highly followed Tik Tok page contains a bio that links her Instagram and YouTube accounts. Today, the 23-year-old is an accomplished actress, comedian, and YouTuber. She has made a name for herself in the social media space, earning her four Streamy Awards and four Teen Choice Awards. If you need a laugh, check out Liza Koshy’s page, she is bound to brighten your day! 

7. Savannah Soutas

Savannah Soutas Tik Tok Profile Picture- Top Tik Tok Women

Savannah Soutas is a 26-year-old mom who gained her fame through her adorable lip-syncing videos posted on Tik Tok with her daughter Everleigh. With 14 million followers, Savannah is among the most highly followed females on Tik Tok! She posts heartwarming videos that will leave you wanting more of her adorable family. Her bio on Tik Tok includes a link to her various social media platforms, including her Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and YouTube. She recently started making YouTube videos, and launched her own clothing boutique! She owes all her successes to Tik Tok and her creativity when it comes to creating videos. She and her daughter continue to win the hearts of users by still posting lip-syncing videos, be sure to check out her page!

8. Annie LeBlanc

Annie LeBlanc Tik Tok Profile Picture- Top Tik Tok Women

Annie’s Tik Tok bio says it all, “Gymnast, YouTuber, Muser, Friend.” Annie LeBlanc has been featured in YouTube videos from the age of four! The singer, actress, and former gymnast stars in “Chicken Girls” on YouTube. Annie’s entertaining and cute videos make it easy to understand why she’s so popular on Tik Tok. With over 13.7 million followers, she has become one of the most followed Tik Tok users. If you are looking for the perfect Tik Tok account, look no further!

9. Mackenzie Ziegler 

Mackenzie Ziegler Tik Tok Profile Picture- Top Tik Tok Women

Mackenzie is a beautiful teenage girl who gained her fame through the reality TV show Dance Moms, and has become increasingly popular on various social media platforms– Tik Tok included. Her Tik Tok bio is straight forward- reading her Instagram handle, @kenzie. The young teen posts videos of her singing and dancing to popular songs, inspiring her millions of followers to do the same. She now has over 12.3 million followers and counting. Her Tik Tok videos are often very funny, featuring music videos of various silly faces and dorky covers!  

10. Rebecca Zamolo 

Rebecca Zamolo Tik Tok Profile Picture- Top Tik Tok WomenFormer professional gymnast Rebecca Zamolo is a hit sensation on Tik Tok. Her videos are mostly centered on humor and fun, however, in some videos, she showcases her gymnastics. With 11.2 million followers and counting, Rebecca maintains a large presence on Tik Tok, YouTube, and Instagram.

This article was written by Kyleigh Eaton

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