Top 20 Tik Tok Trends of This Month

By Editorial Staff

Tik Tok is leading the charge when it comes to social media trends. Literally, anything you can imagine; someone has done it. But, what sticks and what doesn’t? We’ve got the answer to that in our top Tik Tok trends May edition. So, sit back and enjoy the spark notes version of social media trends.  P.S. it’s really funny, check it out.

Top 20 Tik Tok Trends of This Month

By Harrison Loew

1. #servingrealness

The hashtag #servingrealness has been sweeping the world in celebration of RuPaul’s DragCon LA empowering drag queens all over the world to pursue their craft. With 136 million views, #servingrealness is the top trend this month and features a wide variety of drag queens in their best fit and sassy attitudes.

2. #summerwya

Now that school is out (forever please), the trend #summerwya is becoming more prevalent. Unfortunately, that means all those late nights with the Nutella bottle have come for revenge on our summer bods. Have no fear, you are not alone, and Tik Tok users around the world are ready for the best summer yet in almost any way imaginable

3. #videomagic

#videomagic is, well, MAGIC. I don’t know about you, but I love magic even if it’s not real. Or is it? Well on Tik Tok, users are making videos that look magical by using professional editing techniques. These videos can be anything from teleporting to flowers appearing in someone’s hands. Either way, these videos are awesome even if they are the product of a little trickery.

4. #normalisboring

Normal IS boring! This trend is all about releasing that inner weirdness we all have. From wearing onesies in public to “hitting the shoot” in a Barney costume, Tik Tok users are making some quality content that makes you think you are not alone in being an oddity. This strange trend is one of the best as people become more comfortable on the internet.

5. #rednoseday

Red Nose Day is a hashtag started by Tik Tok in which users post a video of a joke and insert the hashtag #rednoseday. For every joke told, Tik Tok will donate $2 up to $100,000 to help end child poverty. This hashtag has blown up on social media and Tik Tok to raise awareness for child poverty and tell a few funny jokes in the process.

6. #GradSZN

To all of the seniors, we salute you, YOU MADE IT! All of those tireless hours of studying in the library have brought grads all around the nation to have their glorious day of graduation. This has brought about a lot of creative ways to design a graduation cap, videos of sheer joy, and men and women strutting to get their diploma. Go check out this trend for tons of positive content and design ideas!

7. #stuckinmyhead

Have you ever had that one song stuck in your head for what seems like an eternity? That one video that was just too funny? Oh yeah, so have we. This trend features users playing a song and sitting there trying to get it out of their head. Point is, you are not alone.

8. #seniorprank

We all remember high school, right? Okay, it’s a little hazy, but if you remembered anything it was the senior prank. The one time of your four years where you can finally get revenge on the prison… I mean school. These pranks are some of the best you’ve seen and will make you either come up with some devious plans or remember your glory moment from high school.

9. #dinosaurday

To all the dinosaur kids, biology groupies, and generally curious people, Tik Tok brings you the #dinosaurday hashtag. This trend has been going crazy on social media as everyone takes some time to appreciate the world’s creatures before humanity. So, go check out some of the coolest edits, drawings, or costumes that the dino lovers have to offer.

10. #pitchimperfect

Singing videos are everywhere on social media. They are usually people who sound better than last year’s winner of American Idol, but Tik Tok is changing it up. #pitchimperfect is when someone is being recorded singing, and the other person suddenly stops the music. Let’s just say it makes something of an awkward situation and a good laugh for everyone viewing.

11. #introducingme

This trend is straight forward. Using this hashtag, users introduce themselves to the world of Tik Tok and social media. They are always met with support and love from the community, and it’s a good way to grow a large family as your user base.

12. #gamersbelike

This hashtag is perfect to describe the stereotypes of gaming. All of the modern warfare ragers, male gamers, female gamers, and everyone in between. This hashtag is used to delve into the world of gamers and see what the culture is and how they game-on every day!

13. #wildingout

This hashtag is made to just go wild. DO something crazy, have a good time, be you! Tik Tok’s community has been skyrocketing this hashtag through the rankings into the number 13 spot in trending this month. From exiting from the entrance to showing us your morning routine in hyper speed, this hashtag has it all.

14. #GOTfinale

The Game of Thrones finale, the most anticipated finale of modern television but the Tik Tok community was not having it. Some people loved it, some people hated it, but whatever the case, it made for some funny moments. From anger filled rants to epic cosplay, this hashtag has been climbing the rankings since HBO’s Game of Thrones finale date was announced.

15. #dropthebeat

#dropthebeat is dedicated to the beat dropping in everything you can imagine. From peacocks fluffing their feathers to dubstep, professional artists making a crowd wave, and beatboxing, this hashtag loves the beat. Users come up with the most inventive ways to cherish EDM music, and it makes for some interesting and funny videos.

16. #nobodyme

The #nobodyme hashtag is centered around the meme which makes fun of those who do unsolicited things. It can be anything from bragging to dancing and everything in between. If people tell them not to do something, these users turn the other way and do it anyway. Go check it out cause it might just be relatable.

17. #welcometoTikTok

#welcometoTikTok is a rendition of the phrase “Welcome to Disney Channel” from the good old Disney days. Since Tik Tok has introduced a 3D wand to their videos, users can paint all sorts of virtual reality images and words. Some of these can be surprising or funny, but Tik Tok has done well at changing it up and keeping their features new and exciting for the users.

18. #tastetest

This is one for the more adventurous ideas that Tik Tok has seen. Ever wondered what chocolate and mushrooms tasted like? Raw eggs and crackers? Yeah, neither have we. But Tik Tok users are up for the challenge to try strange combinations, including new brand name flavors of classics like Coca-Cola and so much more. So, if you are ever curious what something tastes like, just hop on Tik Tok and find out before you try something you might regret.

19. #survivingfinals

Ah finals season, a wonderful time in which you get to display all of the fruitful knowledge you learned from throughout the year. HAHA, next joke, please. But seriously, surviving finals is a trip, and college students from across the world know all too well. So, if you ever want to tune into mental breakdowns, paper nightmares, or anything finals related, this hashtag is the one stop shop for you.

20. #timewarp

#timewarp is a new filter featured on Tik Tok that inserts a delay on the video. This causes a strange effect that distorts your body in all sorts of ways. I know, hard to explain. Looks like you’ll just have to go check it out yourself and see what I mean.

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This article was written by Editorial Staff

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