Top 10 Australian Influencers on Instagram

By Editorial Staff

The “land down under” is filled with beachgoers and travelers who occasionally like to share their beautiful surroundings on Instagram. From sun-kissed models to surfer boys, these influencers make you want to buy a one-way ticket to kick it with the Aussies. But just in case you can’t make it out there, we’ve compiled a list of the top Australian influencers on Instagram. These influencers not only capture the beauty of Australia but also its people and wildlife.

Top 10 Australian Influencers on Instagram

By Harrison Loew

Kayla Itsines


Top Australian Influencer on Instagram Kayla Itsines' PageKayla is the first on our list as a personal trainer, author, and entrepreneur. She has most recently launched a series of online books titled Bikini Body Guides, a tutorial on how to get that dream body. In 2016, Kayla was named on the top 30 most influential people on the internet by Time magazine. This was in large part from her fitness app Sweat with Kayla, which was the highest grossing fitness app of 2016. At 11.5 million followers, she continues to impress and influence all around the world.

Tammy Hembrow


Top Australian Influencer on Instagram Tammy Hebrow's PageBoasting over 9 million followers on Instagram, Tammy is a blogger and fitness expert. Focusing mostly on fitness, Tammy encourages her followers to reach their fitness goals and has even documented her pregnancy journey as a fitness model. Tammy preaches body positivity and loves to support people in their fitness goals through programs like Build a Booty, a fitness ebook that teaches people how to sculpt their body.

Jessica Stein


Top Australian Influencer on Instagram Jessica Stein's PageJessica Stein is a fashionista who is redefining sleek and stylish. She runs a blog named TuulaVintage which is a fashion blog her passion for fashion and her travels that capture the beauty of her homeland and others. Her enthusiasm for fashion and traveling is contagious and users from around the world love to watch her journey.

Gabrielle Grace Epstein


Top Australian Influencer on Instagram Gaby Epstein's PageGabrielle is a lifestyle blogger, fashion model, and social media personality. In college, Gabrielle studied biomedical science and was a nationally ranked competitive swimmer. Given that, it is interesting to see her in the world of social media with such impressive qualifications in academics. After college, her media tour boomed and is now internationally acclaimed as she writes about her travel filled lifestyle.

Lauren Bullen


Top Australian Influencer on Instagram Lauren Bullen's PageLauren Bullen, or Gypsea Lust as she is known on Instagram, is a travel expert and full-time influencer and blogger. When she isn’t traveling, which is almost never, she lives in Bali, Indonesia with her partner Jack Morris. Laurens blog focuses on travel, fashion, and healthy lifestyles as she preachers her wanderlust style of living. Her positive message on Instagram and Snapchat is one of her greatest strengths and we expect to see her fame skyrocket even more as she takes on the world of professional photography.

Pia Muehlenbeck


Top Australian Influencer on Instagram Pia Muehlenbeck's PageA model, fashion designer, and entrepreneur, Pia Muehlenbeck is one of the more famous “off camera” influencers on our list. Pia is the founder of Slinkii Athletic, a luxury activewear brand that has been greatly successful. On top of running her own business, she is a part-time model and has a regularly updated and heavily followed Instagram account. Pia is redefining the fashion industry and reppin’ her home country along the way!

Natasha Oakley


Top Australian Influencers on Instagram Natasha Oakley's PageNatasha Oakley is a well-established entrepreneur and sought after international Instagram model. With 2 million followers on Instagram, she is becoming a sensation among the model community and entrepreneurial world. Natasha’s road to stardom began with A Bikini A Day, an Instagram page that features models sporting swimwear from all sorts of brands. Stepping into the entrepreneurial side of things, Natasha has recently launched her own company called Monday Swimwear that she co-founded with her friend and fellow model Devin Brugman.

Nicole Warne


Top Australian Influencer on Instagram Nicole Warne's PageNicole Warne went from farm girl and occasional blogger to one of Forbes 30 under 30 in 10 years. Famous for her fashion blog Gary Pepper, Nicole is one of the most successful Instagram fashion stars on our list. When she isn’t blogging, she is keeping up to date on her Instagram fashion modeling where she garners over 1 million subscribers. Her friends and business partners characterize her as the light of every conversation and simply a joy to work with.

Lauren Curtis


Top Australian Influencer on Instagram Lauren Curtis' Page

Lauren started her influencing career with her blog Laurenbeautyy, which quickly got attention from the social media community. Now boasting over 1 million subscribers on Instagram, she has risen to one of Australia’s top influencers. From makeup tutorials to modeling tips, Lauren is your one-stop shop for Australian beauty.

Shani Grimmond


Top Australian Influencer Shani Grimmond's PageFounder of Sylk Swim, Shani is an Instagram fashion guru and advent model. Her success started on YouTube with make-up tutorials and beauty hack videos until she opened her Instagram account. Since then, she has gotten international attention for her makeup and fashion skills.

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This article was written by Editorial Staff

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