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By Editorial Staff

Are you struggling to build an online presence? Do you wish you could see how customers are interacting with the content you’re putting out? Facebook pages can help you solve both of those problems! While helping customers feel more connected with your brand, Facebook pages can also produce analytics that tell you exactly who is interacting with what content. The following are ten great examples of companies that successfully use Facebook pages to improve their business.  

  1. Burt’s Bees 

Page likes: 3.3m

Burt's Bees' Facebook Page

Burt’s Bees uses photos and videos extremely well on their Facebook page. They provide behind-the-scenes access to the company and its products. This creates a sense of transparency between the company and its customers and makes the customers feel more connected and in the loop.

In their posts, in addition to the photos and videos, they provide lists of the ingredients used in each product. This gives customers the reassurance that the products are safe. They also invite visitors into their lab, making it very clear that they have nothing to hide. This is a perfect way to promote your company as it builds trust between you and the consumer.

They also use the polling feature to directly ask about their customers’ flavor preferences, new product names, and much more. The customers can vote, share their own opinion, and see the immediate results.

They even include a coupon tab that continuously gives customers promotional deals and helps them save money.

  1. Nutella

Page likes: 31.9m

Nutella's Facebook Page- Top Facebook Pages

It’s no secret that Nutella offers a delicious product that can be found in nearly every store. However, one problem they face is customers not exactly knowing how to use it. To combat this, the Nutella page features different recipes and uses for their product to show their customers its versatility.

They include lifestyle shots and high-quality videos to help customers picture themselves using the product in their own kitchen. Using this platform for commercial like purposes has paid off, as they’re able to reach their following of over 30 million instantly. 

Nutella also takes advantage of Facebook user’s preference to watch videos overlooking at pictures. It was found that, as of 2018, videos have a 135% larger organic reach on news feeds than an average picture.

The result is a constant flow of creative content that encourages customers to get out there, buy Nutella, and trying the recipes out for themselves at home. 

  1. Zappos

Page likes: 2.4m

Zappos' Facebook Page

Zappos.com has excellent customer service that they offer through their Facebook page. They are able to respond to customer inquiries on the page within an hour, regardless of the time of day.

They also have a section of their page reserved for visitor posts. These feature real customers’ experiences and reviews of their service. They also manage to comment on these posts, while throwing in some humor every now and then.

They also took advantage of the call-to-action buttons by placing a “Shop Now” button at the top of the page. 

One of the main goals of creating a Facebook page for your company is to bridge the gap between yourself and the customers. Zappos is a great example of how to use a page to make the customer feel valued.

  1. L.L. Bean

Page likes: 751.5k

L.L. Bean's Facebook Page

L.L. Bean uses many similar tactics to the other companies discussed so far, including a “Shop Now” button at the top of their page. What they bring to the table, however, is an “Open Jobs” link near the bottom of the tab menu. 

Pretty much every company nowadays is using social media sites as a tool to recruit potential employees. It was found that as many as 76% of hiring managers use social media to screen applicants.

However, around 53% are trying to see if a candidate is “professional” while another 21% confess they’re looking for reasons to pass on a candidate.

L.L. Bean, on the other hand, uses their Facebook page to show exactly who they are and encourage new people to apply for positions. They’re actively using new trends to recruit better applicants.

They even have a user-generated portion of their page for showing off photos of everything from their community to their events. 

Much like the other successful pages, L.L. Bean is also extremely responsive, replying to most comments and concerns on the page within an hour.

  1. Stella & Dot

Page likes: 535k

Stella & Dot's Facebook Page

Stella & Dot have a completely different business model than the rest of the pack. They’re a network marketing business, so their customers are also their salespeople. Though network marketing sometimes gets a bad rap, it’s very effective when done properly. 

The customers are able to form strong connections with other customers that regular salespeople would not be able to. They livestream their “trunk shows” which people watch for entertainment or to learn how to get involved. 

They do a great job setting up when and where each livestream will take place, creating more excitement for when the show actually starts.

 It also allows the broadcaster to interact with the audience, giving them a place to easily and immediately answer questions while providing behind-the-scenes access.

They also give direct shopping access from the page, allowing customers to view individual products while being able to track sales and create custom advertising audiences.

  1. Starbucks

 Page likes: 36m

Starbucks' Facebook Page

Starbucks has been a master of social, local and mobile (SoLoMo) technology since the beginning. For example, their mobile app utilizes all three, letting you order, pick up the drink from your local store, and share the experience with others.

Going off of this idea, their Facebook page has a store locator app. It allows you to pull up the location of any Starbucks by typing in a destination. You’re even able to see information about that store, including its hours and address.

They also integrate their Facebook page with Pinterest to display even more content, ranging from recipes to facts about different types of coffee. Their goal is to keep customers locked-in on their page. It’s possible to end up spending several hours going through all of the content. 

This plays into the Facebook algorithm, which remembers what content users have interacted with the most and makes similar content appear more frequently. Therefore, as users look through more and more of Starbucks’ Facebook page, their content will start appearing more frequently.

  1. Coca-Cola

Page likes: 107m

Coca-Cola's Facebook Page

Coca-Cola utilizes many innovative promotions with fun and interactive features. One recent promotion, the Summer Snapshot contest, encouraged fans to take pictures with the summer Coca-Cola cans. This got fans involved on their page while creating free content of their product actually in the hands of real customers.

Photos get the most views out of any other content on Facebook and go viral extremely quick. A customer’s photo in the Summer Snapshot contest lands on the news feed of all of their friends, resulting in hundreds, maybe even thousands, of new customers to see their promotions. 

Coca-Cola did a really good job of keeping their contest simple. Posting a picture with a can of Coca-Cola is something pretty much anyone can do. This resulted in a promotional competition more people competed in, creating a wider reach in the end.

  1. Threadless

Page likes: 922k

Threadless' Facebook Page

Threadless is a t-shirt company that includes exotic designs from various, independent artists. This partnership allows them to use eye-catching images throughout their Facebook page. As they appear, visitors can click the images to get more details about a certain design.

In the partnership, Threadless gives the artists “free” promotion to a massive audience. To an up-and-coming artist, having your work seen by over 800,000 users is more valuable than a paycheck. In return, Threadless gets unique and exotic content without having to pay anything out of pocket.

The co-creation process also resonates well with fans who feel they are more personally connected to the designers. 

Threadless also integrates their store with their page to make it even easier for visitors to end up purchasing one of the designs they find. Each individual item, through Facebook’s features, can be carefully tracked to see how much of the audience is driven there. This helps figure out where to effectively advertise.

Facebook allows pages to change up the content depending on which audience is viewing them. Using Dynamic Product Ads, companies can create pages that do a better job of connecting with individual users. 

  1. Oreo

Page likes: 42.4m

Oreo's Facebook Page

Oreo, fully aware of their place in many people’s memories of childhood, use a nostalgic angle with their fans. A recent campaign they ran, called “Back to School Memories”, asked fans to share photos of back to school memories directly on their Facebook page. Offering a unique and personal campaign is just one of the many ways Oreo is able to form close connections with its customers.

In addition, Oreo does a great job asking customers about themselves. Allowing a customer to share their thoughts, feelings, and experiences with a product makes a customer feel closer to the company.

  1. Red Bull

Page likes: 48m

Red Bull's Facebook Page- Top Facebook Pages

Red Bull has always been aware of their target audience and done well to market their energy drink and related products directly to them. This is consistent throughout their interesting custom apps and special content across their Facebook page.

Their “Procrastination Station” series of online games were angled towards sports and high-impact competitions.

They also created a web TV program that they feature on their page, which highlights the lives of Red Bull’s sponsored athletes. This aligns their brand with celebrities while including video content in their page, providing the audience more content to engage with.

Red Bull also has a distinct welcome tab that, for first-time visitors, encourages fans to “like” their page. This simple design has a direct call to action, which gives visitors a clear idea of what they should do.

Spending a little extra money on a creative design that will make your page stand out, like Red Bull’s, shouldn’t be overlooked. It makes a great first impression for first-time visitors and can grab the attention of those who wouldn’t have visited your page otherwise. 

This article was written by Ryan Eaton

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