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By Editorial Staff

Gone are the days of sharing funny, creative, and short video clips, or so we thought…. Goodbye Vine, and hello Tik Tok! In August of 2018, Musical.ly rebranded as Tik Tok and revived the posting of short video clips. Given its interactive, collaborative, and addictive nature, Tik Tok has become increasingly popular among those categorized as either generation Z or millennials. It has surpassed the likes of Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat in monthly App Store installs and downloads. What makes Tik Tok so enticing, you may ask? It could be the ability to binge-watch videos for hours, participate in lip-sync challenges, or maybe the opportunity to gain a following! Even brands are capitalizing on Tik Tok’s successes, as Tik Tok influencers using the app have begun participating in marketing campaigns. Before downloading Tik Tok to see what all the fuss is about, here are some Tik Tok stats you should know as a potential Tik Tok user or brand interested in utilizing the platform for marketing efforts:

1. Tik Tok Has an Average of 500 Million Monthly Users


Tik Tok has surpassed Vine, as it has roughly 500 million monthly users opposed to the 200 million users Vine had at its peak. Tik Tok is growing at a quicker rate than other forms of social media. For example, Instagram acquired 100 million users between June and December of 2018, whereas Tik Tok acquired 75 million users in the month of December alone. Tik Tok continues to rank in the top 10 apps worldwide and continues to bring in millions of new users!

2. 5 Million Monthly Users Are from the United States

Although the United States makes up only 5% of Tik Tok users, there are still 26.5 million active users! Fun fact: the population of 500 million users on Tik Tok is a higher population than that of the United States, Canada, and Mexico combined!

3. 66% of Users Are Younger Than 30-Years-Old

Tik Tok Demographics

Most Tik Tok users are young, being able to be categorized as generation Z or millennials. 66% of users on Tik Tok are under the age of 30. In the United States specifically, 60% of users are between the ages of 16-24. From a marketing standpoint, it is wise to market the app to younger generations.

4. 29% of Monthly Users Open Tik Tok Every Day

Tik Tok Daily Sessions

You may be surprised to learn that Tik Tok’s engagement rate is very low in comparison to other social media platforms. Tik Tok averages a daily engagement rate of 29%, meaning that 29% of monthly users open the app every single day. Here is the breakdown of various social media platform engagement rates for comparison:

  •     Facebook: 96% engagement rate
  •     Instagram: 95% engagement rate
  •     Snapchat: 95% engagement rate
  •     Tik Tok: 29% engagement rate

People appear to log into Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat every day for the most part. However, Tik Tok seems to fall short in terms of daily engagements.

5. 660 Million Downloads Were Generated on Tik Tok in 2018

Tik Tok App Downloads

Tik Tok is currently on a roll, as it recently passed the 1 billion download mark! Tik Tok was downloaded roughly 660 million times in 2018, making it among the most popular apps available in the app store. Since the rebranding from Musical.ly to Tik Tok, downloads have increased by 25% in the United States, and 20% worldwide.

6. There Are More Than 5 Million #InMyFeelings Challenge Videos on Tik Tok Compared to 1.7 Million on Instagram

Tik Tok is the hub for #challenges. Tik Tok users enjoy fun, creative, and competitive challenges, from #tumbleweedchallenge to #raindropchallenge. The #InMyFeelings challenge is noteworthy, given that it is more popular on Tik Tok than it is on Instagram- a first for many challenges! The #InMyFeelings challenge is a popular challenge that emerged last year and originally surfaced on Instagram. It soon became a hit on Tik Tok and has racked up roughly 5 million videos, compared to Instagram’s 1.7 million videos. The challenge includes a fun and flirty dance number to none other than Drakes hit song “In My Feelings.”

7. Roughly 43% of Users Are in India

Tik Tok has been made available in 75 different languages in order to increase marketing overseas, and it is working. India accounts for roughly 240 million downloads of Tik Tok. Given its large population, India is the perfect country for an app to go viral in. Tik Tok’s success in India explains why its number of downloads has increased so much in recent years! A quarter of Tik Tok’s downloads have come from India.

8. Users Spend an Average of 52 Minutes per Day on the Tik Tok App

Most Popular Social Media Apps

The average Tik Tok user spends roughly 52 minutes on the app each and every day! This does not come as a surprise, as Tik Tok ranks high among the leading social media platforms. Here is a breakdown of the time spent on various social media platforms:

  •     Instagram: average of 53 minutes every day
  •     Facebook: average of 58 minutes every day
  •     Snapchat: average of 49 minutes every day
  •     Tik Tok: average of 52 minutes every day

In the United States, the Tik Tok app is opened roughly eight times a day. This just goes to show that Tik Tok is used and valued by many.

9. In-App Purchases Increased by 275% Year-over-Year

Tik Tok Monthly RevenueUser spending on Tik Tok jumped 275% year-over-year to $3.5 million dollars! On Tik Tok, users typically purchase coin in which they can use to send emojis to others via live stream. This growth in purchases is significantly more than the average growth of in-app spending, showcasing the success of the Tik Tok app. The US contributed 1.5 million dollars and China contributed 1.4 million dollars, causing the gross revenue from in-app purchases to surge, surpassing $50 million in 2018.

10. Tik Tok Is Currently More Popular on Android Than It Is on iOS

Apps on iOS

Tik Tok has more downloads on Androids than it does on Apple devices. This is not necessarily surprising, as Tik Tok ranked as the leading app in the Google Play Store in 2018. Although Google Play downloads almost triple that of Apple Store downloads, there are still a significant amount of Tik Tok downloads on iOS devices.

This article was written by Kyleigh Eaton

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